Best Epilator for Brazilian – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you are in the constant habit of wearing low-waist denim and tank tops or even bikinis, you must have at hand the best epilator for Brazilian. It is always a pleasure to roam on beaches, and you feel comfortable in a bikini on a hot day. However, if you have visible hair on the bikini line, your saunter may leave you embarrassed as roving eyes of people focus on the area. Thanks to top-grade epilators available in the market nowadays, your days of worry are over. You just have to ascertain your pivotal needs and pain-bearing capacity before picking the best epilator for Brazilian.

How to Choose the Best Epilator for Brazilian

Remember the scene where Bo Derek and lately Halle Berry emerged in a bikini from underwater (both Bond movies) and floored us. Think how the sheen from those two looks would have been taken if the bikini line was suffused with hair. So let’s discuss the factors necessary to consider while picking up best epilator for Brazilian.

First and foremost, you have to remember that bikini line is an extremely delicate area. Thus, ergonomic handling is a must. Epilators with grooved or pitched handles are preferable; at least they should not be slippery where you hold them (this may be problematic under the shower).

Another factor you need to assess is the spurt of growth down there. If the growth is too thick, it is preferable to utilize epilators with tweezers. Epilators with dual-disc technology roll over in a gliding motion on the pubic zone and root out hair with fluency. This reduces the pain element somewhat. The task becomes easy and you may even use facial epilators if the growth is even and thin.

You should pick epilators with soft lift tips if you are a victim of ingrown hairs. They tend to grow at wrong angles and lie flat to make epilating a hard job. Also, it would be an added bonus if the epilator has the facility of light. You will be able to view the zone better and not leave out stray strands which may catalyze hair regrowth.

Remember that once you get used to an epilator and become a veteran at Brazilian epilating, you will find that the hair grows again with lesser emphasis and after a prolonged gap. Reputed epilators should anyhow guarantee hairless bikini line for at least 5 weeks.

Check out your pain-bearing capacity. If you are squeamish, it is wiser to use wet/dry best epilator for Brazilian, which naturally mitigates the pain. If the hair is too long, you should first trim them and the epilate. Moreover, take your time for epilating. You won’t enjoy incurring swelling or blisters in that zone, so don’t rush the process.

Epilators with pivoting bed are preferable since they move along the groin area and bikini line with authority, not unfazed by the odd contour of the zone. You can give the epilator a try by epilating a small portion of your thigh.
It is a good idea to persist with the same epilator for Brazilian. Make sure that the head is washable and discs are hypoallergenic.Remember not to use the epilator if you are suffering from a genital infection and are under medication or if you are pregnant.

Top 3 Best Epilator for Brazilian

Getting the best epilator for Brazilian or bikini line is an important issue and you cannot rush up the process by picking any epilator that comes your way. We have ardently picked up three effective epilators to suit your needs. All these have ergonomic handles, hypoallergenic blades and rotating tweezers which enhance their efficacy. They adapt efficiently to the contours of the body and offer a cooling sensation while you epilate. Picking a reputed product is all the more important, especially as it caters to the bikini line, an extremely delicate area.

1. Panasonic ESEL7AP WetDry Cordless EpilatorFor Women With 5 Attachments

This product works well on wet skin surface and has the benefit of 60 tweezers and dual-disc technology. Blades are hypoallergenic so you need not worry if you have sensitive skin. It offers a gel sensation under the shower for cooling effect and pain mitigation. You get a cleaning brush too for hygiene.

2.Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women, Bikini Attachment

This product has dual discs and rotating tweezers for comprehensive hair removals. It works effortlessly under the shower, thereby reducing pain. The blades are hypoallergenic, making it suitable for use for allergic skin. The pivoting head endows enormous flexibility to adapt to the twists and turns of the body. It comes with LED-light attachment for better viewing.

3. Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women

This product offers both dexterity and delicateness. The tweezers work their way out on the surface hair even as it moisturizes the skin of the treated zone. You can control speed to suit your benefit and even epilate while on the move, thanks to potent batteries. The facial epilator which comes with it is an added asset.


If you are looking out for best epilator for Brazilian and are in urgent need of one, you just have to scour and make your selection among the three products mentioned. Give it a try and you will emerge a happy and smooth person (at lease on the zone you epilate). Remember, however, to persevere with the epilator and you will get best results.