Best Epilator for Men – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

We associate men with shaving rather than epilating, thus it becomes extremely important to choose best epilator for men which suit them to the T. Men are known to be better at bearing pain in general, but when it comes to extracting hair from their delicate zones, they can act childishly. Ordinary epilators may cause blisters on the treated zone, may root out hair unevenly and may completely wean them from epilating in the future. Good epilators offer men a unique experience, a soothing effect and consummate extraction of hair. They also ensure that men remain hair-free in the designated areas for weeks.

Things to consider when choosing best epilator for men

Before considering the factors for choosing best epilator for men, think and reflect. Is the pain while one pats you on the back with some vigor the same as when he slaps your thigh? No, the latter generally leave a sharp twang, even if momentary. Likewise, removing hair from certain sections of your body comes easy than the others. For instance, you shave off the beard to a nicety without feeling a twinge. You can even try epilating there, and thanks to your relative customariness, the pain element would be less.

Now, coming back to factors, the biggest factor is negation of pain element. Let’s however accept the fact that there would be some pain involved. The male hair strands are thick and coarse owing to hormonal and other reasons. The same goes for skin. Here is where women steal the deal, as they have less coarse skin and hair.

Now, when you decide to epilate hair from arms or legs and you have got a thick profusion of hair there, you should first shave off the surface, leaving short hair for the epilator to work on. Then the tweezers won’t cause much pain while rooting them off. Yes, the epilator should be in position to tackle flat-lying hair and ingrown ones. Hair strands left would automatically lead to quick regrowth.

Secondly, if you are not too good with pain, use wet and dry epilators, as pain element is decidedly less under the shower. Thirdly, you should refrain from using corded epilators if you are a starter. Use epilators with strong batteries as you may need to epilate for a long time (men take longer time than women in general). The noise element should also be within reasonable limits and not be a nuisance to others in the house and you. Too much noise and your concentration may waver as you condition your delicate areas.

The handle should be ergonomic so that it does not slip off from hand, especially while you are bathing. A good epilator also has an effective skin cap to accord suggestive protection. The blades should be sharp and poignant and the epilator should move in tune with the contour of your skin surface, typically while you tackle your arms and legs.

In case you are prone to get swelling and your skin is sensitive, choose epilators which offer protection against infection. Remember, however, to keep a lotion handy and bathe with an effective shower gel if you are using an epilator meant for dry skin. Also, use the formula – perseverance and patience. Take your time while epilating and keep truck with a reputed epilator even if you find the first use unsatisfactory.

Top 3 Best Epilator for Men

After considering the various requirements and general ways of men, we have come up with these three best epilator for men. The Emjoi, Phillips and Panasonic products each have mercurial strengths. They run riot across the population of unnecessary hair growth on back, chest, arms and legs; (even face and pubic area).

They clear out hair as small as .4 millimeters and have ingrained technology to bring tough and stubborn hair to task. They allow you to epilate both under the shower and after it (though you should not epilate just after taking a shower; the skin remains damp and hair sticky). Let’s take a look at the epilator for men reviews of these three products.

1. Panasonic ES-RF31-S 4 Blade Men’s Electric Razor

The Panasonic epilator glides on the treated surface and is waterproof, thus ensuring brisk business under the shower. Its hypoallergenic discs make it worthy for sensitive skins. There are 30 Nano-blades and the Flexible Pivoting Head allows for wishful work on the twists and turns of face and body. Finishing Foil takes care of flat-lying hair.

2. Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe

The Phillips product has soft tip hair-lifter to lift soft and hard hair with equal ease. It can view left-out hair through opti-light viewing. You get a soothing feeling when you epilate and the battery is powerful enough to allow cordless epilating under the shower for long. It also comes with a style attachment to give the treated area a rare glow.

3. Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine for Men, Black

Emjoi’s epilator ingrains deft technology to make epilating easy enough. Its dual-opposed staggered heads covers greater surface area and brings obstinate hair up for mowing. It is anti-microbial and its 72 tweezers scrapes out hair from chest, arms and legs with rhythmic ease. It accords a cool metal feeling and removes hair as small as .4 mm.


Summing it up, those men who are starkly in need to epilate their unwanted hair cannot get a better treatment than from above-mentioned 3 best epilator for men.>.