10 The Best Wireless Intercom Systems of 2022

You may feel that intercoms may have become sort of obsolete in this era when everyone is using smartphones and smart devices for communication, but the truth is that with good quality and multifunctional intercom system like our top choice for 2022 – the Samcom FTAN30A wireless, life will become much easier for you and for your family, and your communications will be much faster, easier, hassle-free and won’t cost you a dime.

Today, intercoms are becoming much more advanced and versatile, so you can use them for various things other than simply asking your family members to come down for dinner or to tell your kids to go to bed.

Take a look at the greatest intercom systems for 2022 so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

Best overall

Wireless Intercom System, SAMCOM FTAN30A

The setup and installation of this 3 pack of intercoms by Samcon are fairly simple, and so is its use.

You can use the intercom for a baby or elderly monitoring, so you can hear what is going on with another family member even if you are not in the room. All you need to do is set up the Monitor function and press the Monitor button when you want to listen or speak to the other person. The intercom takes about 4 seconds to speak between listening and speaking, which will allow you to communicate in real-time whenever you want.

You can also use the Talk button for one-to-one communication with another intercom set up in the house. All you need to do is select the number you want to call and press Talk in order to speak with a specific person.

The Call function will actually ring to let the other recipients know that there is an incoming call.

You can also use the Group button to make announcements or emergency calls to all of the intercoms on the premises.

If you want to speak to another person via the intercom hands-free, all you have to do is press the Lock button and speak for as long as you need to. After you are done, just press Unlock and the call will end.

The three-pack of intercoms by Samcom come with 2200 mAh batteries, which have a runtime of up to 27 hours, and 55 times longer standby time. The wireless signal coverage is 1,500 in an open field, and you can easily move the intercom to where you need it, whenever you need to.

The intercom system also has anti-interference as well as noise reduction functions, which will make talking and listening much clearer.

The units are easily charged via USB cables and AC adaptors and can be used with a Power Bank too for an even longer runtime. If you prefer, you can keep the intercoms plugged in at all times, or you can use them in wireless mode when you are moving around the house or office.

They are compatible with other intercom units by Samcom, such as the FTAN20AA desktop intercom and the FPCN10A and FPC30A two-way radios.

The products have passed FCC certification and are sold with a lifetime quality warranty by the manufacturer.

If you need more or fewer units for your home or business intercom system, this model is also available in packs of 2, 6, 8, 12, and 18 intercom devices.

The runner-up

Echo Show (2nd Gen) – Premium sound and a vibrant 10.1” HD screen – Charcoal

This Alexa-enabled device can be used for music streaming, watching HD movies and videos, as well as for listening to audiobooks, among all of its other smart functions. It will hear you no matter what, so you will have the perfect hands-free device to call friends and family, to listen to music, to find the information you need, to control your other home smart devices, and to use it as an intercom system.

It is fitted with a vibrant and large-sized 10.1 inch HD touchscreen and with two 10Watt premium speakers with Dolby processing and a 5MO camera, so you can communicate with the other family members or people in the household with perfect audio and video.

You can easily make video calls to anybody via the Alexa app, as well as via Skype, Echo Show, or Echo Spot.

You can also watch shows and videos from Prime Video and listen to music via Vevo, or enjoy your favorite sport through your Hulu subscription with this smart intercom system and device.

Take the Echo Show to the kitchen when you are cooking, and you will have the perfect Sous chef as well, as the device can find recipes for you, help you add groceries to your shopping list, and act as a cooking timer as well.

You can easily set up this device with compatible Zigbee devices without the use of a hub, keep an eye on your front door camera or use the Echo Show as a front door intercom and speak two ways through it.

The Echo Show is only 9.7 x 6.9 x 4.2 inches in size and weighs 62.2 oz. so you can take it everywhere with you and move it around the house according to your needs.

You can also connect it to all of the other smart devices at home, including your security cameras, lights, thermostats, and many more.

All you need to do is plug it in a power outlet, connect it to your home internet network via Echo Show, and ask Alexa for whatever you need assistance with.

The setup and connection with other compatible devices are done via voice commands so anyone can do it easily and without having to adjust complicated settings.

The unit has 8 built-in microphones as well as a far-field technology, so Alexa will be able to hear you and assist you even when you are listening to your favorite music.

Alexa is continuously getting smarter and now offers more than 50,000 separate smart skills for you, which is why investing in a device like the Echo Show is investing in the future.

So, if you don’t want to pay money for a separate intercom system and want to be able to use this smart device to monitor and answer your doorbell or talk to others, you should definitely consider buying this superb, and multifunctional Amazon enabled device.

Best budget-friendly option

3pcs Wireless Intercom System 433Mhz Secure Interphone Handsets

It has no bells and whistles, but it works perfectly for communicating with other people in the home or building without paying large phone bills or yelling.

The system includes 3 handsets but can be extended by adding more of them. In fact, you can add up to 99 units to a single intercom system.

The intercom has a clear voice feature allowing for easier communication with others, no matter the noise. It also has Secure Digital Communication to keep your conversations private and away from prying ears.

The intercom also has an anti-interference signal and works at a 433MHz working frequency.

The installation of this simple intercom system is extremely easy. In fact, all you need to do is plug in the handsets, and you can start using them.

They have built-in rechargeable batteries and a large range of up to 2,600 feet, depending on the obstacles and the environment.

You can place each handset on the desk or another horizontal surface, or you can wall-mount it, depending on your preferences.

The IDs of the intercoms are preset, so to call someone, just press the number and make the call. When the intercom rings, you can answer it by picking it up.

The size of each of the intercom units is 217 x 112 x 70mm.

This reasonably priced intercom system is a perfect solution for home use, as well as for businesses.  There is no need for any telephone wires, and the calls you make within the system will remain strictly within the system, unlike those made on many walkie-talkies.

You can use them wirelessly or plugin, depending on your needs and preferences.

The rest of the best intercom systems for 2022

Legrand/OnQ IC5000-WH Room Intercom White

If you need a simple to set up and use intercom system for your home so you can stop shouting to the kids or others, you should try out the excellent Legrand OnQ IC500-WH room intercom.


  • It allows for broadcasts or communication to another room via a single touch of a button on the front of the unit.
  • It has a selective call function.
  • It has a room muting as well as a do not disturb function
  • It also has a high-resolution LCD display allowing for video calls and monitoring
  • It supports up to three conversations at the same time
  • The device has very simple and intuitive navigation and controls as well as dynamic sorting capabilities
  • The stations you use more often are listed at the top of the navigation display
  • Its design will suit any interior
  • The size of the unit is 4.9 x 4.9 inches, and it weighs 10.4 oz.
  • It is a wall-mounted unit, and it installs in a 2-gang box and a CAT-5 wire, and an RJ45 jack.

Intrasonic Technology RETRO-MV4PAC IST

If you want to replace your preexisting old intercom system and are looking for an upgrade, you may want to invest in a complete retrofit intercom system such as the Retro-MV4PAC IST by Intrasonic Technology.


  • It can easily replace 3,4 or 6 wired in-wall intercoms
  • It will interconnect 4 rooms in the home and your front door with the Master Station
  • The system is expandable to up to 15 stations and zones, including 13 door or patio stations and 2 door stations
  • All of the intercom stations have 8ohm external speakers for clearer and easier communication
  • You don’t need to set up new wiring or repair the drywall after the installation
  • The Master Station acts as the main station and hub for the intercom system
  • You can use the system to play music to all or through any of the stations in the system
  • Of course, you can use it to communicate with the people in the other rooms, front or back door, or patio
  • The system has an AM/FM radio with 10 presets for your favorite radio stations
  • You can also easily connect it to an MP3 player or another audio source through the nifty dock system
  • You can add optional external speakers to the system as well
  • The Master station will fit your pre-existing intercom station hole
  • As soon as a call is made, all of the units are paged, but when the conversation begins it becomes private
  • There is a Room Station option to monitor what is happening in other rooms
  • When the doorbell rings, all of the stations will sound a chime, and anybody can answer the door from any of the stations

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Video Door Phone Intercom System 2 Color Touch Screen Monitors 

Do you want to have peace of mind that you know who is at your door at all times, even when you are sleeping or out of home? With this nifty Video Door Phone Intercom System, your wish will come true.


  • The system includes two 7 inch TFT LCD monitors as well as a doorbell with a camera and speaker.
  • The master monitor has built-in memory for 800 pictures and an SD card reader which can expand the memory to up to 16GB, so you can record or take photos of whoever is at your door.
  • The units have a digital photo frame function to playback the photos of your visitors.
  • The outdoor unit is weatherproof and has a CCD camera with night vision so you will know who is out there even when it is pitch dark outside.
  • The intercom is easy to install with only 2 wires
  • The photos of the person at the door can be stored automatically or manually
  • Thanks to the hands-free audio option you can communicate with whoever is at your doorstep from wherever you happen to be in the house
  • You can unlock the door remotely via the system
  • The system relies on FM modulation, which helps reduce any interference in the communications.
  • You can set up a smart sleep mode for undisturbed sleep
  • You can pick among 12 different ring tones
  • It has a mute function
  • The system can be expanded by adding more CCTV cameras and monitors and door stations.
  • It offers an optional call forwarding to your mobile number or telephone, so whoever is at your door can speak to you even when you are out of the house.
  • All of the necessary mounting tools are sold with the set
  • The size of each monitor is 225 x 125 x 24 mm, and the camera is 176 x 90 x 23 mm

Commax 6-Apartment Building Audio Intercom Set

If you are shopping for a good quality intercom system for your condo or apartment building, then this one by Commax could be the one for you.


  • It is an audio intercom for buildings with 6 apartments
  • The set includes 6 lobby interphones and a 6 button lobby intercom unit
  • The lobby unit allows for visitors to talk to specific apartments only
  • The inhabitants of the apartments can speak back to their visitors via the home interphones and can also open the door for them
  • The system uses a single DC12V power source for the lobby unit, which then powers the rest of the system
  • The lobby unit is made of durable aluminum and is a flush-mounted type
  • The handsets are wall mounted
  • It is a simple intercom system to set up and use, without any complicated bells and whistles, suitable for those who are not as tech-savvy

Williams AV DWS COM 8 PRO 400 Digi-Wave 400 Wireless Intercom System

If you want a pro-range intercom system for up to 8 participants designed for noisy environments, we strongly recommend the Williams Sound DWS COM 8 Pro 400.


  • Perfect for communication during event production and other busy and noisy scenarios
  • Communication is in full-duplex mode.
  • The director and assistant or other two managers controlling the master units can speak to all others simultaneously, with the director having priority.
  • The other members of the crew or business can either participate in a listen-only mode or talk back via a press of a button, with the system supporting up to 6 simultaneous talkers per group.
  • The system uses a 2.4GHz wireless band.
  • It has a frequency-hopping technology that allows for finding the best band and for low-noise and crystal clear communication.
  • The set includes dual muff headset mics, which are perfect for noisy environments.
  • The wireless intercom system includes 8 DLT 400 transceivers, 8 MIC 058 headset microphones, a heavy-duty carry case, a Digi-Wave Dock, chargers for all units, and grey and black silicone skins.
  • The administrator can use the Setup lock of every transceiver to prevent unauthorized changes to the settings.
  • There is a four-digit security key to prevent unauthorized interference and listening to the conversations.
  • The transceiver has an LCD display.
  • Four different groups can operate separately within a range of 200 feet outside and 400 feet inside.
  • The units provide all-day operation – up to 14 hours per full charge of the lithium-ion batteries, which takes up to 5 hours.
  • You can import additional audio via a 3.5 mini audio jack
  • There is a power-saving auto-off function when no signal is detected for 5 minutes
  • The system is sold with a 2-year warranty

Intercom Wireless for Home Build-in 1500mAh Battery Portable SAMCOM Intercom System 20 Channels

If you need an intercom system that will allow you to speak with others both in the house and outdoors, then you should definitely check out this wireless intercom and two-way radio set offered by Samcom.


  • The set includes 4 white desktop intercoms and 4 black handheld two-way radios.
  • The frequency for the desktop intercom is 462/6625-467.7125MHz, and the frequency for the two-way radios is 400-469.995MHz
  • You can use this system for homes with large backyards or outdoor areas, as well as for hunting, for restaurants, hotels, construction sites, for biking, paintball, security, and various other indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • All units have efficient noise suppression, so you will hear everybody crisp clear no matter where they are and how noisy it is
  • The outdoor units are weather resistant and power saving
  • The system has a group talk function for conference calls
  • All units are portable, so you can move them easily from room to room or take them with you when traveling
  • It has quick and easy to select CHANNEL buttons
  • All units have large LCD displays so you can see who is calling and which unit is where
  • The size of the desktop unit is 7.2 x 4.8 x 1 inches, and it requires an AV power outlet only.
  • The desktop unit can also be wall-mounted if you prefer
  • You can set up different ID numbers for each of the intercom units
  • The handheld two-way radio has 20 channels and powerful and long-running 3000mAh Li-ion batteries, and their range is over 1 mile
  • Along with each of the radios, you will receive antennas, belt clips, battery packs, power adapters, and earpieces

OnQ IC5004-OB Selective Call Intercom Patio Unit, Oil Rubbed Bronze

If you are looking for a patio unit with selective calls for your intercom system, then the OnQ IC5004-OB could be the perfect option there is on the market in 2022.


  • Allows for responding to selective calls, which makes it the only patio unit with this function on the market
  • It can support up to three simultaneous conversations with different family members around the house.
  • It has easy to understand and use controls on the front
  • The volume can be turned up and down
  • It has a fashionable design with rubbed bronze housing which will complement your outdoor space.
  • The housing is also weatherproof, which makes it perfect for outdoor use.
  • It is 7.2 x 5.2 x 2.7 inches in size and weighs 1.25 lbs.
  • It can be disabled through any of the indoor units when you don’t want to use it.
  • It can be installed in a standard double gang opening outside with an ordinary RJ45 plug.

What is an Intercom System?

An intercom system is an interconnected communication system in a home, business, or another premise where the different members are interconnected and can speak to each other, listen to each other and communicate without paying phone bills and without the risk of unauthorized people listening to the conversations. It is an easy and quick way to communicate with other people at home without having to yell or walk around the house. It is also useful for emergency calls and messages to all members of the household.

There are wireless and wired intercom systems, and some have video functions while others allow only for audio communication.

How many channels on your intercom system do you need?

While some intercom systems feature a single channel, others have multiple ones. The intercoms with multiple channels are especially useful if you want to talk to certain members of the household or your business without everybody else listening on or without disturbing the others.

Do you need a monitoring feature and voice operation?

Being able to monitor a room or zone is particularly useful if you want to use your intercom system as a baby monitor or to monitor an elderly or disabled person in your home.  Systems with a voice feature can allow elderly or ill people to call for help via the push of a button, so this could be a life-saving feature in some cases.

Mounting the intercom

Some intercom systems are designed to be used as desktop or handheld devices, so they are more portable, while others are wall-mounted and installed permanently. The choice of the mounting type depends on your needs as well as whether you are looking for a replacement to a previously installed intercom or not.

The benefits of owning an intercom system

With the rapid development of technology and with the advent of smartphone use, you may be wondering why you still may need to install an intercom at home or in your office. The truth is, a good quality intercom system can make communications easy, safe, and quick.

Here are some of the many benefits of using an intercom system:

The advancement of technology has increased the versatility of intercoms

Today, many intercom systems have not only two-way audio, but allow for video calls as well. There are intercom systems that can connect to your front door and will show you who is there, allow you to speak with them, and open the door if you want. With some of these systems, you can speak to your visitor even if you are not at home at the moment and decide whether you want to open the door or not.

Also, there are intercom systems that allow for simultaneous calls among more than two callers. Plus, many systems today are completely wireless which makes them easy to move around and take with you.

Intercoms provide enhanced security

Intercoms can be used for screening outsiders who want to enter or contact the family or business. Unlike walkie-talkies, intercoms have secure connections and cannot be eavesdropped on. Also, with a good quality intercom system, you can view who is at your doorstep, talk to them, and even take pictures.

Also, you can make quick and immediate security or emergency calls to all family members or colleagues with most modern intercom systems.

Intercoms won’t affect your phone bills

The intercom is a one-time investment, and once you install it, it won’t cost you anything to use it, and it won’t affect your mobile or home phone bills when you want to speak to someone in another room or outdoors. Plus, usually, intercom calls are for quick announcements which are much faster than writing a text message or dialing someone.

They make communication fast and easy

Whether you choose to use an intercom system at home or at your business premises, communications are much faster and easier via the system, rather than walking around or having to dial or call the person you want to hear or talk to.

At home, you can quickly check up on what the kids are doing without having to walk around the apartment or up or down the stairs, and you can call other family members when it is time for dinner without yelling.

The history of the intercom

Intercom stands for Intercommunicating Telephone System, and the term was first used by Milo Kellog, a manufacturer from Chicago who filed for a patent for his system in 1894. Until then, the internal communications within offices and other businesses were done through speaking tubes.

In the first quarter of the 20th century, the intercom became an integral part of corporate offices in the US and in the western world.

During the 1930s and the Depression, intercom systems continued developing as both stationary units and detachable handsets were used.

At the end of World War II, electronic intercoms began replacing the walk-up doorbells, and in the 1950s with the development of transistors, clearer transmissions and easier installations of intercoms became possible.

In the late 1980s, intercoms with built-in cameras began being produced and used.

Today, home intercom systems are digital and can be used for video conferencing, synced with mobile phones, and used for various other purposes as well.

Final Words

With a reliable intercom system at home you can easily reach out to any family member without climbing up the stairs, or hollering from one room to another. You can also connect your intercom to your doorbell and your home security system so that you can view who is at your door, talk to them, and let them inside if you desire.

Intercoms at work are also invaluable devices and communication methods. With a good quality system like any one of our favorite top 10 intercom systems for 2022 you will save money for phone calls and messaging, and time for walking around the house to call everyone you need to.

We hope that we have helped you pick the best intercom system for your needs and for your budget, and that pretty soon you will see for yourself just how useful these systems are, and how easier communicating with the other family members or guests can be.

Good luck with your purchase and enjoy your new intercom system!

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