7 Best Key Lockboxes In 2022 [Buying Guide]

Have you ever ended up stranded in front of your own home, realizing that you don’t have a key?

If you want to save yourself from the frustration and the money you need to spend on having to call an emergency locksmith in the middle of the night, there is a very simple and easy solution for you – a key lockbox.

The right key lockboxes are wall mountable or can be attached securely to the doorknob, fence, or other, and can hold your spare keys or other essential items safely.

These key safes are locked with keys, codes, or smart locks and will allow you and your pet sitter, house guests, Airbnb clients, neighbors, or other trusted people who have the lock code to enter your property.

We have chosen the favorite key lock boxes for 2022, which will save you the time and hassle of having to go get a spare key or pay for an emergency unlocking service.

Master Lock 5400D  Portable Lockbox

The best key lock box is a reasonably priced and secure way to ensure that you are never left locked out even if you have misplaced your keys.

The portable combination lockbox for keys has a shackle that will fit just about any doorknob, no matter whether it is a ball, tulip, or biscuit style.

The lockbox can hold up to 5 standard keys and keep them safe until you happen to need to access them.

The device has a four-digit combination lock, which you can set to open with any four-number combination code.

The key lockbox is suitable for indoor and for outdoor use, thanks to its sturdy weather-resistant metal body and its special shutter door to keep the combination dials away from rain, snow, or other weather elements.

The shackle has a vinyl coating, which will not scratch or otherwise damage the doorknob.

The overall size of this portable key lockbox is 4 (H) x 3.25 (W) x 1.75 (D) inches. The diameter of the shackle is 1-13/32 inches, and it is 1-7/8 inches in length.

The interior has an L-shaped cavity for the keys, with the top part measuring 0.3 x 1.56 x 2.95 inches and the bottom one being 0.95 x 1.51 x 3.21 inches.

The nifty portable key safe comes with detailed instructions on setting the personal code.

The Master Lock 5400D Portable key lock box is a great option if you need a temporary lockbox for your keys for vacations or for when you are expecting house guests, deliveries, pet sitters, or other occasions. It doesn’t need to be permanently mounted, and you can use it for any door you need to whenever you need to.

If you need a more permanent solution, this key lock box is also available in a wall mount option, as well as with an adjustable shackle and with a light-up option.

TOWOKE Waterproof Combination Key Safe Box

This is an inexpensive wall mountable key lock box where you can keep a spare key in order to secure access to your home or other premises to trusted guests, as well as to ensure that you can get inside, even if you have lost your keys.

The heavy-duty wall-mountable combination key lock box for spare keys has a steel mechanism and a sturdy zinc alloy body, which is tested to resist prying, sawing, and hammering.

It is weatherproof and corrosion-resistant and has a protective cover for the digital lock dials.

The 4-digit code can be reset to a preferred code via the added detailed guide.

The heavy-duty lock box can easily hold up to 5 standard keys. It comes with a mounting kit that is easy to set and install even if you are not particularly handy.

The size of the key safe is 11.8 x 8.5 x 4.1 cm, and its internal size is 9.1 x 6.4 x 3.2 cm.

This affordable safe for spare keys is an excellent solution if you are renting out your home for Airbnb, as well as for pet sitters, neighbors, and other people you want to make sure have access to your premises when you are out.

Rudy Run Wall Mount Combination Lockbox

The Rudy Run Wall Mount Key Safe is another inexpensive way to ensure that you don’t ever get locked out of your home and that you don’t need to pay for emergency locksmith services if you happen to lose or forget your keys.

The key box is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. It is rust-proof and resilient to prying, hammering, sawing, and other theft attempts.

The key lock box with the combination is made of a sturdy zinc alloy and opens via a 4-digit personal code. The dials for the combination code are protected with a cover so that they don’t get damaged by rain, dust, or other elements.

This affordable key hider has a storage capacity for fitting up to 5 house keys.

It is easy to mount with the included wall mounting kit.

The size of the finest key safe is 4.7 x 3.5 x 1.6 inches, and the cavity inside is 2.6 x 3.7 inches.

It is one of the top-rated key lock boxes for any home, business, holiday house, rental, dorm, or other, and is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

Populife IP65 Bluetooth Smart Key Lockbox for Home

If you prefer the convenience of using a smart key lock box to store your spare keys, then the Populife Bluetooth Smart Key Safe is among the finest options you will find on the market.

The versatile key lock box can be used as a portable device or can be wall-mounted for permanent use.

It has built-in Bluetooth and smart capabilities, which will allow you to switch codes, and send new codes to guests, neighbors, pet sitters, delivery people, or others via your smartphone from wherever you happen to be.

The secure key safe is powered by long-lasting 4 AAA batteries, which will last for up to 10,000 lockings and unlock operations.

You can also add a backup 9V battery just in case, and the unit will alert you when the battery life becomes as low as 20%.

The smart lock box is IP65 waterproof and will withstand heavy rain, snow, flooding, and others.

It is also temperature resistant to weather conditions from -13 up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

When used as a portable key lock box, the shackle will fit any type of doorknob, fence, or other. When wall-mounted, the Bluetooth-enabled key lock box will provide you with peace of mind that you always have a spare key no matter the emergency.

Thanks to the nifty mobile app, you can set your phone to unlock the safe box via a swipe on your screen, or set any 8-digit pin code for access.

For added safety, you can set the smart keys lock box to accept an 8 digit decoy security code with random digits, which will help deter thieves from guessing the code.

One of the best key lock boxes on the market will automatically relock itself in a second and will allow you to re-enter in 5 minutes if up to 5 wrong codes have been inserted.

Also, thanks to the smart app, you can keep track of who enters the premises and who exits them at all times.

Plus, its spacious interior will allow you to store cash, your car keys, jewelry, credit cards, and other items inside apart from the house keys in complete security.

BARSKA CB12484 Key Lock 48 Position

If you are shopping for a larger capacity key safe for a hotel, business building, or other, then the Barska CB12484 48-key lockbox is the good option you can find in 2022.

The large capacity key storage box is wall-mountable and has a sturdy and secure key lock, and is one of the best lock boxes with keys with added reliable security.

The heavy-duty key safe is constructed of sturdy metal and can withstand different weather conditions and abuse.

Its external dimensions are 14.5 x 11 x 3 inches, and it has 6 color-coded and numbered rows with hooks and a storage capacity of up to 48 keys.

The large-sized secure lockbox comes with two keys for the lock and everything needed for wall mounting it and starting to use it right away.

It is among the key lock boxes for larger numbers of keys.

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YDO Key Storage Lockbox, Hide a Key Secure

The YDO Key Storage Lockbox is another affordable way to make sure that you never get locked out of your home.

The lock box for keys is made of a premium grade, durable aluminum alloy with a sturdy security coating, which will withstand sawing or hammering.

It is also water-resistant, dust-proof, and corrosion-resistant, so there is no problem mounting it outdoors and use it all year round.

It unlocks via a 4 digit dial, and you can set any number combination you want as your passcode.

One of the leading lock boxes for keys has a protective cover for the dial and is sold in black, blue, or grey color options.

One of the most affordable key lock boxes is 4.3 x 3.7 x 1.2 inches in size, and the space inside is 2.4 x 3.5 inches, so you can easily store up to 5 standard house keys in it.

The inexpensive key lock box comes with everything you will need to easily and securely mount it to the wall.

Lospu HY Indoor & Outdoor Key Lockbox

The Lospu HY Key Lockbox is another affordable option if you want a safe and easy-to-use lock boxes key safe to keep a set of spare keys to your home or to other properties.

The security box can be wall-mounted easily outside or indoors and has a push-button code lock, which some people find easier to use than the dial-based locks.

The inexpensive key box is weather-resistant and has a rubber cover that covers the front push-button panel to make it more discreet and to protect it from the weather elements.

You can easily mount one of these key lock boxes on any wall and set the 10-digit mechanical key safe to any code and number combination you prefer.

The size of the push button combination safe box for spare key storage is 2.8 x 1 x 1.6 inches on the inside, and its external dimensions are 2.6 x 4.1 x 2.2 inches.

It has a storage capacity of up to 5 spare keys in it to ensure safe access to the premises in case of an emergency, or when trusted visitors come, and you are not home.

The lock is easy to mount and comes with the accessories you will need to install it by yourself without needing to hire a handyman for the job.

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