The 11 Best Over-the-Range Microwaves of 2021

Over-the-range microwave ovens are actually very clever and space-saving 2-in-1 kitchen appliances that can easily fit in the place of the hood over your cooktop and will not only work as efficient microwave ovens but will also play the role of exhaust for the smoke, steam, and odors from the cooking.

Top-quality appliances like the favorite over-the-range microwave for 2021 – the GE JNM3163DJBB are an excellent investment if you like versatile, easy to use, and compact devices.

Best Over-the-Range Microwave


We have thoroughly reviewed and selected the leading over-the-range microwaves for 2021 for you, so you can pick the one which will fit the space you have allotted for it and which will serve the purpose you need it for.

Out top choices come in different sizes, with different functions, and at different price levels, but they are all superb over-the-range microwaves, which will not take up the precious countertop space in your kitchen and can easily be installed at a comfortable height for easy viewing and access.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about these multifunctional kitchen appliances.

Best overall

GE JNM3163DJBB Over-the-Range Microwave, 1.6

The GE JNM3163DJBB is the greatest over the range microwave for 2021 because it is reasonably priced, easy to use, and has an efficient two speed 300 CFM venting system that will efficiently remove the steam, smoke, and cooking odors when you are cooking in the oven or using the microwave itself.

The vent is recirculating and includes a filter that will capture the smells and smoke efficiently.

It is a perfect space-saving appliance for small kitchens with little free countertop space. It will replace the hood of your oven and is easy to access and use at all times.

The excellent quality over the range microwave has a 1.6 cubic feet capacity and is 950 watts.

It has easy to view and set cooking and defrosting options on the electronic touch control panel with time-saving preset options for popular cooking tasks such as popcorn, beverage, potatoes, reheating, and defrosting by weight or time.

The cooking times and power levels can be set to auto or adjusted manually depending on your recipe and needs. It has 10 power levels you can pick from.

Defrosting can be done in accordance with the weight of the food product, or it can be timed according to your preferences.

The microwave has an easy-to-set timer and an add-30-seconds cooking time option. Some of the other neat functions of this top-quality appliance include a reminder function, a scroll speed setting, and a pause function.

You can choose between using the 12.5-inch glass turntable or not, and also switch on and adjust the vent fan, as well as the surface lights on the bottom of this top quality over the range microwave.

You can set the lights to bright, night, and off.

It has a sleek black design that will give your kitchen an even more contemporary look. It has a digital clock that is easily viewable on the display on the front of the unit.

Its size is 15 7/8 (D) x 29 78 (W) x 16 7/16 (H) inches, and it weighs 56 lbs., and it will fit any cabinet which is 30 inches wide.

The cavity is 19 ½ x 10 15/16 x 14 3/16 inches.

The oven door is see-through and there is an incandescent light inside allowing you to keep an eye on your meal.

The microwave by GE comes with a recirculating charcoal filter kit which will help remove all of the cooking odors and fumes efficiently.

The appliance is sold with a limited 1-year warranty.

Overall, this is a beautiful looking, easy-to-use, and multifunctional over-the-range oven which will successfully deal with the fumes and smells in your home and will not take up any of your valuable countertop space.

It is easy to set, powerful, and has all the functions you will need including – reheating, defrosting, express cooking, popcorn, and regular microwaving.

The runner-up

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

The Sharp R1874T is a high-end over the range microwave which offers a four-way convection cooking system for browning, broiling, crisping, baking, and roasting all kinds of foods and desserts.

This 850 watt oven has a gorgeous contemporary stainless steel design, and an easy-to-see 7 digit 2 color interactive display.

The microwave has various smart and easy sensor settings, including 8 cooks, reheat, and popcorn, as well as 12 CompuCook and CompuDefrost convection programs to choose from. The smart over-the-range microwave will automatically compute the time and temperature for broiling, baking, and roasting via its CompuBroil, CompuBake, and CompuRoast smart sensor settings.

It has a 1.1 cubic ft. capacity and a 13-inch ceramic turntable for even heating, as well as included low and high cooking racks for two-level baking, or for roasting, baking, or broiling on the lower one.

The appliance also has a built-in exhaust system with a powerful fan, and useful hood lights underneath. You can adjust the exhaust fan’s speed as well as the lights to high and low.

The size of the over-the-range microwave is 29 15/16 x 16 11/23 x 15 9/32 inches, and its inner dimensions are 13 13/16 x 8 1/16 x 17 1/8 inches. it weighs 72 lbs.

It is sold with a 10-year limited warranty for all major parts.

This is one of the top-of-the-line over-the-range microwave ovens available in 2021 and will become the perfect addition to any modern and smart kitchen and the top preferred appliance by any dedicated home cook.

Best budget-friendly option

Samsung Stainless Steel Over-The-Range Microwave

The Samsung Stainless Steel over the range microwave is possibly the greatest bang for the buck for 2021. This powerful microwave is very reasonably priced and has all the functions any home cook needs from a good quality microwave oven.

The microwave has a whopping cooking power of 1,000 watts and a 1.6 cubic ft. cooking capacity.

It has 6 preset cooking and defrosting settings which eliminate the guesswork for preparing some of the most common meals or performing tasks like reheating and defrosting.

It also can be set manually in accordance with your preferences too.

The size of this affordable over the range microwave is 29 7/8 (W) x 16 29/32 (H) x 15 5/32 (D) inches and weighs 68 lbs.

It has a sleek stainless steel design and can be vented externally or internally from the back, or from the top.

This oven is easy to install and use, and comes at a fair price for the good quality and sturdy make provided.

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The rest of the best

Sharp SMO1652DS Over the Range Microwave Oven

If you want an over-the-range oven which is straightforward to use, powerful and doesn’t cost a fortune, we suggest that you check out the Sharp SMO1652DS microwave.

Key features:

  • 1,000-watt cooking power
  • 450 CFM
  • A cooking capacity of 1.6 cubic feet
  • 10 power levels to choose from
  • An easy to set times
  • An express defrost function
  • The turntable can be turned on and off
  • It has 6 pre-programmed cooking and defrosting settings for quick and easy use
  • It has a melt and soften option for butter, ice cream, cheese or others
  • You can easily extend the cooking time by 30 seconds with the press of the dedicated button
  • A two-speed exhaust fan
  • Two light settings for over the range
  • An activated charcoal filter to keep the cooking odors and fumes in control
  • A useful keep warm function
  • A sleek and durable stainless steel design, complemented with black glass and discrete branding
  • The interior is easy to clean enamel which is stain resistant, and only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth to be kept clean
  • An easy to read cool blue display
  • The size of the oven is 29.9 x 16.3 x 15.9 inches

LG 30″ Over-The-Range Microwave (LMV1762ST)

Do you want an over the range oven which is easy to use, and easy to clean? The LG LMV1762ST could be the most suitable option for you.

Key features:

  • A 1.7 cubic feet oven capacity
  • The interior is EasyClean which is stain resistant and can easily be cleaned and maintained by simply wiping it with a damp cloth
  • It has easy to use one touch settings
  • There are 8 preset cooking and defrosting programs to save you time and effort including popcorn, pizza, potato, frozen entrée, frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, casserole, and rice
  • The energy-saving key will turn off the display when it is not in use for over 5 minutes for lower power consumption
  • You can add 30 seconds of cooking time with the press of a button
  • You can manually set up to 10 cooking levels
  • There is a quick defrost function
  • The dimensions of the microwave are 29 7/8 x 16 7/16 x 15 1/8 inches
  • The interior is 21 9/16 x 8 7/8 x 15 1/8 inches
  • It weighs 48.5 lbs.
  • It is sold with a 1-year warranty for parts and labor and 10 years for Magnetron
  • The glass turntable is 12.7 inches in diameter
  • You can switch the turntable on and off as preferred
  • It has an easy to set kitchen timer for unattended cooking
  • The wire rack is removable
  • An incandescent light underneath the appliance will keep the cooking area underneath well illuminated
  • A child lock safety feature
  • The exhaust has two speeds – high, low and off
  • It also has a charcoal filter to remove the nasty smells and fumes from cooking

Frigidaire UMV1422US Over The Range Microwave Oven

The Frigidaire UMV1422US has a gorgeous looking and highly functional full-width door for easy access to the cooking cavity and for an added touch of style for your kitchen.

Key features:

  • The full-width door adds to the interior space, and also offers a sleek and contemporary look to the appliance
  • The LED interior stays on as you cook so you can monitor your food at all times through the large glass door
  • One-touch buttons for easy use
  • It has 8 preset cooking and smart sensor options for quick and easy setting
  • A cooking capacity of 1.4 cubic feet
  • An add 30 seconds button
  • Automatic cooking and reheating sensors will adjust the temperature and cooking time instead of you
  • A melt and soften option
  • An easy to set timer
  • The oven has an extra-large 13 5/8 inch glass turntable, which can fit large casserole dishes
  • Made of stainless steel
  • The size of the oven is 17 (H) x 23 7/8 (W) x 16 3/16 (D)
  • It has cooktop LED lighting
  • It doubles as a hood and has a 2-speed ventilation system

LG Electronics 2.0 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave Oven

The LG 2.0 cu.ft. Over-the-range microwave looks amazingly good, has smart sensors, and will stay fingerprint and stain-free inside and outside no matter what.

Key features:

  • A 2 cu.ft. cooking capacity
  • Made of elegant Matte black stainless steel which has a PrintProof finish and will look gorgeous no matter how often you touch and use it
  • The interior is EasyClean, and stain-proof
  • The over-the-range oven features a Quiet Power ventilation system which will remove the steam, smoke, and odors from cooking quietly and efficiently
  • The vent flow is 400 CFM and has 4 power levels
  • It has a charcoal filter and two exhaust grease filters
  • Thanks to the Sensor Cooking technology, your life will be easier, because the microwave will adjust the temperature and time settings for the different meals and foods automatically for you
  • The microwave has a very sleek and contemporary design
  • The Smooth Touch glass controls are on the bottom of the door for easier access and use
  • The size of the oven is 29 8/9 x 16 ¾ x 15 7/8 inches
  • The oven cavity is 22 x 11 3/5 x 14 3/5 inches
  • It weighs 74 lbs.
  • The diameter of the turntable is 14.2 inches
  • There are auto, rapid and timed defrost options
  • The oven offers 4 auto cook options
  • It has a sensor reheat feature
  • You can also adjust the power levels up to 10 manually
  • The turntable can be turned on and off
  • The microwave has a power output of 1,000 watts
  • It is sold with a 1-year warranty

Whirlpool WML55011HS Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

If you have limited space and wish that you could fit an over-the-range microwave in the place of your oven hood, you may want to check out the low-profile Whirlpool WML550011HS over-the-range microwave oven.

Key features:

  • A low profile design and size which will fit the space for your under-cabinet exhaust hood
  • The dimensions of the oven are 30 (W) x 10 ¼ (H) x 18 (D) inches
  • It works as a powerful hood and microwave
  • The ventilation motor has a 400 CFM for powerful ventilation
  • It has 1,000 watts of cooking power
  • The capacity of the low profile microwave is 1.1 cubic feet
  • You can turn the turntable off and on
  • The turntable is dishwasher safe
  • The microwave has easy to use cooking and defrosting presets
  • An add 30 seconds option
  • The tap-to-open door can be easily opened with a tap of the elbow or wrist for mess-free and hands-free access
  • The door has a 90 degree hinge, so it can be installed next to a wall and still open completely
  • The controls are on an easy to clean touch panel
  • There are 10 power levels you can choose from when preparing a meal

Thor Kitchen Over the Range Microwave HOR3001

The Thor Kitchen HOR3001 is a beautiful, space-saving, and multifunctional over-the-range microwave which has a professional look and feel, but is sold at a reasonable price, and can easily become a very useful addition even in the smallest kitchen.

Key features:

  • A 30-inch overt-the-range microwave made of stainless steel
  • A professional door handle
  • The dimensions of the unit are 29.9 (W) x 16.9 (H) x 17.7 (D) inches, and it weighs 53.3 lbs.
  • The cutout size for installing it is 30 (W) x 16.5 (H) x 11.02 (D) inches
  • It has a cooking power of 1,000 watts, and 10 power levels
  • There are 7 pre-programmed cook menus, including pizza, meat, potato, popcorn, reheat, vegetables and beverages
  • There is also sensor cooking for automatic temperature and timing adjustment
  • There are 3 soften options including ice cream, butter, and cheese
  • You can choose among the 3 defrost options of defrosting food by time, defrosting by weight and defrosting 1 lb.
  • There is a quick start feature
  • An express cook for 1-6 minutes
  • An eco-saving mode
  • An easy to set kitchen timer
  • The exhaust maximum is 300 CFM
  • The exhaust has a charcoal filter which removes the odor and fumes
  • An incandescent light bulb for cooktop lighting
  • The oven is UL and cUL certified

GE Hotpoint RVM5160DHBB Over-The-Range Microwave Oven

The GE Hotpoint is another elegant, versatile, and easy-to-use over-the-range microwave by GE which deserves its place in the list of the leading over-the-range microwaves for 2021.

Key features:

  • A cooking capacity of 1.6 cubic ft.
  • 1,000 watts of power
  • Easy to understand and use controls with electronic touch
  • It provides bright, night, or off cooktop lighting
  • The exhaust fan has 2 speeds and 200 CFM
  • The express cook function for 1-6 minutes will save you a lot of time
  • 10 power levels you can choose from
  • A 13.5 glass turntable which can be turned on and off
  • There are several convenience cooking controls including beverage, defrost by weight or time, popcorn, potato and reheat
  • An add 30 seconds option you can easily set the timer or turn it off or set it to start at a delayed time
  • An elegant black design with a color-matched handle
  • The dimensions of the microwave are 29 7/8 (W) x 16 ½ (H) x 15 ¼ (D) inches and can fit 30 inch cabinets
  • The cavity is 20 ¼ x 9 ¼ x 14 13/32 inches
  • It weighs 63 lbs.
  • It has a child lock safety feature
  • Offered with a 1-year warranty


This bisque colored over-the-range microwave will be a beautiful accent in any kitchen, and will not only save space but will serve you well for a long time, thanks to its top-quality build.

Key features:

  • An unusual bisque color with a color-matched handle
  • A 1.6 cubic feet cooking capacity
  • 1,000 watts of power
  • A two speed 300 CFM external venting system will remove steam, smoke, and odors from the oven, the cooktop and the microwave
  • It has bright, night and off cooktop lighting
  • Incandescent lighting in the oven cavity
  • Easy to access and use electronic cooking controls
  • Automatic or manual defrosting options by time or weight
  • It has preset cooking programs for popcorn, potatoes, beverage, reheat, defrost and cook time
  • Add 30 seconds option
  • 10 power levels
  • The 13.5 inch glass turntable can be turned off and on
  • It fits cabinets which are at least 30 inches wide
  • The dimensions of the oven are 29 7/8 (W) x 16 ½ (H) x 15 ¼ (D) inches
  • The internal dimensions of the cavity are 18 13/16 (W) x 9 ¼ (H) x 14 13/32 (D) inches
  • The microwave weighs 63 lbs.
  • Easy to install and use
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty



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