Top 17 Best Rolling Duffel Bags in 2022

Are you looking for a lighter-weight alternative to your heavy and hard to maneuver suitcase?

Then a rolling duffel bag like the top-rated OGIO Rig 9800 Gear Bag is an excellent option for you.

Ever since they first originated in Belgium, duffel bags have become increasingly popular for traveling. They are lighter than suitcases, easier to travel with than large backpacks, and come with features like wheels and telescopic handles, and other carry handles, which make them perfect for traveling and adventures.

Best Rolling Duffel Bags

These travel bags are also perfect because they can be stored in tight places, unlike the bulky hard-sided suitcases.

There are even some rolling duffel bags that come in a convenient carry-on size and shape and will save you money for checking in your luggage when flying.

Since there are so many diverse types of duffel bags with wheels, we have chosen the top rolling duffel bags of all kinds, materials, and sizes for you to pick from.

Best overall

OGIO Rig 9800 Gear Bag (Stealth)


If you are looking for a lightweight yet spacy and comfortable rolling duffel bag for your next adventure, then the OGIO Rig 9800 is the top-rated one on the market right now.

This large-capacity travel bag will fit all of your clothes, gear, and other belongings easily, and you will still be able to roll it around easily and access the inside compartments without hassle whenever you need to while traveling.

The bag has oversized wheels, which will allow you to roll it on all kinds of surfaces and terrains.

The duffel bag also features the unique SLED system (Structural Load Equalizing Deck), which ensures that your belongings will remain safe even in the harshest conditions.

Thanks to its wide-mouth lid opening, you can easily pack and unpack your stuff without too much effort. Plus, you will have easy access to everything you may happen to need inside while you are on the road.

The premium quality rolling bag has a large main compartment with dividers that you can adjust according to your needs. There is also a padded helmet chamber.

The bag has a convenient telescoping push and pulls the handle.

Overall, this is a great rolling duffel bag for all kinds of trips and adventures, airplane flights, and other travels through tough terrains.

Key features:

  • The size of the travel bag is 34(H) x 16.5(W) x 15.25(D)
  • It features a sturdy SLED system.
  • The weight of the duffel bag is 13.47 lbs.
  • The wide opening allows for easy packing, unpacking, and access.
  • Made of Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Available in army green, stealth, basalt blue, dark static, night camo, and special ops color options

The runner-up

Royce Handmade Leather Luxury Rolling Trolley Duffel Bag


If you are ready to splurge out on a high-end rolling duffel bag suitable for first-class traveling and for everyone who likes to travel in style, then this top-of-the-line bag by Royce Leather is an exceptional choice.

It is handmade from premium quality leather, which makes it lightweight, water-resistant, and incredibly stylish.

The size of the premium bag is 23 x 12 x 14 inches, and it weighs 8.47 lbs.

It has soft-sliding wheels for effortless mobility and maneuverability.

The bag is pricey, but it is one of the best made rolling duffel bags we have ever seen.

Key features:

  • Made of premium quality genuine leather
  • Handmade by Royce Leather in the USA
  • A compact size, but with a large carrying capacity
  • Easy-rolling wheels
  • Top-quality design and build
  • Sold with a lifetime warranty.

The best budget-friendly option

Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag


If you want a reliable rolling duffel bag but don’t want to spend too much money on one, our suggestion for a budget-friendly rolling duffel bag for this year is the Olympia 8 Pocket bag.

It is made of durable 1200 denier polyester that will withstand a lot of traveling.

The affordable rolling duffel bag comes with maneuverable in-line, recessed metal ball-bearing wheels.

It also has a telescoping handle that you can easily pullout or hides back in when needed.

The duffel bag has 8 pockets for better organization and easy access to your belongings and gear. The zippers are sturdy and self-repairing.

Thanks to its large and easy-to-access U-shape opening on the top, you can pack and unpack easily and also get whatever you need from the bag without having to pull everything out of the large-sized main compartment.

The bag is offered at a reasonable price in all sizes for any need, including 22, 26, 29, and 33 inches. You can also choose among the over 15 color options available.

Key features:

  • Made of 100% 1200D polyester
  • A sizeable U-shaped mouth opening
  • 8 nifty pockets
  • A recessed metal ball bearing inline skate wheel system
  • The bag is available in different size options for every need.

The rest of the best rolling duffel bags

Timberland Twin Mountain Duffle With Wheels- 22, 26, 30 Inch Size


The Timberland Twin Mountain Duffle Bag with wheels is among the good options in this range if you are looking for a travel bag for mountain or other wet conditions.

It is made of ripstop 600D polyester, which is waterproof and will keep your clothes and gear dry no matter what the weather is.

The convenient rolling duffel bag has moisture-wicking and breathable mesh padding, so you can carry it comfortably in all kinds of conditions.

The bag has a hitching strap, a TPR overmold handgrip, and a convenient push-button telescoping handle.

The duffel bag opens up completely for the easiest packing and unpacking. It has several fully lined compartments and meshes pockets that are secured with valet straps.

There is a secret zipper pocket for your valuables too.

The in-line wheels are smooth and quiet and have rubber shock absorbers.

Key features:

  • Made of 600 denier polyester ripstop with breathable air mesh padding
  • A convenient TPR over-mold optimized trolley
  • It weighs 8.3 lbs.
  • There are different sizes to choose from 22, 26, and 30 inches.
  • The bag is 100% water repellent.
  • It is sold in various color options, including cocoa, burnt olive, burnt olive and orange, black and orange, dark blue, cocoa brown, and burnt olive.

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AmazonBasics Wheeled Travel Duffel


This soft-sided travel bag by AmazonBasics is another rugged and reliable rolling duffel bag suitable for airplanes and all other kinds of travel.

The bag is made of durable twisted polyester and offers various carrying and rolling options.

There is a nifty strong but soft hand-grip on the front, as well as large and easy-to-pull wheels and a telescopic handle.

The versatile rolling duffel bag has a large number of zippered compartments inside and outside. Thanks to the zippered sides, you can open the bag up entirely like a suitcase for easy packing, unpacking, and access to your belongings while traveling.

It has tie straps that will keep your clothes and gear secure during your adventures.

The bag is sold in large, medium, and small sizes and in various color options for any taste.

Key features:

  • It is made of durable polyester – with a twisted polyester texture on the outside, and waterproof lining on the inside.
  • The bag can be opened completely thanks to the side zippers.
  • The large size is 30.8 x 10 x 20 inches and weighs 11.45 lbs.
  • The medium size is 26.5 x 10 x 17.8 inches.
  • The small size is 21.2 x 9.2 x 15 inches and weighs 9.6 lbs.
  • You can get it in black, blue, green, grey, red, or salmon colors.

Samsonite Luggage 22 Inch Andante Wheeled Duffel (22″)


Samsonite has been making premium quality suitcases, bags, and travel accessories for years, and the Andante Wheeled Duffel bag is an excellent example of this high quality and reliability.

Being 22 x 12.5 x 22 inches, this bag will easily be allowed in a plane as a carry-on by most airlines.

Then again, it is spacious enough to fit your clothes and belongings for a weeklong trip.

It weighs a mere 4.8 lbs. and has carry handles on the front, as well as a retractable telescoping handle and smooth and quiet rolling wheels.

The compact and light rolling duffel bag by Samsonite have multiple compartments and different pockets for organization. The opening is U-shaped for easy access at all times.

You can buy it in black, grey and lime or red and black color options.

Key features:

  • Made of durable polyester
  • A lightweight design of only 4.8 lbs.
  • It can pass as carry-on luggage at most airlines.
  • Various carry options
  • Multiple zippered compartments
  • A large U-shaped zippered opening

AmazonBasics Ripstop Rolling Travel Luggage Duffle Bag With Wheels


This ripstop rolling duffel bag by AmazonBasics is another excellent option for those of you planning trips to rainy or snowy destinations.

It is available in 28, 32 and 37-inch options, and is made of durable 1680D polyester ripstop on the outside, and has an additional 210D lining inside, ensuring that your clothes and belongings stay dry no matter the weather.

The large-sized duffel bag has U-shaped zippered opening for the main compartment and multiple other compartments and safety straps for easy access and safety.

It has a telescopic handle and a removable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying.

The inline wheels roll smoothly and easily on any surface.

Key features:

  • The size of the small bag is 28.5 x 15.2 x 13.5 inches, and its capacity is 70L
  • The medium-sized one is 32.5 x 16.5 x 14.5 inches, its capacity is 92L and it weighs 10.9 lbs.
  • The largest option is 37.5 x 18.2 x 16 inches, can fit 137L and weighs 12.1 lbs.
  • Thanks to its large capacity, this is the perfect bag for long travels, sports, or for storage
  • It has multiple compartments, and several carrying or pulling options

Hanke 20 inch/24 inch/28-inch Foldable Expandable Bag with Spinner Wheels


This duffel bag on wheels by Hanke is one of the most versatile of all the bags on this list.

It can easily be expanded to a 28-inch size or folded down to a 24 or 20-inch size. When not in use, it can be collapsed completely to a height of just 4.7 inches.

The bag’s capacity can vary from 55 liters up to 90 liters.

So, if you choose to buy this reasonably priced bag, you will have a small, medium-sized, and large duffel bag all in one. This makes it suitable for everyday use, as well as for overnight stays and for longer traveling.

The universal spinning wheels are silent and smooth.

The versatile duffel bag comes with a comfortable carry handle, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The bag weighs only 5.3 lbs. when empty, so you can easily get it on a plane, train or car with you.

Key features:

  • A foldable and expandable design makes it the most versatile of all rolling duffel bags
  • When folded completely, its size is only 17.72 x 10.24 x 4.7 inches – easy to store and transport
  • At the smallest size, it is 17.72 x 10.24 x 19.68 inches and has a capacity of 54.99 liters
  • At its medium size, it is 17.72 x 10.24 x 25.99 inches and has a capacity of 76.29 liters
  • At its largest expanded size, it is 17.72 x 10.24 x 31.49 inches and has a capacity of 90 liters
  • It weighs 5.3 lbs.
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap, a carry handle, and smooth-running wheels

Gothamite 36-inch XL Rolling Duffle Bag Luggage Bag, Hockey Bag


If you are shopping for a rolling duffel bag with a seriously large capacity for a lot of luggage, gear, sports, or others, then you should opt for this XL travel bag by Gothamite.

It has a huge capacity that can fit all of your belongings for a long trip but can also be used as a hockey or golf or other sports bag with a lot of large-volume gear.

The XL rolling duffel bag is 36 x 17 x 15 inches in size but can be collapsed to the height of its base, so you can easily store it in a closet, under the bed or in another tight space when you are not using it.

The large-sized bag is made of durable 1200 denier polyester.

It has three inline skate wheels for added balance and stability when rolling it around via its telescopic pullout lockable handle.

There are two large and easy-to-access pockets of 13 x 11 inches on the front.

Key features:

  • An extra-large capacity bag which can be used for long travels, sports, storage, and others
  • Made of rugged 1200D polyester
  • 3 in-line wheels for added stability and portability
  • It has three added columns on the back to keep it stable when full and in an upright position
  • The bag weighs 7.2 lbs.

Fila 7-Pocket Large Rolling Duffel Bag


The 7-Pocket Fila rolling duffel bag is another excellent option for people looking for a lightweight and convenient travel bag with a large capacity.

It is 30 x 13 x 13 inches in size and weighs only 6.6 lbs.

The bag can carry clothes and gear of up to 50 lbs. and is easy to carry and roll thanks to its smooth running inline skate wheel system.

It has handles on the front and a retractable telescoping handle.

It has 7 convenient pockets so you can organize and access your belongings easily at all times.

Key features:

  • Made of durable and strong polyester
  • A total of 7 zippered pockets
  • Available in black and blue or grey and lime colors
  • Very spacious main compartment suitable for luggage for long trips or for more than one person
  • The bag is sold at a very reasonable price for the quality provided

Travelpro Bold 30″ Rolling Duffle Bag With Drop Bottom

Do you find that the carry handles of your luggage or uncomfortably high or too low? With this sturdy rolling duffel bag, you can take care of this problem thanks to its adjustable telescoping handle

The case is 30 x 15 x 16 inches in size, and its handle can be pulled out and locked at the height of either 38 inches or 42 inches.

The bag is made of polyester, and it has a water-repellent coating.

The wheels have reinforced housing, and the bag has skid guards on the bottom to keep it safe from wearing and ripping while being rolled around.

The durable duffel bag has a nifty drop bottom, which can be used as a divider for a separate compartment, or removed to create a larger interior capacity.

There is an additional exterior pocket for wet clothes and items, and a hidden mesh one inside.

The ball-bearing wheels roll smoothly and efficiently no matter how much luggage you have packed.

It is offered with a lifetime limited warranty by Travelpro.

Key features:

  • Made of heavy-duty polyester
  • The overall size of 31 x 16.5 x 17 inches and has a weight of 10.9 lbs.
  • The telescopic handle can be adjusted to heights of 38 inches or 42 inches
  • It has a useful drop bottom design and multiple separate compartments
  • The compression straps allow for adjusting the size of the bag and your load
  • Available in olive black, blue-black, and grey-black color options
  • It has a dedicated wet item pocket
  • Sold with a limited lifetime warranty

Perry Ellis 24″ Lightweight Rolling Bag-A324 Duffel Bag


This is one of the most affordable and lightweight rolling duffel bags on the market right now.

It is made of durable and light polyester and is sized 24 x 12 x 12 inches with a weight of only 5.83 lbs.

The travel bag by Perry Ellis has a large main compartment, as well as an option to carry your shoes or dirty or wet clothes in a separate one.

The recesses wheels run smoothly and easily.

The duffel bag has an internal handle system and a telescopic handle for easy carrying around when traveling.

This bag is suitable for everyday use, for the gym, as well as for traveling.

Plus, it is well suited for use by both men and women.

Key features:

  • The rolling duffel bag weighs less than $50
  • It weighs a mere 5.83 inches
  • Made of strong polyester
  • With a separate compartment for dirty clothes or shoes
  • Easy to maneuver and roll by men and women of all ages
  • It is sold in black and blue color options

Betsey Johnson Designer Lightweight Pattern 22 Inch Duffel Bag- Weekender 

This pretty designer rolling duffel bag is great for weekend or business travels.

It comes in several gorgeous designs and is very light which makes it perfect for airplane travel without the need for paying extra for weight.

It has two smooth-running wheels and a comfortable telescoping handle for easy maneuvering.

The Betsey Johnson duffel bag is made of polyester and has a polyester lining for added durability.

It has some of the most exciting and stylish designs among all other rolling duffel bags on the market.

Key features:

  • Size of 21.5 x 10 x 14.5 inches, and a weight of just 3.5 lbs.
  • Available in stylish and unique design options including flamingo strut, cupcake, Cherrie pie, skull party, Paris love, and various others
  • Easy to pull and roll around when traveling or walking the streets
  • Sold with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Available at a very affordable price

Eddie Bauer Unisex-Adult Expedition Drop Bottom Rolling Duffel


This excellent-quality rolling duffel bag can pass as a carry-on on just about any average flight, which means less money and hassle for having to check your luggage in when traveling.

It is sturdily built to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The bag is made of 210D ripstop nylon and 1680 denier ballistic nylon.

It has a spacey compartment divided into two for better organization of the luggage.

Thanks to the added compression straps, you can keep your luggage in a comfortable and airline-acceptable size and shape.

You can add more storage via the zippered drop-bottom of the bag.

It has a standalone feature and will never topple when pulled on its reinforced inline skate wheels or when left standing.

Key features:

  • A size of 21 x 10 x 14 inches, which is accepted as a carry-on by most airlines
  • A capacity of 45L
  • There are two large compartments inside, and an added drop bottom for added space
  • Made of top quality, sturdy ripstop, and ballistic nylon
  • It weighs 6.7 lbs.
  • You can buy it in black, blue, grey, green or brown colors

Big Agnes Stagecoach Waterproof Rolling Duffel Bag

Looking for a rugged, and yet stylish rolling duffel bag? The Big Agnes Stagecoach could be the best option for you then.

This top-quality travel bag is made of 420 deniers high tenacity nylon, which makes the case 100% waterproof. To add to the waterproof features of this fantastic travel bag, Big Agnes has added welded seams and a tarmac construction membrane, which will help keep your clothes and belongings dry, no matter what.

The fabric is also puncture and abrasion-resistant, so this travel bag will ride along with you on your trips for years to come.

It comes in 125L, 85L, and 45L capacity and size options, and in various bright colors.

It comes with a bonus pack, which you can use as a daysack or storage sack when hiking or going on trips.

The luxurious rolling duffel bag has comfy padded handles, shoulder straps, and a shock-absorbent EVA padded bottom.

It also has lashing webbing loops, zippers that can be locked. There is a hidden inside pocket, and an easy to reach external one too.

Key features:

  • This is the only 100% waterproof rolling duffel bag on this list
  • The 45L size is carry-on compatible and is 21 x 13.75 x 9.5 inches when full
  • The 85L size is 27.5 x 15.75 x 12.25 inches when packed
  • The largest 125L one is 31.5 x 17 x 14 inches in size when full
  • The weight of the bags is 6.2, 7.4, and 8.12 lbs. For the small, medium, and large versions
  • There is a full zipper which provides easy access to the entire bag
  • The padded straps can be used for handles or backpack straps
  • The integrated trolley system is maneuverable and smooth

Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Wheeled Luggage


This superb quality rolling duffel bag comes in three size options and three different color options, so there is an Eagle Creek Gear Warrior travel bag for anybody.

This sturdy bag comes in 26, 30, and 34-inch versions.

It sits on two smooth-riding spinner wheels for an effortless glide no matter where you are going or happen to be.

The wheels are oversized and treaded so that you can maneuver your luggage through rough terrains as well.

The inside has special compression wings, which will keep your clothes and other belongings safely packed and secured during your travel.

There is a separate front compartment where you can keep your boots, shoes, or any dirty or wet clothes – away from your clean stuff.

The bag has a large carrying strap that you can use to carry your coat, hat, or other bulky items.

The bag even comes with a key bottle opener to make traveling even more fun.

It is made of sturdy, recycled PET ripstop material with recycled coating and an exoskeleton, which helps protect the duffel bag from abrasions and scratches.

It comes with a “No matter what guarantee,” which includes a lifetime guarantee, as well as replacement or repair if the bag fails at some point.
Key features:

  • Made of 100% recycled, sturdy polyester ripstop
  • Available in coral red, arctic blue, and jet black colors
  • The 26-inch size is 24 x 9 x 15 inches
  • The 30-inch size is 29 x 12 x 16 inches
  • The 34-inch size is 34 x 13 x 16 inches
  • This is a rugged and durable bag that will take a lot of wear and tear
  • It can be unzipped and opened completely with the side zipper for easy packing, unpacking, and access
  • There are straps for carrying your helmet, coat, or other bulky clothing or gear
  • It is sold with a lifetime warranty, and lifetime repair or replacement “No Matter What.”

Thule Crossover 87-Litre Rolling Duffel Pack


The Thule Crossover 97 Liter rolling duffel bag is durable, lightweight, and can fit all of your gear and clothes for your next trip to any destination.

The duffel bag has a light and yet sturdy aluminum construction and a robust molded polypropylene shock-absorbing back panel. The bag comes with oversized heavy-duty wheels and a comfortable telescoping handle.

The travel bag has multiple compartments where you can organize all of your clothes and belongings for easy access, and to divide any dirty or wet clothes from clean ones.

It also has a convenient crushproof compartment that is lockable and removable, which you can use for your valuables and fragile things like your phone, sunglasses, and others.

The heavy-duty rolling duffel bag by Thule comes in dark blue and black color options.

It is the perfect travel bag for people who love traveling but hate the hassle of dealing with heavy and oversized suitcases, and who want to fit more stuff before reaching the airline weight limits.

Key features:

  • A size of 15 x 12.8 x 15.2 inches, and a weight of 7.72 lbs.
  • A large capacity of 87 liters
  • Made of Dobby nylon, aluminum, and EVA back panels
  • Shock-absorbing back panel and large wheels for easy and safe maneuvering and travel

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