8 Best Solar Camping Lanterns in 2021

A hassle-free camping experience is something we all want when we try to plan our camping adventure. In order to have that, though, you must own the greatest camping gear, and that means getting yourself a solar lantern for camping.

These devices are portable, lightweight, and powerful enough to light up your camping tent or act as an emergency light source for situations in which there’s no power source around you.

There are a lot of different manufacturers, and various models of solar lanterns available online, but not all of them are of high-quality and offer enough brightness. That’s why we decided to save you some time and help you find the perfect solar light for your needs.

We’ve gathered the top 8 units available online, and we really hope you’ll enjoy the reviews we’ve written for your convenience.


This pocket-sized inflatable solar lantern is one of the leading solar lanterns on the market that combines emergency light and flashlight to help you stay safe and feel comfortable on any camping trip. The unit has a PV cell located on the bottom side that charges using direct sunlight and generates 25 lumens of cool white light due to its LED bulbs.

In case you find yourself in an emergency situation, the MPOWERD Luci solar lantern features a red color LED light with many different lighting modes, including SOS and 1-second flashing. What we really liked about this solar-powered lantern is how durable it is.

It can withstand up to 150lbs of pressure and provide light for up to 7 hours on one single charge. You will also know exactly how much charge the battery has left since the lantern has a battery level indicator.

This solar-powered lantern is ideal for camping, hiking, and even paddling or canoeing. It is waterproof and, most importantly, lightweight, so you can easily take it with you whenever you feel like going on an adventure. This model uses a rechargeable 350 mAh Li-ion battery, and its operating temperature is 32ºF – 113ºF (0ºC – 45ºC).

LuminAID Solar Lanterns 

LuminAID definitely knows how to impress their customers with high-quality items that not only look great but work without fail. These solar lanterns by Lumid AID are super bright, easy to carry, and inflatable. Yes, that’s right- inflatable. Therefore, you can carry them anywhere you go, and they won’t take up any of your backpack space.

We read positive reviews for all of the models- Firefly, Spectra, and Nova, and we just had to try all three of them just to make sure! Well, we did, and they are GREAT! The PackLite Spectra USB was probably our favorite one due to the fun, color-changing light it offers.

It has 9 color modes, including a white LED one. Still, if you look for a white solar camping lantern, the PackLite Nova USB will be the better choice due to its 75 lumens of bright LED light and 24 hours of operating life in low mode.

The PackLite Firefly USB camping lantern also impressed us with its flicker mode that resembles the flickering of a firefly. The model has 5 lighting modes in total and can be recharged via USB port in only 1 hour or via solar power in around 10 hours of sunlight. These camping lanterns are suitable for all emergency situations and are an excellent light source designed to provide safety, comfort, and visibility.

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TANSOREN Solar Camping Lanterns

Well, we have the answer to that last question, and it is the TANSOREN solar-powered lanterns. With these units, you get 3 types of charging methods. Yes, that’s right, if there’s no sun, or you don’t feel like waiting for the solar panels to do their job, you can use the 3 AA batteries or the 5V DC USB charging. These lanterns will provide you with many hours of light at any time.

If you own an android phone or other android USB devices, this solar-powered lantern can also be used to charge them. You get adjustable metal handles and 3 attachment options- top loop, metal loop, and a magnetic base. The unit includes 3 individual COB LED strips that shine extra bright but consume less energy.

This is the perfect addition to your camping gear and also a great gift for your family or friends who love spending time outdoors. Each led solar lantern weighs 3.03 pounds. The unit charges around one hour with the included 110v cord and around 6 hours in direct sunlight. In terms of longevity, when the lantern is fully charged, you can expect about 4 hours without the AAA batteries.

Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern

With this lantern, you will never again have to worry about buying batteries for your camping adventures. This lantern is solar rechargeable and splash-proof rated, which means that weather conditions will no longer be a problem. If you need a quick charge, you can also use the USB port. The best thing is that you could also charge your phone.

This Kizen lantern is definitely in the top 10 solar lanterns on the market since it is lightweight, durable, portable, and offers 3 brightness modes: low, high, and S.O.S. When folded, the lanterns could also be used as a flashlight. How cool is that?

Overcharging is not something you should neglect unless you have this solar lantern, which features fail-safes to keep you safe. With Kizen solar emergency lanterns, you get to enjoy smooth, solar-powered camping, with enough emergency camping light to illuminate the night. Just put this lantern in your backpack and go have some fun!

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AGPTEK Solar Lantern

Now, this is a heavy-duty lantern that offers 5 different power supply methods: solar power, AC adapter, AA batteries, Crank Dynamo, or Auto adapter. Keep in mind that the batteries are not included in the package.

The lantern has a compact design, even though some of our previous suggestions were smaller, and has low energy consumption. The built-in Polysilicon solar panels are reliable, and you get bright warm white light that is ideal for any emergencies.

The AGPTEK solar lantern offers 2 brightness modes that will allow you to walk, read, cook, or fix your car undisturbed. You could also use the lantern as a phone charger due to its USB charging port. You can get about 20 minutes of light with just one minute of easy cranking. Isn’t that great?

What we really liked about this suggestion is that it is surely built to last. The unit is designed with 36 LEDs and has an operating life of about 100,000 hours.

This solar lantern also has indicators that show you if it needs to be charged- red light means low charge, brighter led light signals that the unit is being charged, and the green light indicates that the lantern is fully charged.

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Odoland USB Rechargeable Solar Lantern

This next suggestion is once again one of the leading solar camping lanterns available online, which also has a built-in rechargeable battery and a USB port. Solar-powered camping can be a great experience, but if you need a fast charge and you don’t feel like using the solar panel, this Odoland solar lantern will be the ideal choice.

The unit is incredibly portable since it weighs 6.4 ounces. It has 3 different light modes- cold white (can last up to 5 hours), warm white (seven hours), and low warm white (around 20 hours. This led lantern has a collapsible design, and you can adjust it to any space you want.

We also liked the fact that it is made of durable plastic and has a waterproof silicone lampshade.

The carabiner at the top of the solar lantern is also a great addition to its design since it allows you to hang it in your camping tent or on your backpack straps while walking. The unit can be completely folded down, and it a great choice for hiking, fishing, or even paddle boarding, if you decide to that at night.

SUAOKI Led Camping Lanterns 

Solar lanterns like this one are more than impressive due to the versatility they offer and the characteristics they have. This SUAOKI solar energy lantern has two charging methods so that you can have light wherever you go and whenever you want to.

You get to choose from 3 different lighting modes- high mode, lower mode, or SOS blinking that is super useful if, by some chance, you find yourself in an unexpected situation. In low mode, this lantern can work for more than 8 hours, whereas in high mode, after a full charge, it can withstand about 5 hours of usage. When fully folded, the size of the unit is 1.77inches.

If you enjoy late-night porch readings, fishing at night, or camping, this will be the ideal lighting source for all of your activities. This lantern is also a great power source for your smartphones or tablets since you could use it to charge them.

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d.light S30 Portable Solar Lantern for Camping

The whole purpose of a lantern is to be small, portable, easy to carry, and, at the same time, super bright. That’s why camping lanterns are a must when you go on a camping trip, and when you can charge them using direct sunlight…well, it doesn’t get better than that.

Actually, we lied, it does, and this d.light S30 solar camping lantern is just the proof. It has three brightness settings, but that’s even the best part. The flexible design of this solar lantern was definitely what impressed us the most. The unit features an adjustable handle that is ideal for hanging or carrying, and the lantern itself can last up to 12 hours on one charge.

Since this d.light S30 solar camping lantern is also weather-resistant, it is highly suitable for your hurricane survival kit and emergency supplies. The integrated solar panel is powerful enough to charge the unit even on cloudy days, whereas the battery capacity is 450 mAh. The manufacturer also provides a 2-year hassle-free warranty. What else could you possibly want?

Wrap Up

Well, guys, after introducing you to the greatest solar lanterns out there, discussing all of their key features and specs, we really hope you have found the perfect unit for your needs. There are many things you need to consider- do you need your lantern to be water-resistant, do you want a lantern with LED lights, do you wish to have a lantern with high, low, and SOS modes? So before deciding on a product, make sure you’ve thought about all that.

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