The 9 Best Solar Shower Reviews in 2021

If you are a camping fanatic and plan one every month, these solar showers will change your life entirely. Familiar with the sophisticated bathroom shower, you face problems when it comes to cleaning yourself under the open sky in the wild. To avail warm water in the forest is nearly impossible, and hence you need something more improvised.

To help you enhance your camping experience, we have brought you 9 top solar showers’ brands. These use nature’s gift for yr benefit. They aim to offer the greatest camp showers so that you don’t miss your attractive home faucets. So, check out the sections below to grab the perfect match.

Coghlan’s Solar Camp shower Bags

Coghlan is known for its outstanding outdoor accessories. It works on the principle that one should have more fun outside than inside. They encourage people to move out of their comfortable space and explore nature and it’s unmatchable beauty. With this thing in mind, this brand offers you the top solar showers for camping. This excellent outdoor family camping equipment provides you with the most enjoyable outdoor experience.


  • This black colores lightweight solar camping shower is made of Poly Vinyl Chloride that is entirely non-toxic and environment friendly.
  • It absorbs enough solar energy to warm up the water for two to three showers.
  • This camping shower bag comes in compact packaging and provides ease of use.
  • While using it, you should be careful that no one mistakes it for a drinking water container.
  • The maximum water capacity of this bag is 5 gallons.

FechiX VIGLT Portable Shower Bag

The first one in this list is these camping shower bags that are made of Poly Vinyl Chloride. This material is highly durable and eco-friendly. The maximum capacity of this shower bag is five gallons of water. To make your solar bag shower experience fun, this water holder uses sun rays to warm the cold river water. You get warm to hot water ranging between 45 to 113 Fahrenheit. It is very lightweight and highly portable. You can carry it with you on every trip without worrying about the space. This product has hanging straps that make it easier for you to hang on a branch or pipe while bathing. It is a significant advantage of this solar water warmer.


  • This bag has an excellent design that absorbs maximum solar radiation to heat the water.
  • There is a temperature gauge installed. It comes in handy to inform you about the water temperature.
  • Its black color helps absorb heat and retain it. The material of this bag is incredibly durable and does not wear off soon.
  • It is lightweight and can be folded easily to pack it in your backpack and take it along.
  • Its 5 gallons’ water capacity is enough to be used for multiple purposes. Be it showering or cleaning, this camp shower bag covers it all.
  • The water inside gets warmed up only in three hours, which is quite good.
  • The entire package includes a hose, shower head, and a tap for water flow.

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag

RISEPRO’s Solar Shower bag is the perfect product that gives you the liberty to enjoy showering in the wild without any power or gas. This solar camping shower water holder can be used for camping, at beaches, or poolsides. It is incredibly lightweight, portable, and easy to fold. You get an excellent showering experience while keeping your hands free. This solar shower camping instrument will make you forget about the bathroom back there in your house.


  • These Solar camping showers have organizers that help you keep your bathing items and enjoy the moment.
  • These have outstanding shower heads with easy operations.
  • The temperature gauge indicates the water temperature and warns you if it’s too hot.
  • With a water capacity of 5 gallons, this shower in a bag can be used for car washing or to clean your pet.
  • It is constructed using multiple layers that make it leak-proof and abrasion-free.

Coleman 5 Gallon Solar Shower

Coleman’s solar shower for camping is an affordable water holder that comes in stunning black color. You should not miss this product for it offers very many benefits. For once, you can forget taking the rainfly of your tent, but you cannot travel with this marvelous creation of Coleman. It has a moderate weight and accomplishes all your requirements. With a handy shower head, you can have the most out of your adventure trip accompanied by this bag.


  • This incredible water holder can hold up to 5 gallons of that is sufficient for multiple solar showers.
  • The UV rays are the heating source that warms the water inside for your convenient use.
  • It features a robust handle that provides the ease of hanging it on a branch or carrying it to long distances by hand.
  • The water flow is smooth and effortless so that you have your best time standing below the tap.

PGYFIS Solar Shower Bag

Another excellent product by PGYFIS, the solar showers you attain by standing below it offers you a great time splashing water all over your body. This bag should be used only for showering and not to use as a drinking water holder. It is made of environmentally friendly material that is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). It is quite large and stores an adequate amount of water. You will also find it very easy to use and clean because it comes with an instruction booklet.


  • This product is lined by multiple layers that increase its durability and make it damage resistant.
  • It is very safe to be used in nature and by humans. It has no side effects and retains heat for long.
  • Having a 5-gallon overall capacity makes it very reliable for multiple showering.
  • Its showerhead is advanced and recently upgraded to provide you the ease of operation.
  • You can regulate the water flow according to your convenience and enjoy your time with the warm water.
  • This product has a temperature indicator, and you should ensure that the water temperature should not cross 50 degrees Celcius.

VIGLT Solar shower Bag

Due to strong handles, this water warmer can be hanged to a tree branch, a pole, or on the car so that your hands remain free. This is the most preferred bag of many campers and has been ruling this industry for many years. It is highly portable and can be easily packed and carried. This marvelous creation by FeChiX negates your showering problem and frees you from all the restrictions.


  • It is specially designed to absorb the maximum amount of heat and retain it.
  • It features a water hose for dispensing water to enhance your solar showers’ experience.
  • It is entirely made of eco-friendly materials that are robust and durable.
  • It is a large bag with a capacity of 5 gallons.
  • The manufacturer guarantees you to refund your entire investment if found faulty.

CARTMAN Portable Solar Camping Shower

This solar shower bag weighs 14 ounces and is a great choice to be carried while camping. It offers the ease of use and is manufactured using Poly Vinyl Chloride. This product forms a great water holder that can be used for various purposes. Since dirt and grime are associated with every outdoor activity, having regular showers becomes necessary. To refresh yourself regularly, you can undeniably rely on CARTMAN’s divine creation.


  • The finest camp solar shower that enables you to clean multiple things without worrying about water shortage.
  • Featuring a large size of 20″x16″, this solar shower can hold 5 gallons of water.
  • There is a filling cap included separately. Durable handles are present along with easy to use valves.
  • This version is an improvised design and serves many incredible benefits to the user.

Intex Solar Shower

Whether you are camping, playing a visit to the nearby beach with your friends, or just want to bath under the open sky, Intex’s fantastic solar shower bag has got your back. This product ensures that you never miss your shower in whatever situation you are. It is incredibly lightweight and made of PVC. Keeping in mind the necessity of water conservation, this bag comes with an easy to use valve.


  • With an adequate capacity of 5 gallons, this water warmer is appropriate for a small bunch of people.
  • It depends on the ambient temperature and can get heated up to 118 degrees.
  • It has a strong handle that makes it easier to hang despite having so much water.
  • It features a moderate size of 18.9″x25.6.”

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower

To enhance your camping solar shower experience and give you the enjoyment to bathe under the open sky, Advanced Elements have done their best to convert your desire into reality. With their great solar bag showers for camping, you feel all the five natural elements. It has a standard size and is shiny silver in color. Using solar energy to heat the water, this solar camping shower offers you a pleasant outdoor bathing experience.


  • It is a 5-gallon solar camp shower bag.
  • It has insulation and reflecting panel in it that retains the warmth for longer.
  • It comprises of a shower head that is very easy to operate. It also has a filling valve that features a large size.
  • You will find pockets in this, which enables you to store your bathing essentials. This feature keeps your things organized.
  • A temperature gauge is installed that informs you regarding the temperature of the water.
  • It has an outstanding feature. A velcro strap is included with this shower bag for camping that enables you to hang your clothes on it for washing.

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Some Final Words

We have presented you with the top variants of the beloved and highly required solar shower in the earlier sections. While living in an urban setting becomes quite hectic, spending some time in nature serves as an excellent remedy. Nature is undoubtedly beautiful, but you cannot use everything that it serves.

A bit of improvisation is necessary to thrive in that situation and make the most out of it. A solar shower is the greatest product invented after camping tents that help you make good camping memories. To experience a nice warm shower at any time of the day and get relieved of the stress, these water holders form a necessity.

Hence, depending on your convenience and the requirement of that place, scan through the products listed above. These will save you time and money. So, kick start your day with a cup of steaming coffee and refer to this guide to make a suitable investment.

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