11 Best Surround Sound Headphones in 2021 – Reviews

The first thing that pops up in our mind when we think about surround sound is a home theater set-up with numerous speakers. Truth is, however, that in recent years many headsets who have crept on to the market, offer us that home theater experience, without the need to spend thousands of dollars.

Best surround sound headphones

Today, we decided to show you the top 11 surround sound headsets in 2021 that is ideal for watching movies, playing video games, or listening to your favorite band. They all offer great levels of comfort, and their sound has impressive 3-dimensional nature. Well, if you’re ready to add to the realism of your new video game, let’s get started!

Razer Nari Ultimate

Many people claim that Razer is the best-selling gaming peripherals manufacturer in the US, so we weren’t really surprised when we tried the Razer Nari Ultimate, and we were shocked by how well it performed. First, let’s start with the dope design of the headphones. We mean, come on, how cool is that green snake-like symbol on the outer side of the ear cups!

However, the cool looks is just an addition to the many other great features this model has to offer. With their THX Spatial 7 .1 surround sound, these headphones provide industry-leading audio realism that gives you ultimate gaming immersion.

The model also features a retractable mic, a mic mute button, and a volume adjustment wheel. The connection is both wireless and wired for PC and PS4, and only wired for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices. The one thing we loved the most about this suggestion, however, werw the soft cloth cushions with cooling gel? Yes, that’s right, these surround sound headphones reduce heat build-up and provide high-quality sound isolation for hours of gaming and comfort.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

Once again, a suggestion for a wired surround sound headset we know you will love! It has an impressive design with a few red touches that is very sturdy. Its aluminum frame is built to last and can withstand almost any blow of daily use (still, be careful, we know how exciting first-person shooter games can be, and it won’t be your headset’s fault if you lose, so don’t take it out on it!)

The HyperX Cloud II features large drivers that provide high-quality audio (53 millimeters), and you will be able to hear in-game details better than ever. Any outside noise distractions will also be blocked due to the headset’s closed ear cup design. We love the fact that the microphone is detachable and Discord and TeamSpeak certified, and this fact once again proves to us that this is one of the leading 7 .1 surround sound headsets.

The compatibility of this headset is 7 .1 surround sound on Mac and PC, and stereo on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The hardware-driven virtual 7 .1 surround sound will help you truly immerse yourself in the game you are playing! The best part is that these HyperX Cloud II surround sound headphones come at a great price, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to get them!

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Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Headset

If you search for the perfect wireless gaming headset under 100 dollars, we are here to help you! This black dude features custom-tuned 50mm high-density neodymium audio drivers that will literally throw you into the game and out of reality. The omnidirectional microphone, on the other hand, boasts a built-in LED mute indicator.

The Corsair Void RGB headset connects wirelessly to your PS4 or PC. With its 20 Hz-30, 000 Hz frequency response range, it will allow you to hear everything from the loudest explosion to the lightest footstep in an incredible 7 .1 surround sound quality. The plush memory foam earpads, together with the breathable mesh fabric and aluminum yokes make this headset a worth-it investment that is very comfortable to wear!

Surround sound headsets should not distract you from your game, and that’s why we enjoyed this Corsair wireless headset with RGB lighting so much: it features on-ear mute and volume that helps you make on-the-fly adjustments in no time. When it comes to Corsair headphones, we also loved the Corsair Void Pro model, but the Corsair Void RGB offers long battery life- up to 16 hours.

HyperX Cloud Stinger S

HyperX is one of the most sought after brands in the gaming industry, and that’s why this is the second product by them that made it on our list. Just like HyperX Cloud II, this model is durable, comfortable and lightweight. The HyperX NGENUITY software and the 7 .1 virtual surround sound it produces will keep you immersed in your gaming with no distractions!

These surround sound headphones feature 50mm drivers that offer optimal sound quality. They are positioned parallel to the ear and guarantee excellent bass reproduction, rich lows, and crisp highs. The one thing we love the most, though, is the fact that these surround sound headphones are suitable for marathon gamins sessions (something essential when it comes to gaming headsets).

You get pliable leatherette and soft memory foam that turns the ear cups into real black clouds. Moreover, the ear cups are also rotating. We were impressed with the sliders too since this is the weak point of many other surround sound headphones. These ones are reliable and adjust easily to provide a perfect fit. The unit is wired and its audio controls are onboard.

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Logitech G935

In order to build quality headsets, brands need to pay great attention to many details. Logitech does just that, and their G935 model is the proof. This 2.4 GHz wireless headset features large 50mm drivers that will help you hear every single sound in your game with really good sound quality.

When it comes to a better life, the headset also scores high (not as high as some of our other suggestions, but still.) Without lighting, the headset can last up to 12 hours, whereas with lighting it can offer you 8 hours of gaming experience. Once you download the Logitech G hub software you can customize the Lightsync RGB lighting (game-driven), the EQ setting, and more.

The wireless range of this virtual surround sound headset is 15 meters when indoors and 20 meters when outdoors. The unit comes with a USB cable and a 3 .5mm cable. Another thing we enjoy about these headphones is the large flip-to-mute mic that is 6mm long.

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NUBWO U3 Gaming Headset

Is comfort while playing video games important to you? We bet it is! Well, with the NUBWO U3 you won’t have to worry about that anymore! This headset has high-quality stereo and incredible sound clarity that will bring you an unforgettable audio experience.

If you’re someone who likes leather you will really enjoy the soft leather earpads that combine perfectly with the ergonomically designed headband that is adjustable. Another thing that is adjustable is the noise-canceling microphone that you can position to your desire in order to get the clearest teammate communication.

These virtual surround sound headphones are ideal for long gaming sessions and they will surely increase your game-winning! Their volume controller is also designed very well offering you an easy and quick way to control your gaming environment. The headset jack is 3.5mm and the model has universal compatibility. Just note that if you want to connect it to an old version Xbox One controller you’ll need an extra Microsoft adapter!

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Headset

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless headset is the real deal when it comes to the finest surround sound headphones. This headset is meant for real gamers who need rock-solid wireless lossless audio. That is also why they are one of the most expensive headphones we have included on our list. Still, even though their price is high, if you want something that is built to last this is pretty much the greatest gaming headset you’ll ever find.

This model has dual wireless technology and Bluetooth connectivity for any type of model device. Its construction is more than sturdy, with its luxurious steel and aluminum alloy. In terms of sensitivity, the unit also beats most of the surround sound headsets available on the market: 102 dB SPL. We were really stunned by the realism and clarity the SteelSeries Arctis Pro headset brought us, but that should not come as a surprise considering the 10- 40,000-hertz frequency range.

The noise-canceling mic has a 100- 10,000 Hz frequency response and is widely recognized as the best mic for gaming. With this Bluetooth headset, you get two swappable batteries, which allows you to charge one of them in the base station while using the other and enjoying an impressive surround sound experience. The battery life of this product is around 20 hours which is twice the battery life of most gaming headsets available nowadays. Any gamer will be happy to play with this headset!

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Logitech G432 DTS:X

The Logitech G432 DTS headphone X was one of our favorites in the group of 7 .1 surround sound headsets for under 50 dollars. It is wired and can connect to mobile devices, PC, and game consoles with a 3.5mm jack or USB DAC input. We really like the cool design of the unit and we quickly fell in love with the blue color.

When it comes to construction and durability the unit is not really sturdy, though. It is made mostly of plastic and you should be careful with the blows and hits caused by your strong emotions while playing (yes, we know it’s hard.) However, considering its price, the headset offers very impressive sound quality due to its large audio drivers (50mm.)

The leatherette ear cups offered great levels of comfort, just like the smartly made headband. With the Logitech G432 DTS:X you also get a 6mm flip-to-mute mic that is not detachable. The dimensions of the headset are 7.2 x 3.2 x 6.8 inches.

Sony MDR-DS6500 / MDRDS6500

Now, here’s a suggestion for all those who cannot live without music. If you’re a fan of techno and house music and you want to go to the disco, without going out of your home, we have the perfect solution to this dilemma- the Sony MDR – ds6500.

These surround sound headphones give you up to 20 hours in which you can calmly enjoy your music without being disturbed by irritating outside noises. You get to choose from four different modes: Games, Cinema, Stereo, Voice, and listen to your favorite band or performer from several formats, including Dolby Pro Logic II, and DTS-ES Matrix.

The Sony MDR- DS6500 are lightweight (0.71 lbs) yet super sturdy. They measure 9.84 x 7.48 x 12.20 inches and have 40mm drivers. You can use these headphones on your PC or on your TV and be sure there won’t be any drops, pops, or crackle.

RUNMUS Gaming Headset for PS4

We were wondering with which product to start our list of the greatest gaming headsets that are surround sound, but in the end, we decided that the RUNMUS gaming headset is undoubtedly one of the most amazing out there, so it deserves the number one spot of our list. This headset not only looks exceptionally good and will make all of your friends jealous, but is also super powerful and will enhance your gaming surround sound experience.

With this black and blue beast, you get superior 50mm audio drivers and unique audio techniques that will deliver excellent simulated surround sound. The RUNMUS headset won’t cause you any discomfort as it features gentle ear cups with a bionic protein cushion coat. It is only 12 OZ and can work on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Switch, PS Vita, PSP, and more.

Even though we wish it were wireless, this headset has so many other advantages we really like! The microphone offers very clear communication since it is noise-canceling, and you can also adjust it very easily. With this headset, you won’t be experiencing any delay while talking. The frequency range of the unit is 20Hz-20KHz. We also enjoyed the fact that the cable was long enough (7. 22Ft / 2. 2m) for us to move around the room without any trouble.

Mpow EG3 Pro

The Mpow EG3 Pro surround sound gaming headset with 7 .1 surround sound is probably the top surround sound headset in terms of price. However, this is not the only reason why we chose to include it in our list. It features 50mm speaker drivers, a sturdy yet light aluminum frame, a suspended headband, and over-ear memory foam padding that will allow you to wear it as long as you want without feeling discomfort.

This Mpow EG3 Pro gaming headset looks very cool and has a USB plug meant for LED light supply. Its microphone perfectly reduces background noises (not as well as the previous two suggestions, but considering the unit’s price, this is to be expected), and you can quickly mute it by pressing the button provided. The microphone’s sensitivity is -38+/-3dB, whereas the frequency range of the headset is 20 Hz-20KHz.

This headset’s anti-winding braided cable is also long enough to provide you peace of mind- around 7-8 ft. The unit is compatible with PC, laptop, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch with the help of 3 .5mm cables. In order to connect it to a 1st generation Xbox controller, you will need an extra Microsoft adapter that is not included in the package.

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Wrap Up

We really hope that our reviews of the leading 7 .1 surround sound headsets have helped you find what you need! Our list includes only the greatest headphones available online, and there’s something for everyone- wireless (Bluetooth) headphones, headphones that have a USB port, wired headphones, and pretty much any type there is!

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