Best Braun Epilators (2021) Buyers Guide & Top Model

All of us, some time or another, watched our moms epilating their legs and thought to ourselves, why on earth would you do that to yourself? The truth is that if you have the right epilator product, you cannot go wrong with removing any unwanted hair on your body, and with the perfect device in your hand, discarding those hairs will become a breeze, even helping you in saving money and time.

Why spend a fortune on shaving if it only removes stubble of hair if you can remove those stubborn hairs right out of its root, and with the Braun Epilator, that is possible. With this great product, you will not need to shave every second day, only once in a while. Here you will find the top 5 of the Braun models available on the market today.

Best Braun Epilators for 2021

Braun SE7681 Silk Epil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator

Braun SE7681 Silk Epil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator White is one of the extremely effective models in removing all your unwanted hair. Compared to other devices, it removes hair with a minimal amount of passes and even removes the finest and smallest hairs on your body.

It provides you with a choice of either using it wet or dry, making it possible for you to even use it while you are showering as it is cordless. The epilator can be used on your whole body and is great for removing facial hairs and even easier to use under the arms.

With the Smart light, you can even see the finest hair to be removed and comes with 5 different attachments; the shaver head, trimmer cap, efficiency cap, sensitive area cap, and facial cap specifically designed to provide your body with great results while shaving.

This epilator has excellent reviews when it comes to customers that have used the device, and there have been no complaints while using it. The only little minor complaint, as with many epilating devices, is the pain that you find with using it the first time and comes highly recommended.

Braun Series 3-3170 Silk Epil Epilator

Braun Series 3-3170 Silk Epil Epilator has been designed with a 20-tweezer system to remove all unwanted hair gently and leaves you with great results of not shaving for up to four weeks. With the Smart light, you can even see the smallest and finest hair to be removed, helping you not missing one hair on your body. And while using it, your body needs to be dry and free from any grease as this is not a wet and dry device.

While using the massage rollers stimulate and massage your skin, easing the pain that can be caused by this model to provide you with comfort for an easy hair removal process making this a plus in my books.

Customers have no complaints when it comes to this epilator as they say that it provides you more with a tingling feeling than actual pain and recommends this for those who have never used an epilator before.

Braun Series 5-5280 Silk Epil Epilator

Braun Series 5-5280 Silk Epil Epilator is designed to remove even the shortest hair that waxing cannot remove, making this a superb device to have.

With its close-grip technology and 40 tweezers, it removes the shortest and finest hair, and soft lift tips successfully lift even flat-lying hair to ensure that all are removed.

While the dual comfort system provides you with massaging rollers that will stimulate your skin, plus the cooling glove soothes your skin after epilating and provides you with great results in not having to shave up to four weeks.

This model comes with 3 attachments; shaver head, trimmer cap, and efficiency cap for your ease and comfort and even rechargeable. While with the personalized speed you, can you the settings required while epilating and fully washable.

Customers just love this product for the great features it provides them with.

Braun Series 7-7181 Silk Epil Wet & Dry Epilator

Braun Series 7-7181 Silk Epil Wet & Dry Epilator is expertly designed to remove the shortest of hair. The included pre-epilator wipes help to prepare your skin for the most comfortable epilating experience.

The 40-tweezers and close grip technology ensure that there are no unwanted hairs left on your body when used. And can be used even while showering or dry with its cordless performance, providing you with the gentlest epilating.

This model comes with speed personalization and the pivoting head adapts to the shape of your body for greater comfort and maximum thoroughness.

While the soft lift tips lift even the flat hairs to be epilated, the high-frequency message provides your skin with the calm effect while plucking sensation takes place. Overall customers are pleased with this model and only the pain seems to be a bit of a problem, but if used in warm water the pain subsides and the epilating becomes easier to handle.

Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator SE7929 Spa

Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator SE7929 Spa is one of the best models when it comes to epilating unwanted hair as it provides you with a complete spa-like feeling as well as comfort and ease while using.

With its great close-grip technology and smart light, this model picks up and removes even the shortest hair and can be used in or out of the shower with its cordless feature.

With the pivot head, this epilator is very flexible to move with the curves of your body removing hair without cuts and bruises.

While the high dense brush and sonic exfoliation technology head remove and exfoliate all dead skin cells between the epilating sessions leaving your skin smooth and refreshed.

There are many positive feedbacks on this model when it comes to smoothness and even less pain.

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