Can An Air Compressor Become A Pressure Washer?

There are many tools and items we need when it comes to maintaining our households. We pile up them in our garages and storage areas, making them pretty untidy, but still, they are necessary, even essential.

Everyone who has bicycles, holiday decorations, gardening tools, etc. knows that they can take almost all the free space in their garages, leaving no room for their car. In cases like this, it would be much better to have multiple tools wrapped in one.

For example, you may already know that the pressure from an air compressor could help you with pressure washing. You can maybe find some ideas to combine the pressure washer you already have with your air compressor in a useful way.

What’s the answer to this question?

That is an interesting topic to which we do not have a simple answer. It is possible, though, you will need an attachment like a spray gun to assemble with your air compressor and a garden hose. You should know that the results will not be the same, though.

Guardair Pneumatic Syphon Solvent Spray Gun

This air gun operates on compressed air that can be extremely dangerous if you do not know how to use it properly. It has an adjustable nozzle tip that can be used to control fluid flow and spray pattern for cleaning.

This pressure washer attachment has a durable aluminum body with a hanging hook for convenient storage. It can be attached to your air compressor or any compressed air source. It will be among the most useful items, next to your garden hose and air compressor.

Here is brief information Рyour garden hose will not produce more than 70 PSI, whereas most pressure washers usually start at 1300 PSI and will allow you to go up if more pressure is needed. You should know that no matter the attachments or modifications you make on your existing air compressor, you will only get no more than 200 PSI in the best-case scenario.

This will make double the size of your standard hose and make it very useful for a job that requires a little more power than your hose can offer you but does not require the power of a pressure washer.

The pound per square inch (PSI) is a measurement that shows how strong the pressure exerted onto the surface is. Keep in mind that the higher the PSI is, the more and stronger it will spray. The stream can be focused on specific areas, and if you want to make the stream narrow, you can achieve great results just by moving it closer to the surface by using different nozzles.

If you want an unlimited option, then you should probably not go through the air compressor/garden hose route. Our recommendation is to get yourself an electric or gas pressure washer if you have a really tough job beyond your usual duties.

Extendable Hydro Jet Washer High Pressure

This is an extendable and flexible watering wand that will be very useful for cleaning high places without bending your body. This wand for water pressure cleaning requires only water pressure and will fit any standard water hose with its standard airline connector. This pressure washer sprayer nozzle has two tips – one is a jet stream, and the other is a fan spray.

The package includes a water hose for a standard water line connection, extendable hydro-jet, flexible wand, etc. It does not require electricity but only enough water pressure. This attachment for pressure washers will undoubtedly become one of the most useful tools in terms of cleaning.

Can a garden hose be used as a pressure washer?

There is an old trick that everybody uses when using a standard garden hose to create a jet of water by covering a piece of the opening with the thumb. Sometimes you can use a nozzle with several settings that will allow you even to pack some heat. The question that probably bothers you – is it actually possible to get a particular attachment to pressurize your garden hose?

There are specific instruments that claim to turn your regular garden hose into a pressure washer and therefore make it produce a more powerful jet stream. Many reviewers so far have concluded that the jet-setting on an adjustable hose nozzle performs a lot better than the spray guns. Pressure washers are still better options than a regular garden hose that will never exceed 100 PSI.

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Alternatives to Pressure Washers

A combination unit of both a pressure washer and an air compressor will be the perfect option if you want to save some garage space from your bulky equipment. Usually, these combination units are electrically powered and will not give you the same pressure as a gas pressure washer.

They are also challenging to come by since the only unit we have found that is currently unavailable on Amazon is from summer 2018. In case you do not have any pressure washer or do not have room for one, you can take care of excessive build-up by using other cleaning methods. Here are some of them:

Soft Washing

Soft washing is actually the most preferred method, especially when compared to pressure washing. Everything depends on the job you are taking. Roofers do not recommend using the pressure washing method since it can cause irreversible damages.

This method relies more on low water pressure but is prepared since it uses more water. Using the soft washing method instead of pressure washing can help you clean small sections that a regular pressure washer stream will not be able to reach.

On the other hand, the soap can reach the little nooks and crannies that can not be scrubbed by hand when spread out. You can even use a standard garden hose for the soft washing method since it does not require a lot of pressure.

This is one of the best cleaning methods because it allows you more flexibility by using different soaps. A pressure washer uses specific soaps in order to avoid too much foam, while the soft washing methods allow you to use almost any soap for your job.

Cleaning by Hand

This is the old-fashioned way, probably not the most desired, but still works since the elbow grease is sometimes adequate. You can clean the dirt with a scrub brush and soap. At least this method is quiet compared to using a pressure washer or a garden hose trick, and you can do it any time of the day or the night.

Almost anything that pressure washers can push away with no effort can be cleaned by hand. For example, oil on the driveway can be hard to clean, so using a pressure washing method would be painless, more comfortable, and faster. Otherwise, you can simply sprinkle sawdust or kitty litter on the stain and then let it sit for at least six hours.

After that, it should be ready for you to sweep it up and discard it. The final step would be to spray your driveway with a garden hose. To clean any other stains, we recommend the use of dishwashing soap with hot water. If you want to remove the oil stain altogether, you can dip a deck brush into the hot water and soap mix, then scrub it away efficiently.


When it comes to cleaning, you should know that heat plays a huge role. Even if you are cleaning by using old-fashioned methods, it is always good to use hot water for removing the toughest stains.

Using a heat gun or a scrapping tool can always be helpful in removing materials that are stuck to a surface. This process can be very annoying and can make your hands hurt, but it is an option if you do not have a pressure washer.

Wrap Up

If you think of turning your air compressor/garden hose into a pressure washer, you should first understand that you will not achieve the same desired results. This does not necessarily make it useless on the contrary it could help you with maintenance pressure washing.

If you want to chip off chunks of dirt from let’s say your kid’s bicycle, but you do not want to harm the neat stickers it has then you should probably use an air compressor as a pressure washer since it will definitely help you in such a job.

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