The Best Whole House Air Purifiers 2022

If you have a smoker in your home or you have pets that tend to leave odors around the house, you can easily resolve this problem by purchasing and using a good quality efficient air purifier for whole homes like our top favorite for 2022 – the pureAir 3000. Not only will the nasty smells … Read more

How Tall Should Board and Batten be?

If you didn’t know what it is, board and batten or B&B is a design where each panel board is separated by a slender strip of wood called a batten. The battens serve as a strong vertical line that adds to the texture of the overall aesthetic. So, if you are going for a rustic … Read more

Top 10 Sleeper Chairs You’ll Love – 2022 Review

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Top 10 Full Size Daybeds in 2022

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The Best Swann Security Cameras in 2022

If you want to set up your own home security system, which doesn’t involve professional installation or monitoring but still offers the security you need, some of the best choices for DIY security equipment are made by Swann Security.   With more than 30 years of experience, the company, which originated in Australia, is now … Read more

Are Ionic Air Purifiers (Ionizers) Safe or Bad for Your Health?

The real reason why many people think that ionic air purifiers are dangerous is the lack of understanding of what these devices actually are and how they work. Also, they are often confused with ozone generators, which actually emit ozone, which can be harmful to humans and pets when used inappropriately. Ionic Air Purifier Dangers … Read more

The Best 10 Giant Bean Bags Chairs in 2022

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7 Best Barometers for The Home of 2022 to Predict The Weather Accurately

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The 5 Best Galileo Thermometers – 2022 Review

A Galileo thermometer is probably the most aesthetically pleasing way to measure ambient temperature. Each of these exquisite tools can add a touch of contemporary art combined with ancient science to any home or office. The Wind and Weather Galileo thermometer It is 14 and a half inches high and 4 inches wide, so it … Read more