40+ Cutest Dog Breeds – Most Adorable Dogs

When it comes to cuteness – everybody has their own opinion of what’s cute and what isn’t right? If you love dogs, you probably think all of them are cute. If you are a dog parent, then I am pretty sure that you are the proudest owner of the cutest dog of them all! So, … Read more

Maltipoo – Dog Breed Information, Pictures 2022

  Wondering what kind of breed Rihanna’s adorable pup Oliver is? Or maybe you have seen these sweet little doggies which look like puppies in the park and want to find out more about them? The Maltipoo is not exactly a breed. It is a hybrid between a Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. … Read more

The 12 Best Wireless Dog Fences in 2022

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Dogs That Don’t Shed: 20+ Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds in 2022

Are you an avid dog person but suffer from dog allergies? Well, you are not alone in your misfortune. According to studies, about 10% of the people in the US are allergic to pets. Thankfully, there are some dog breeds that are considered more suitable for people suffering from allergies induced by the dog’s hair … Read more

The 22 Best Dogs for Kids and Families in 2022

It comes as no surprise that the prevailing number of dog parents already consider their dogs family members. But once a family starts growing, and children come along, there are certain considerations that need to be made to choose the best type of dog to suit the family lifestyle, the living space, and the age … Read more

The Full List of Mastiff Dog Breeds 2022

When you think of Mastiff, the words which immediately come to mind are colossal, giant, majestic, and intimidating. The fact is that Mastiffs are ancient dogs that have been beside humans for much longer than many of the other breeds. They are believed to be descendants of the ancient Molossus dogs, which are now extinct … Read more

Bernedoodle Dog Breed Information & Pictures

The Bernedoodle, also known as a Bernese Mountain Poo, is an amazingly clever, loyal, gentle, and slightly goofy designer breed that takes on the best from both parents – the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. This mixed breed dog is relatively new but is becoming increasingly popular because of its cuteness and its ability … Read more

Best Dog Treats in 2021

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The 9 Best GPS Dog and Pet Collars of 2021

One of the biggest fears of all dog parents is losing their dog. This, though, unfortunately, can happen, and when it does, there is very little to be done. With a good-quality dog GPS collar like the Garmin Alpha 100 TT, you can rest assured that your dog can always be found no matter what. … Read more

Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Information & Pictures

Highlights Temperament: calm, good-natured, powerful Height at the shoulder: 25-27.5 inches for the males, and 23-26 inches for the females Weight: 80-115 lbs. For males, and 70-95 lbs. for females Life expectancy: 7 – 10 years Breed group: Working Bernese Mountain Dog The Bernese Mountain Dog is a good-natured, sturdy and large dog that can … Read more