Finding the Best Cocktail Tables for 2021 – We Picked Top 7 with Reviews

Regardless of whether you are wining and dining or enjoying drinks with a loved one, a cocktail table can be the perfect addition to any home. Hardly taking up any space, the humble cocktail table can ensure that social gatherings are always something to remember.

It is not only the socializing aspect of cocktail tables that make them so alluring, as they are also a great way of adding some character to the home, allowing for a welcoming vibe when visitors arrive.

Those looking to emulate the look of years gone by can find a cocktail table that helps bring an element of nostalgia to the home, whereas those looking to make the best use of space can choose a less conventional cocktail table.

However, when looking for cocktail tables, there is a lot of choices available. In fact, the abundance of cocktail tables can mean that the decision-making process becomes overwhelming, so we bring you a list of 7 cocktail tables that our experts picked as the best ones for 2021!

Yahhetech Round Bar Table

Those looking for a retro-inspired cocktail table will adore the Yaheeyech Round Bar Table. Constructed of MDF and steel, the table offers a swivel top, and a gas lift feature ensures that it can be adjusted to a height easily. Although the design could be deemed too basic by some, those looking for a reliable and affordable that still has a sense of style could do a lot worse than the Yahhetech Round Bar Table.

Powell Hamilton Table

Although many will be searching for a modern-inspired cocktail table, others may prefer to look for something that offers a nostalgic value. Those that enjoy spending time in quaint bars will appreciate the aesthetics and charm the Powell Hamilton Table has to offer.

Although more expensive than conventional cocktail tables, the Powell Hamilton Table is still affordable for the premium finish on offer. Manufactured from metal, MDF, and birch veneer, the bushed faux medium cherry top will give you the impression of being in your favorite watering hole every time you enjoy a tipple.

Sunpan Modern Madero Cocktail Table

Some people will be searching for a cocktail table for the first time, whereas others may want to update their current cocktail table. The Sunpan Modern Madero Cocktail Table is the perfect addition to the home for those looking to up the ante when purchasing furniture for the home.

The Sunpan Modern Madero Cocktail Table will not be for everyone, but it does showcase just what style is available for those looking for something different. This premium cocktail table is manufactured using solid ash wood and ash veneer that can be used at home and in the office.

The Sunpan Modern Madero Cocktail Table is more expensive the conventional cocktail tables. Still, you are given a cocktail table that will not only impress you during any social gathering but will also ensure that you have a cocktail table that can be used for years to come.

Mr Ironstone Bar Table

When looking for a cocktail table, some people may have more than one use in mind, so they may be looking for something that offers something different from the standard coffee table. The Mr. Ironstone Bar Table is a perfect choice for those wanting to host cocktail parties in style while having a table that can also be used for eating and other social gatherings.

The Mr. Ironstone Bar Table has a simple but premium design and is constructed from MDF and steel. As well as being easy to clean, the Mr. Ironstone bar Table also has anti-skidding and anti-scratch properties, ensuring that you are getting the full value from your cocktail table.

Those looking for an adaptable and affordable cocktail table that can be used in both rustic and modern settings will find everything they need in the Mr. Ironstone Bar Table.

Flash Furniture 2.6 Foot Folding Table

Although some will be looking for cocktail tables that will be a permanent fixture around the home, others may always not have the space available for a cocktail table to be present. Fortunately, there are options available, as made evident by the Flash Furniture 2.6 Foot Folding Table.

Although this folding version of the cocktail table lacks some of the aesthetics they seem in their non-foldable counterparts, those with little space to spare will find that the Flash Furniture 2.6 Foot Folding Table is the perfect addition to any home.

Despite being a folding cocktail table, there is still enough space to seat three people. The top is made from granite and even has an impressive capacity of 164 lbs. It is also the perfect addition to any camper van.

Giantex Bistro Bar Cocktail Table

Trying to find the right nostalgic tones of the home can be difficult. Some may be looking for a rustic option that offers the same ambiance as a bistro. However, others may be looking for a cocktail table that provides notes of the 1950s and 1960s. Fortunately, this is precisely what the Giantex Bistro Bar Cocktail Table can offer.

Although the aesthetics of this cocktail table will not be everyone’s preferences, those looking to emulate the glitz and glamour of the drive-in movie and diner will find that the Giantex Bistro Bar Cocktail Table is a perfect choice.

As well as having a nostalgic charm, the cocktail table is also more significant than others, so it can be used for additional table space, coffees, or just taking some time out.

There are many options available for those searching for the perfect coffee table, and you do not always have to pay a high price to get a good quality cocktail table. However, taking some time out to factor in all your requirements ensures that choosing a cocktail table is a pleasure as opposed to a chore.

Home Style Modern Pub and Bistro Cocktail Table

If you are looking for a cocktail table that offers a different design while still being practical, then the Home Styles Modern Pub and Bistro Cocktail Table could be the choice for you. This stylish cocktail table offers a distressed finish and is manufactures using oak veneers and metal legs.

The robust build of the cocktail table ensures that it stays firm when socializing and can be used for dining as well as drinking.

The table is easy to assemble and another affordable option that can still bring style and elegance into their home.

What Should I Look for in a Cocktail Table?

Anyone that has enjoyed a cocktail in the past will be aware of the conventional cocktail table design, but this does not mean that this is the only design available, especially when looking for a cocktail table for the home.

Of course, those searching for a coffee table will want to ensure that it looks the part, but it is also essential to ensure that the coffee table serves a purpose practically.

For example, if you are looking to use the cocktail tale in other ways, then maybe stray away from the conventional cocktail table design and opt for something original. Similarly, those looking to emulate their favourite bar will find that there are plenty of traditional options available that can still offer something unique for the home.

Size is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a cocktail table. Even if a cocktail table fits into space, it is still important to ensure that there is still enough space for movement. Although some people will have the space available, others may need to consider foldable options.

How Much Should a Cocktail Table Cost?

One of the most confusing aspects of choosing a coffee table will be knowing how much you should pay. Paying too little could mean that the cocktail table is not up to purpose, whereas spending too much could mean that you are purchasing a cocktail table that you are afraid of using.

Everyone has their requirements when it comes to purchasing a cocktail table, so those looking for a simple but effective table can expect to pay between $50.00 to $100.00. However, additional features and premium materials can mean that you end up paying more for a cocktail table.

Solely focusing on the price of a cocktail table can mean that you are not getting the full value of the cocktail table, especially if the cost of the cocktail table is low. Establishing your budget and requirements in advance ensures that choosing the right cocktail table is a much easier endeavor.

Wrapping it up

We hope that our guide gave you an idea of what cocktail tables are available and the type of environments that they are best suited to.

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