Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers and Equestrians

If you are looking for a gift for somebody who loves horses, then you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of some of the prettiest, thoughtful, and meaningful horse-themed presents you can find on the market for 2021.

You will make any fancier, leisure rider, or avid equestrian and horse owner extremely happy with any one of these gift options.

[lasso ref=”foster-rye2324-countertop-rack-and-wine-bottle-holder-small-rust” id=”179956″]

The horse-themed wine holder can hold up to three wines.

It will look perfect on any countertop, bar, or table.

Some horse enthusiasts may even decide to keep it handy in the stable!

Rustic Custom Name Horseshoe Boot Rack – The Heritage Forge

The Heritage Forge horseshoe boot rack is handmade, and you can customize it to hold from one to up to four pairs of boots. You can also ask the artisans to enter the name of the recipient of the name of their horse for an added effect.

The boot rack is made of vintage horseshoes and will add a special western touch to any home or property.

It will also help keep the boots off of the floor so that they can be cleaned easier and for a neater look.

Horse Ribbon Display Horse Award Display – Award Ribbon Display

If you are looking for a present for somebody who has an award-winning horse, then this personalized horse ribbon display is a superb idea.

You can ask the crafter who makes these beautiful displays to customize the size and type of the board, as well as add the name of the horse.

The board is made of beautifully stained wood and has lovely images of horses and the thoughtful saying, “You earn your trophies at practice, you pick them up at competitions.”

Premium Large Stallion Horse Print Canvas Tote Shoulder Bag Handbag

Every horse fancier will adore this horse print tote bag.

It has gorgeous white stallions printed all over it and is roomy enough to be used for carrying all daily essentials or for grocery shopping.

The unique horse-themed bag has two sturdy and long shoulder straps, and the handbag is made of sturdy canvas.

Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted Plaque, Quiet Strength

If you want to present a horse lover with a sentimental gift, then this Willow Tree Quiet Strength Plaque is one of the best options you will find on the market.

It is handcrafted and carved by artist Susan Lordi. The plaque displays the beautiful close relationship and love between a lady and her horse.

It is a touching piece that will always remind the recipient of the gift of the strong bond between them and their favorite horse.

It comes with an enclosure card

saying, “Always there for me.”

YFN 925 Sterling Silver Simple Double Horse Stirrup Lariat Necklace

The Double Horse Stirrup Lariat necklace is an exquisite and delicate piece of jewelry suitable for a gift for any girl or lady who loves horses.

It is made of premium 925 sterling silver, and thanks to the lariat style of the chain, the two stirrups can be arranged and worn at different lengths.

It is a wonderful idea for a gift for any occasion and can be worn every day or at special events.

Horse Tack Bronc Rope Halter – Hand Carved, Tooled & Stitched

This handmade horse rope halter is more of a gift for the horse but will bring pure joy to the horse owner as well.

Each of the halters is custom-made and designed specifically for the horse. It can be made in any color and can include the horse’s name, added tooling and Conchos, and rivets.

The halter can be crafted in accordance with the nose shape and in any color combination you desire.

Any horse will be proud to wear this unique rope halter, and any horse owner will love this gesture.

Horse-Opoly Board Game by Late For The Sky

Similar to Monopoly, this game is a property trading game but one that encourages horseplay.

You can choose to play with the cute boot, saddle, bag of oats, horseshoe, horse trailer, or bee.

The goal is to buy the horses you want and trade them until you win by becoming the richest horse owner in this amusing board game.

It is suitable for children aged eight or over, as well as for adult horse lovers.

Primitives by Kathy Classic Box Sign, 5″ x 4″, A Horse

This wonderful box is everything an equine lover needs. It is sturdy and has a distressed finish, and will look great on any wall, shelf, or desk.

The 6 x10 inch box has black and white sanding and a wonderful sign saying, “All you need is love… and a horse.”

It is an inexpensive and yet quite an original idea for a present for an equine lover.

I’m Just A Girl Who Loves Horses Hoodie

If you are looking for a gift for a girl or lady who loves horses, then this hoodie is another superb option.

It is handmade and says, “I’m just a girl who loves horses.”

You can order it in all sizes and a variety of colors.

The material used is a mix of cotton and polyester that is soft and cozy. The stitching is a double-needle and made to last.

You can be pretty sure that the recipient of this gift will be wearing this sweatshirt whenever she can.

Storage Tray Farmhouse Horse Wood Print Desk Storage Plate

This versatile tray can be used for storing just about anything. It is beautifully made and will keep the items stable in place.

Thanks to the copper finish, this item will look perfect anywhere in the house.

Twine 3829 Old Kentucky Home Derby Wine Bottle Stopper Accessory

This beautifully crafted pewter wine stopper will look majestic on top of any bottle.

It is shaped like a striking and stately racehorse, with all details visible for everyone to admire.

The wine stopper is dedicated to the Kentucky Derby, one of the most famous horse races in the world, and the recipient of this gift will love using it and displaying it.

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Unisex Personalized Horse Shirt – Custom Equestrian Shirt

This sweet T-shirt is something any horse owner and horse fancier will love wearing.

It is handmade and can be personalized to feature a specific horse’s name on it.

The shirt says, “I’d rather be with (name of the horse).

It is made of soft and durable textile and printed with eco-friendly, long-lasting water-based colors.

You can order it in any size or color, and it can be gifted to both men and female horse lovers alike.

Chala Crossbody Leather Multicolor Handbag with Adjustable Strap

Any horse-loving girl or woman will appreciate this beautifully made horse-themed cross-body miniature purse or handbag.

It comes with an adjustable strap and can fit any smartphone, wallet, or other small essentials.

It is made of synthetic leather and features a gorgeous horse and horse show on the front, along with two added cute charms.

The lining inside is soft and patterned, and the purse has a secure zipper on top too.

Custom Engraved Equestrian Grooming Brushes

Any horse owner will be thrilled to receive this set of personalized equestrian grooming brushes. You can order only one or a whole set of the different brushes offered by the crafter of these wonderful products.

They are excellent brushes and can be engraved with the horse’s name, a logo, or other.

Your friend or relative will absolutely love this thoughtful gift, and don’t be surprised if he or she rushes over to the stable to try these grooming brushes out immediately.

Black tie with thoroughbred horse silhouette by Frederick Thomas London

This luxurious tie with elegant stallions embroidered on it will become any equestrian lover’s favorite accessory.

It is designed and handmade by the menswear company Frederick Thomas Tiers from London.

The tie can be worn for special events but is suitable for everyday wear as well.

Made of premium quality textiles and embroideries, it will look fancy and chic on any occasion.

Animal Paws Socks – Funny 3D Animal Socks Crazy Horse Hoof Socks

If you are going for a gag gift or something quirky for a horse-loving person, then these crazy horse hoof socks are probably the best choice for you out there.

They look pretty weird and are funny, but they are also super comfortable and durable, and the recipient will definitely love wearing them and showing them off.

Carstens Soft Sherpa Plush Throw Blanket, Hinterland Collection

Your horse-loving friend or relative will love snuggling up in this plush soft, rustic-designed throw blanket.

The cozy Sherpa lining is softer and cozier than anything else.

The blanket itself features a vibrant rustic design with stallions depicted on it, among the other beautiful green, red and white patterns and accents.

It is not only very comfortable to use but is also very easy to take care of, as it can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Equestrian ring, horse ring, wide horse ring, equestrian jewelry

Give your horse-loving daughter, sister, or friend this handmade equestrian ring, and she will love you even more.

It is a beautiful minimalist style, silver or gold finished ring with a horse on it.

It will add the shine, color, and oomph to the style of your relative or friend and will quite probably become one of their favorite pieces of jewelry.

Horses Keep Me Stable Stemless Wine Glass 17 Ounces

This is another funny and cute present idea for wine-loving horse fanciers and owners.

It has a funny etched text saying, “Horses keep me stable” on it. The etched words will never wear off, and the recipient of this large stemless wine glass will be able to enjoy using it for drinking his or her favorite beverage for years.

It can be used every day as it is dishwasher safe and durable.

Horse Wind Chime

Your equine-loving friend or relative can spend hours enjoying the relaxing tones and rings of the beautiful horse wind chime.

It is made of iron and will look perfect on any patio, garden, at home, or even in the stable.

The horse wind chime is beautifully made, and the harmonic sounds it makes when there is a breeze will further add.

Horse Name Sign – Wooden Name Sign 

Your equine-loving friend will love placing this custom-made birchwood sign on his or her door.

It can be ordered in different widths and painted in various options.

The sign includes the name of your choice and a gorgeous wood horse silhouette trotting on top of it.

The sign can be hung indoors or outside and will attract the attention of any visitor to the home.

Personalized Horse Rider Horse Equestrian Gift Word Art Wall 

Another piece of wall art that any equine lover will proudly display in their home or office, this custom-made picture is beautiful, different, and eye-catching.

You can order it in any size, any color, and with a name and a special message for your loved one.

The picture is affordable and yet will leave a lasting memory on your friend or relative who receives it.

Horse Necklace – Personalized Birthstone & Initial

A beautiful horse necklace like this is a great gift idea for any girl or lady who loves these graceful animals.

It is custom made and includes three charms – one is the horse, another is a birthstone of your choice, and the third is a disk with a hand-stamped initial.

The chain and charms are made of lead-free and nickel-free silver and can be worn by anyone with the risk of allergies or rashes.