The 5 Best Galileo Thermometers – 2022 Review

A Galileo thermometer is probably the most aesthetically pleasing way to measure ambient temperature. Each of these exquisite tools can add a touch of contemporary art combined with ancient science to any home or office.

The Wind and Weather Galileo thermometer

It is 14 and a half inches high and 4 inches wide, so it can fit perfectly on any shelf or another place you choose to enjoy looking at it.

It is secured with a great-looking, sturdy cherry wood finished wood frame and is fairly accurate for temperature reading.


  • It has amazing jewel-colored spheres combined with gold highlighted tags.
  • The wooden structure with a stunning cherry finish will look good in any room or place and keep the thermometer safe.
  • It is a free-standing item that is convenient if you don’t have sufficient space.
  • Its compact size is also a convenience for limited space


  • It is smaller than other options
  • The glass is on the thin side, so you need to be careful not to topple it over.

We must say that the Wind and Weather Galileo thermometer is a remarkable item offered at a great price.

H-B DURAC B62000-0800 Galileo Thermometer

This Galileo thermometer is made of beautiful, thick clear glass that allows you to enjoy the slow and graceful movement of the colorful glass spheres from all sides.

It is 11 inches high, so you can place it on any surface anywhere in the house. Its temperature reading range is between 64 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the producer claims it has an accuracy of 4 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • It has a stable design and makes which allows it to remain standing up safely.
  • The brightly colored spheres can be seen from any side and for a large distance thanks to the vivid colors and the clear glass.
  • It comes at an attractive price


  • It lacks a frame, so it is susceptible to breaking if pushed over by accident.
  • The precision of the temperature reading could have been better

Overall, we like the H-B DURAC B62000-0800 thermometer because of its simple yet impressive design, the good quality build, and the fact that you can enjoy the movement of the glass spheres from all sides and from far away.

AcuRite 00745 13-Inch Galileo Thermometer

This attractive Galileo thermometer is made of thick and sturdy glass to ensure your safety and to prolong its durability. It has a relatively large base with a 3-inch diameter which adds to the stability of this gadget.

The glass bulbs are filled with several different vivid colors and will provide relatively accurate temperature measurements ranging between 64 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • It is compact and stable, so you can stand it on a desk, bookshelf, or anywhere else.
  • The design is simple and yet aesthetically pleasing
  • It is sold at a great price for the quality offered


  • It lacks a stable frame

Generally, this Galileo thermometer from AcuRite is a superb combination of size, quality, and price. It is durable and will give you fairly accurate temperature readings as well as be a wonderful addition to your interior.

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AcuRite 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer

If you want something which is even more special than a Galileo thermometer, you should definitely check out this amazing item produced by AcuRite out.

It combines a beautiful and accurate Galileo thermometer and an impressively designed spherical Goethe barometer with the world map etched on its glass. They are mounted on a shiny and stable wood base and can easily become the accent of any home or office.

This item is a two in one measurement tool and a work of art at the same time.

Made of premium quality materials by a leading manufacturer, you will be getting the most accurate and best made Galileo thermometers combined with a barometer at once if you choose to buy this piece.


  • It has a remarkable design
  • The wood stand is stable and will keep the delicate instruments intact
  • The readings for the temperatures and the air pressure are very accurate
  • It is a definite conversation starter suitable for any room or another premise
  • Made by one of the leaders in this sphere
  • Comes with a 1-year quality guarantee


  • Although the instruments are mounted on a wood stand, the glass is a bit thin, so you should be careful not to push it over or hit it with something by accident.

Final words: this is by far the best choice if you want an impressive and precise Galileo thermometer and barometer paired together beautifully. It is a large and stable piece, which can easily become the centerpiece of your office or any room.

Lily’s Home Desktop Weather Station 5 Multi-Colored Spheres

This beautiful Desktop Weather Station is an excellent gift idea for any weather enthusiast. It combines a Galileo thermometer with 5 brightly colored spheres and a Fitzroy Storm Glass, both framed in a gorgeous and sturdy cherry-finished wood frame.

Even though it does actually predict changes in the weather and measure the ambient temperature, this item is more of an accent, which will look great on any desk, shelf, or table.


  • It is a complete weather station combining two measurement tools
  • The Galileo thermometer has 5 multicolored spheres with temperatures from 64 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit tagged to each
  • The Fitzroy Storm Glass can help predict any changes in the weather in the next few days
  • Both are interesting to watch and can be useful for weather prediction
  • The weather station is an impressive decorative piece too, and definitely a great conversation starter
  • The two glass tools are incorporated into a beautiful cherry wood frame
  • A wonderful gift idea for any occasion


  • Some buyers complain that they are having problems with resetting the crystals in the Fitzroy Storm Glass.

Whether it is the best weather station to count on for reliable information about the temperature or about upcoming weather changes is not the real question here.

The question is whether this Weather Station with a gorgeous wood frame by Lily’s Home is a beautiful item to display in one’s home or office.

It is an unusual gift that anybody will appreciate receiving and admiring and is one of the prettiest and most accurate Galileo thermometers for 2022.

What is Galileo Thermometer?


Based on Galileo Galilei’s invention from the early 17th century – the thermoscope, these tools offer a much more complex method for measuring the temperature than the classic thermometer, which uses mercury to provide temperature readings.

Basically, a Galileo thermometer has multiple glass spheres filled with colored mixtures of either alcohol or water, which float or sink in the surrounding water smoothly and gracefully as the temperature in the room changes.

How does the Galileo thermometer measure the temperature?

The colored glass spheres have metal tags with different weights attached to them, which act as counterweights and indicate the temperature. Also, each hand-blown glass sphere is different but is specially calibrated so that they have the same density very close to the water they are floating in.

When the temperature rises – the density of the water increases, and when the temperature goes down, the density decreases. This is why the water is warmer on the surface than deeper down which you must have noticed when swimming or diving in a lake.

For any given density of the water in the thermometer, some of the color spheres will rise, and others will sink.

Basically, we can all admire Galilei’s genius to be able to build such a complex tool centuries ago.

How to read it?

The different types of Galileo thermometers have different temperature differences. Larger ones are more precise, as they have more temperature readings available.

Just look at the temperature reading on the tag of the lowest floating ball in the cluster of floating balls. Ignore any which have sunk to the bottom. This is the fun and easy way to read the temperature on one of these amazing tools.

Why buy one

The Galileo thermometer may not be the most precise way to measure ambient temperature, but it is incredibly brilliant and looks magnificent.

It is a great piece that mixes art with science which you can add to your interior or buy as a gift for a friend.

Since there is a wide variety of different Galileo thermometers on the market, you have the choice of picking the one which will serve your personal needs or which is most suitable as a gift for a specific person or occasion.

Here is what to look for when choosing a Galileo thermometer



As we mentioned, larger Galileo thermometers provide more accurate readings as they have more glass balloons with more different temperature tags.

But of course, if you don’t have sufficient space for a very large one, you can go for a smaller version which is equally as impressive as the larger models.

The aesthetics

Although they are based on a scientific invention, these temperature reading tools are incredibly impressive and aesthetically pleasing. You can choose between the different shapes of the thermometers, as well as the variety of color combinations and styles, in order to pick the one which you like the most. After all, they are decorative items that can serve as temperature reading tools too.

Fitting the interior

You should shop for the perfect Galileo thermometer, which will suit the décor it will be placed in. This means choosing the most suitable colors, form, and size to suit the décor of the room where it will be placed. Of course, in most cases, your Galileo thermometer will inevitably become the centerpiece of the room anyway!


Even though you should use a traditional thermometer if you need to know the exact temperature of the room, you can still get a fairly precise temperature reading from one of these fascinating gadgets as well.

So, look for one which offers more accurate readings in order to pick the one which best manages to combine beauty with usefulness.


Naturally, you want to get the best value for the price you will be paying, so check out the different options to find the one which is within your budget and which has a price consistent with aesthetics, performance, and quality.

The structure

The enclosure of a Galileo thermometer is essential for its proper functioning, its longevity as well as keeping the water safely inside at all times. Make certain that you purchase one with a sturdier construction that can protect the fragile glass better. Thicker glass also will ensure that the item will remain intact for long, especially if you pick a model that is free-standing without a protective frame.

There are options with metal, wood, or other structures, so make your pick.

We have tested and reviewed a number of different Galileo thermometers and have comprised a list of our top 5 favorites in order to make your search for the perfect one much easier.


There is no doubt that Galileo thermometers are very attractive items and fascinating measuring tools to have.

You will find that watching the smooth floating and movement of the glass globes is soothing and relaxing.

All of your guests will definitely be impressed by your Galileo thermometer, so just pick one of these now and become the proud owner of an item incorporating the incredible scientific genius of Galilei with the modern contemporary artful design, which all these thermometers have.

Go ahead and buy your own Galileo thermometer now, and you will have an item that everybody at home will enjoy for a long time!

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  1. My niece has seen a Galileo thermometer somewhere, and she didn’t stop talking about it for days. She was amazed by the floating colors in it. It took me time to figure out precisely what she was talking about because she didn’t know what it was called. This list helped me a lot in picking one for her.

  2. Hi. I received a Galileo Thermometer as a gift over ten years ago, in fact it is one of the top 5 that you wrote about. i have always admired its mesmerizing beauty and elegant simplicity. Problem is about three or four years ago all the spheres collected at the bottom of the tube, never to float up or down again unless I shook the whole, darn pretty thing! Why did this happen and is there a way to remedy at all? I live in a tropical country, btw. Does that have anything to do with the sinking spheres?
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