How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal In 2 Ways

Garbage disposals are one of the good things to happen to us! They’re so handy and easy to use. On top of that, you don’t have to deal with any leftovers again. But sometimes they get clogged which is a bummer. It’s not something that can’t be easily fixed, though! You just need to read this article to see what the favorite way to unclog garbage disposal is!

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

The first way

There are many ways to unclog your garbage disposal, but this just might be the best and most simple one. Be sure to follow the steps as shown below for great results.

Step 1- Making sure it’s safe

Before you begin doing any serious work on your garbage disposal, make sure to turn the power off.  The switch for the power is located usually on the wall nearby or under the cabinet. If you can’t find it, you can switch off the power on the main power panel.
That being said, don’t get too comfortable and start putting your hands at the disposal. You never know if the switch might be defective.

Step 2- Finding the problem

You can’t start unclogging the disposal willy-nilly until you see what the problem actually is. You can take a flashlight and shed some light on the disposal. You might be able to see what’s causing the problem. That means that you’ll be able to see if something fell into the disposal.

Step 3- Getting it out

If an object did fall into the disposal and clogged it, you can just get your pliers and pull the object out. Once you do, make sure to leave the motor to cool down for around 20 minutes.

Step 4- Restarting

Now that the mess is cleared up, you can simply reset your garbage disposal. Don’t forget to also reset the overload protection on the disposal.

The second way

If your problem isn’t that a foreign object got stuck at your disposal, then you might want to try another method. It’s as easy as the first one just solves a different clogging problem.

Step 1- The root of the problem

Sometimes the problem goes deeper, which is why you’ll have to dislocate the P trap behind your disposal. That’s a pipe that connects to the back wall of the cabinet.

Step 2- Not creating a bigger mess

Before you actually dislocate the P trap, you’ll need to put a bucket and some towels under it. You don’t want to create a bigger mess with the possible waste and water located in the pipes.

Step 3- Getting it off safely

You will find two nuts to which your pipe is connected to. You’ll need to unscrew them in order to get it off. You don’t need to completely unscrew them, it’s enough that you loosen them. Then you can just take the pipe off.

Step 4- Cleaning

Once the pipe is removed, don’t be surprised if you find it full of garbage. That can sometimes happen and cause your clog. You’ll need to remove everything from the trap and then rinse it out. Once that is done, you can put it back into place. Some disposals even have a cleanout plug that lets you clean the pipe without removing it. But if yours doesn’t, you’ll have to do everything manually, as described.

Making sure the problem stays solved

You’ll need to maintain your garbage disposal if you want it to stay unclogged. You can do this by following several simple tips.

Tip 1

Don’t throw any large items into the garbage disposal. Sometimes they can be too much for the disposal to handle and that’s what causes more clogging.

Tip 2

You can get some cold water and flush it down the garbage disposal after you use it every time. This will ensure that no pieces of litter have stayed in the pipes. That means that it will prevent more clogging.

Tip 3

Lemons have proven to be a useful tool when it comes to maintaining your garbage disposal. You can use them once or twice a month. They’re great at getting rid of smells. They also help prevent buildups of garbage.

Tip 4

What’s more, you can even use some vinegar and baking soda to combat grime. You don’t have to do this often, but once in a while, it’s good to make this mixture. Just pour it down the disposal and let the magic happen.


Now that you’ve read this short article, you’ll be able to unclog your disposal easily and in no time. It really is a shame when garbage disposals clog up. It causes all sorts of inconveniences. But thank god you found a full-proof method of unclogging now! The steps above will leave you with clean garbage disposal, ready to be used again. Good luck!