3 Ways to Use a Boning Knife

Have you ever used a boning knife? -This is a useful cooking tool, very thin and sharp, mainly used for removing skin and bones from fish and meat. The blade is usually curved and is long, from 5 to 7 inches. This cooking accessory can make very thin cuts. There are certain things you should consider before using a boning knife.

How to choose a suitable boning knife?

Boning knives can be very useful in the kitchen because they are flexible and very sharp. They can cut through tissues and remove raw meat from the bones. Usually, these blades are very sharp; you only need to make sure the one you have chosen is sturdy. Always make sure the blade is sharp because a dull blade will affect your cooking and rip the meat from the bones instead of cutting it. It is too risky to use dull knives as you may hurt yourself if you lose control of the knife.

Removing Bones:

People tend to use these knives to remove bones, but they can also be used for different types of meat cuts. Here are a few easy steps you need to follow in order to remove bones from the meat and fish.

  • At first, locate the meat in the cut of the flesh.
  • Slice down through the meat to the bone. Also, expose it if the flesh surrounds the bone, or the bone is in the center of the meat.
  • Use the knife on the bone and fat and flesh of the cut of the meat.
  • Hold the boning knife, making a slight angle with the bone. So, the knife can slip around the bone.
  • Slightly turn the knife to continue the sliding around the joints and bones.
  • Use the knife in a sawing motion from side to side until you free the meat from the bone entirely.

Removing skin from meat:

Follow the next simple steps when it comes to removing bones from the meat:

  • Keep the cut of the meat on the cutting board and put the skin on top.
  • Make a small slit in the meat using the tip of the boning knife. Do it at the start of the skinning.
  • Grasp hold of the skin.
  • Now pull the skin of the meat upward as you slide the knife under the skin and against the flesh.
  • Cut back and forth of the skin with the knife while the skin is tugging.
  • Till you remove the skin, move the boning knife back and forth.

Removing skin from fish:

The primary purpose of these unique knives is to remove the skin. Follow the next steps to carefully remove skin from fish:

  • Put the fish skin side down on the board.
  • Hold the fish with your non-dominant hand to the cutting board.
  • Tease apart some skin and fish from one end of the fish with the knife.
  • Move the knife from side to side and press down on the tip. So, it makes the way from one side of the fish to the other side and removes the skin.

Wrap Up

The boning knife is a necessary tool to have in your kitchen. Boning knives can cut the meat and fish without trouble. With the help of a boning knife, you will easily prepare any meat and will make it look perfect. The market is full of different types of boning knives, so you have many options to choose from. Just make sure you carefully follow the steps we have given above in the article to make your meat and fish complete.