Why Proper Maintenance of Tankless Water Heaters is Essential

More people are choosing to install and use tankless water heaters instead of tank-type ones because of a number of advantages of the tankless models. The main pros of using a tankless water heater are that it is much smaller than a tank-type water heater, and also, it will not cause flooding or water damage in case it leaks or accidentally release carbon monoxide in your home.

Another plus is that the tankless water heater is much easier to winterize without the need of waiting for ages for draining all the water out.

Still, tankless heaters do need regular maintenance in order to ensure their longevity and proper functioning.

Maintenance includes changing or cleaning the water and the air filters, inspecting the burner, and more. For homes with hard water, regular flushing of the water heater with vinegar to prevent clogging is recommended.

The maintenance can be done by a professional or by the homeowner.

If you are still not sure about why regular maintenance of a tankless water heater is so important, here are the main reasons why you should schedule the maintenance of your water heater today:

It will extend the life of your tankless water heater

Proper and regular maintenance of any appliance will ensure its longer lifespan. The same goes for tankless water heaters. If you take good care of your water heater, it will pay you back by working efficiently and safely for longer. This means that your investment will be worthwhile in the long term.

This is why you should follow the maintenance guidelines in the user’s manual of your water tank and make sure that you follow the recommendations in a timely manner.

Always follow all of the safety precautions from the manual as well, especially when performing the maintenance, installing, or uninstalling the unit.

You can get the best out of your tankless water heater

A well-maintained water heater will work more efficiently at all times, which means that it will perform the job which you bought it for as well as possible. This means that it will heat the water to the desired temperature and provide you with sufficient quantities of hot water when you need it without fail.

If the tankless water heater becomes clogged due to mineral and scale buildup, you will start noticing a drop in the water flow and the quantity of hot water produced. This is why regular flushing out of the heater with vinegar is recommended, especially if you have hard water and no water filter or softener.

If there is a problem with the water or air filters and they have not been cleaned or replaced from deposits and debris, further problems with your tankless water heater can occur, including malfunction and damage to the unit.

This is why scheduling appointments with professionals or following the instructions for maintenance by the manufacturer of your water heater is essential.

You will avoid having to pay for costly repairs or replacement

With timely maintenance, you can save tons of money for having to hire professionals to repair your heater or for having to pay for a replacement if it becomes damaged.

You will also avoid the frustration of being left without hot water until the unit is repaired or replaced.

You will have hot water whenever you need it

By maintaining your tankless water heater on a regular basis and ensuring that it is working at all times, you don’t have to worry about ending up without hot water when you need it.

With a properly functioning water heater, you can have as much hot water as you need whenever you need it.

Why install a tankless water heater?

As mentioned earlier, tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular due to a wide variety of reasons, including the following.

They save space

Unlike the large-sized tank-type water heaters, tankless heaters take up minimal space and can be installed right next to the appliance you will be using it for.

This makes these water heaters perfect for people who live in small homes with limited space.

Plus, keep in mind that tank-type heaters are getting even bigger with the latest regulation requiring thicker insulation against heat loss.

They last longer

With proper care and maintenance, a tankless water heater can last for two decades and even more. This is at least five years more than the average 15 years, which most tank-based water heaters can last.

So, buying a tankless water heater and maintaining it regularly will pay back in the long run.

They are safer

Tankless water heaters lack tanks, so they don’t store gallons of water. This makes them safer for use at home, as there is no risk of flooding or water damage or of spreading infections in case of bacterial contamination. They are safer and will not tip over in case of an earthquake.

They are easier to winterize

If you have a water tank like this in your summer house, you will find it much easier to winterize it before the cold season, as it doesn’t require prolonged draining of an entire large tank and can be emptied in a matter of seconds.

They save energy

You can save energy and money for bills by controlling the amounts of hot water you need and are going to use at any time, instead of having a heater that heats up and keeps the water hot continuously.

Final words

A tankless water heater is a useful and efficient appliance suitable for any home, but in order to make sure that you can use it to its full potential and take advantage of all of its benefits, you will need to maintain it on a regular basis.

With proper maintenance, your tankless water heater will provide you with hot water on demand for all types of needs for decades.

This means that your hard-earned money will be well spent and that you will have to start thinking about replacing the heater after at least two decades of use.