The 10 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors in 2022

You are probably aware that in order to apply your makeup perfectly, you need to have the best natural lighting possible. Unfortunately, putting on your makeup outdoors in bright sunlight is not always possible.

This is when a good-quality lighted makeup mirror can help you immensely.

We have been testing various lighted mirrors of all types this year, and we are ready with our list of the top 10 lighted makeup mirrors that money can buy for 2022.

Our top pick is the Mirrormore LED lighted mirror, and if you read on, you can find out what it is that we liked the most about it.

We have also added our top favorites for all of the other main types of lighted mirrors to suit every need and taste for you.

Best overall lighted makeup mirror

Mirrormore LED Makeup Mirror

Mirrormore’s 7.5 inches LED vanity mirror is our top pick for the best-lighted makeup mirror for 2022. We recommend it to all of you who want absolutely perfect lighting so that you can put on your makeup as evenly as possible.

The light emitted by this circular vanity mirror leaves no shadows and will illuminate your entire face, so you won’t miss a single spot when applying your foundation.

It is a double-sided mirror with a beautiful and convenient stand, so you can flip it over easily and adjust it at an angle up to 360 degrees, which is most comfortable for you. The stand is non-slip, so it will stay steady no matter the angle you tilt it to.

The vanity mirror offers x10 magnification on one side and no magnification on the other, so you will be able to see every single detail, and make all those final touch-ups needed to look absolutely perfect every day, and will also save money for buying a regular and a magnified mirror separately.

Thanks to the soft and natural light emitted by the 16 SMD LED lights, your entire face will be completely and evenly illuminated so that you can finish up your makeup no matter what time of day or night it is.

The magnifying LED-lit side is perfect for plucking your eyebrows, putting on your contact lenses, and for making sure that your skin and face are flawless.

The Mirrormore is an excellent lighted makeup mirror both for home use and for traveling because it is portable and compact and can work while plugged in or with 4 AA-sized batteries.

Last but not least, this vanity mirror is very stylish and chic with a brushed nickel finish and will look gorgeous in your bathroom, bedroom, or wherever you prefer to use it.

Best budget lighted makeup mirror

Absolutely Lush Natural Daylight Lighted Makeup Mirror

This vanity mirror by Absolutely Lush is an inexpensive yet versatile lighted makeup mirror that has all the features you need to ensure that you look perfect every day.

The budget-friendly illuminated mirror can rotate at up to 180 degrees and has a large mirror surface of 8.8 x 6.5 inches which will let you see every part of your face from any angle.

The Absolutely Lush mirror comes with a removable magnifying circular mirror with suction cups on the back for easy attachment and detachment, which will provide you with x10 magnification whenever you need to take a closer look at an area of your face. This is a very useful feature when tweezing your eyebrows or when you want to take a closer look at your skin or pores.

Thanks to its lightweight and the fact that it is battery-operated (4 AA batteries), this mirror is very portable, and you can easily carry it around or take it with you when traveling.

You will receive a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as well as a warranty of 1 year when you buy the Absolutely Lush lighted mirror.

Best tabletop lighted makeup mirror

Chende Hollywood LED Illuminated Frameless Makeup Vanity Mirror

The mirror is made of optic-quality glass which will ensure that every single detail of your face and hair are perfectly visible and will be reflected without any deformation whatsoever.

This dazzling dressing room-lighted makeup mirror will bring an extravagant elegance to your room and will make you feel like a real movie star every time you sit in front of it.

It is surrounded by 12 warm white LED light bulbs, and the package includes 2 extra ones for replacement. The LED lighting very close to the natural light and is designed and placed in such a way that there will be no shadows or hidden details on your face, allowing you to apply the makeup evenly without missing a single spot, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

You can adjust the intensity of the light in accordance with your needs, thanks to its dimmer switch.

The size of the mirror is perfect for every makeup desk and beauty salon – 27.56 x 25.6 x 2.4 inches.

It is stable, so you don’t have to worry about it tumbling over if you accidentally push your table or desk.

This particular mirror is frameless, but the same model is offered in rectangular framed versions in black or white colors as well.

The base and bezel are made of stainless steel and wood. Thanks to the energy-saving light bulbs, you will save money for power and be kind to the environment when you are using this gorgeous Chende Hollywood vanity mirror.

Best x10 magnifying lighted makeup mirror

Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you want a magnifying lighted makeup mirror for those finishing touch-ups or for a better view of your skin or eyebrows, the Fancii 10x magnifying vanity mirror is currently the number one option we have tested in 2022.

It is an excellent square-shaped, compact illuminated mirror for applying makeup, tweezing, putting on false eyelashes or contact lenses, and cleaning your skin meticulously.

The Fancii has a 360 rotation option, and its stand has a strong suction cup so you can attach it to any smooth surface without it tumbling over as you rotate it or use it. You can even attach it to your bathroom or makeup desk mirror whenever you need a closer and more detailed look at yourself.

The Fancii magnifying LED mirror is battery operated (it requires 3 AA batteries) and is sold with a convenient travel pouch so you can carry this 6-inch wide mirror with you when going out or when you are off on a trip.

It is very affordable and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not completely happy with it.

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Best travel lighted makeup mirror

Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror, 1x/10x Magnification

If you are shopping for a compact lighted makeup mirror that you can carry in your purse, and use on the go, then the Fancii LED Lighted Travel Mirror is one of the good ones you can find in 2022.

The compact travel mirror is slim and elegant with a luxurious black glossy finish and will look chic and stylish wherever you decide to take it out of your purse.

Its portable vanity mirror has built-in LED lights that simulate natural daylight. This will allow you to get a realistic view of your makeup and make sure that it looks perfect and without any embarrassing details, which cannot be seen in darker conditions.

The LED lights integrated into this portable mirror have a long life of up to 20,000 hours. They will provide you with 30% more brightness and use 60% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

The size of the compact mirror is 5.1 inches in diameter and is 1 inch thick. The normal view mirror has a diameter of 3 inches, and the 10x magnification mirror has a diameter of 5 inches. The product weighs 6.6-oz.

The beautiful mirror is available in black, silk white, and rose gold finishes and is a very useful accessory to have with you, especially if you want to look perfect wherever you go.

Best lighted makeup mirror for wall mounting

HAUSCHEN LED Lighted Fogless Wall-Mounted Makeup Mirror

Are you in need of a good quality wall-mounted lighted mirror so that you can apply your makeup and work on your hair without having to use a portable mirror? The Hauschen LED lighted mirror is quite possibly the best one you can buy right now.

It is an eco-friendly copper-free silver mirror that is much more durable than regular silver mirrors. It has a very low profile of just 1.4 inches, so you can mount it in your bathroom or any other room without it taking up space.

The electronic parts are protected by safety housing in case you decide to install the mirror in the bathroom where it can get wet or moist.

The wall-mounted illuminated mirror also has a nifty anti-fog function which will allow you to get a clear reflection of yourself even after a steaming hot shower.

The mirror has superb LED backlighting, which can emit light at up to 6820 lumens without any UV or flickering for comfortable and safe viewing.

You can turn the light on and off via the touch sensor of the Hauschen mirror and always get a clear view needed for applying makeup, shaving, or doing your hair.

The mirror can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on your preferences and the space you have available on the wall.

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Best versatile lighted makeup mirror

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification

It may not look as stylish as most of our other top picks, but this lighted makeup mirror has every single feature you will need in a mirror combined in one single product.

First of all, it can be used as a bathroom mirror as well as a makeup mirror. It has a tri-fold design for easy storage and portability and for added mirrors with different magnifications.

The fluorescent lighting on the side is adjustable and has 4 different illumination settings.

The tri-fold mirror also allows for a clear view of your hair and face from all angles. The adjustable central mirror can be swiveled to increase the magnification to x5.

The Jerdon makeup mirror has a built-in convenient electric outlet where you can plug in your hair dryer or curling iron.  It is compact and foldable (13.8 x 3.74 x 12.25 inches), so you can carry it with you and store it away easily.

You can get this multifunctional lighted mirror at an affordable price and will receive a 1-year warranty for it.

Best gooseneck style lighted makeup mirror

KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

It has a very durable and strong suction cup so you can easily attach it to your bathroom mirror, tiles or any smooth surface without the risk of it falling and breaking even when you are adjusting the angle and bending the gooseneck.

It swivels at 360 degrees, so you can use it from any side and angle you want.

The mirror itself has x7 magnification for a detailed and clear view and all of the 14 LED lights around it will illuminate your face perfectly so that you can apply your foundation evenly and tweeze all of those unwanted hairs precisely.

The gooseneck is 11.5 inches long and is bendable into any position you desire.

You won’t need to deal with cords, as the mirror is cordless and is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

When you fold it up, it will take up less than half a foot of space, so you can use it as your travel mirror as well.

Best smart lighted makeup mirror

simplehuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror

It features a Tru-Lux light system that mimics natural light and will allow you to notice all details and any uneven makeup variations, so you can ensure that your makeup is absolutely flawless at all times.

Thanks to the built-in sensor, the LED lights will turn on when your face comes close to the mirror surface and will turn off as soon as you walk away, so there is no need to worry about forgetting to switch the mirror off. This is perfect for those of you with busy lifestyles.

The integrated 600 Lux LED lights are of surgical grade and will last for up to 40,000 hours. They provide the most natural-like light we have seen in a long time.

Thanks to the x5 magnification, you can take a nearby look at your skin and makeup and still have a full view of your face. The mirror itself is made of top-quality glass and has a high purity aluminum coating which will provide you with a clear and non-distorted reflection.

This illuminated makeup mirror is rechargeable and can be used for up to 5 weeks per charge. You will get a charging USB cable and AC adapter with it.

You can also tilt the mirror back completely for a clear and comfortable viewing angle no matter where you are positioned.

The mirror is 9.1 x 4.7 x 15.1 to 18 inches when fully extended.

Thanks to its natural lighting, its adjustability, magnification, and high quality you will always have a very realistic view of how your makeup is applied so that you can look astonishing wherever you go with this smart simplehuman mirror.

Features to consider when you are buying a lighted makeup mirror

Having a well-lighted mirror is crucial if you want your makeup to be impeccable, and if you want to look perfect every day. The reason is that a well-illuminated, good-quality mirror will help you notice any imperfections in your skin, eyebrows, or makeup, and will allow you to fix up your hair and face perfectly every time.

The idea of lighted mirrors is to mimic natural sunlight which is the number one type of light for applying makeup evenly and beautifully.

But given that there are so many types of lighted makeup mirrors on the market, choosing the one which will serve you best can be a bit of an ordeal.

Here are some of the main features which you should keep in mind when you are buying the illuminated makeup mirror for your needs.

The type of mirror

There are many types of lighted mirrors, so you need to decide which one will serve its purpose as a makeup mirror.

To make the choice easier for you, we have selected our top favorites of all of the main types of lighted makeup mirrors on the market, including our top pick – the Mirrormore makeup mirror, as well as our favorite makeup tabletop, tri-fold, magnifying, travel, wall-mounted, gooseneck, smart, versatile and budget-friendly choices in our list.

Make sure you look through our reviews to find out which mirror will suit your preferences, needs, and expectations.

The design

The designs of the lighted mirrors on the market differ, so make sure you pick one which will suit your personal taste and your home décor if you are choosing a mirror for your home. Some are mounted and others are portable. Also, the materials they are made from are different which makes some mirrors lighter and easier to clean, and others heavier and not so portable.


Most of the lighted mirrors on our top 10 list for 2022 are adjustable, so you will be able to customize their angle, brightness or magnification in accordance with your needs. The Fancii and Kedsum Gooseneck mirrors we have picked can rotate at 360 degrees. Many of the others can be swiveled or tilted up to 180 degrees, which will allow you to get a great view of your face and makeup from different angles.

We have picked mirrors that have dimmable lighting, as well as some which have various illumination settings, so you can find the perfect lighting for you at any time of the day and in any type of ambient lighting.

As the most versatile and customizable lighted mirror, we have picked the Jerdon Tri-fold which can be adjusted by angle, illumination type, magnification, and which can turn into a bathroom or a portable mirror when needed.


When picking the perfect illuminated makeup mirror, you should consider whether you are planning to take it to business trips or vacations with you, or do you plan on using it at home only.

We have chosen several mirrors which can easily be transported thanks to their relatively compact size and cordless operation, and others which are less portable and have to mount on the wall or placed on a table or desk, and which need to be plugged in.

We have even picked very compact travel lighted mirror by Terresa, which you can literally pop into your purse or pocket for some quick makeup touch-ups when on the go.


The perfect type of lighting for an illuminated makeup mirror is the one that is the closest to natural sunlight. It will allow you to get a realistic view of your face and your makeup so that you can ensure that you have applied your foundation and other makeup products evenly and aesthetically.

We have included mirrors that have LED or fluorescent lighting which is the closest to natural light.

The mirrors we have picked also have well-positioned lights, so that your entire face is illuminated evenly and without any shadows.

Some of our suggestions have dimmable lighting, as well as different lighting settings, so you may want to check some of these products out because it is always a good idea to be able to adjust the lighting in accordance with your preferences and with the ambient light.

Corded or not

We have chosen lighted makeup mirrors from both types. Some are chargeable, others operate with batteries, but there are some which can work both when plugged in and on batteries too. Of course, the ones for wall mounting or for tabletop use are corded and need to be plugged in a power outlet.

Cordless mirrors are more portable and don’t have any dangling wires, but corded ones will ensure that the light is always as bright as you want it, without depending on batteries which can cause the light to become dimmer as they run out.


Depending on what you are planning to use your mirror for, and where you will be using it, you need to consider whether you need a little, a lot or no magnification.

Some of the mirrors we have picked offer x2 x5 x7 and up to x10 magnification and others do not have magnification at all. For more versatility, we have chosen several lighted mirrors which have two or more magnification options including our top pick – the Mirrormore LED lighted double mirror.

If you are going to use the mirror to pluck your eyebrows, put on eyeliner, and other more delicate tasks, then you may want to get a lighted mirror with magnification. It will help you see the details of your face, skin, and makeup much better and thus help you remove and resolve any imperfections before you go out.

Buying a mirror that has more than one magnification option is a good idea if you want to save money for a versatile product instead of spending money on buying several different mirrors with different magnifications.

Added features

You may want to look for some added features, such as touch-sensor buttons, sensors for turning the light on or off, a non-fog feature, as well as for features such as foldability or a useful feature as a built-in power outlet for plugging in your hairdryer or appliance as well.

Read our brief reviews to choose the mirror with the features you would love to have.

Final Words

We really hope that our comprehensive review of our top favorite lighted makeup mirrors for 2022 has helped you pick the one which will meet your expectations and needs best.

So, go ahead and buy a new illuminated makeup mirror, and enjoy having an inexpensive tool which will make you look as perfect as you have always dreamt to look!

You will never want to go back to a regular vanity mirror once you start using a good quality lighted one which will provide you with natural-like light no matter what time it is and where you are!


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