10 Best Ear, Brow & Nose Hair Trimmers of 2022 Reviews

The hair, growing in some of the human body orifices, has two essential functions. The first is to protect the nasal cavity or ear canals from filling with dirt, skin flakes, and other unpleasant or even hazardous particles. The second is to help to eject the ones already in, together with any bodily waste collected inside.

Most of the hairs that fulfill such functions you don’t even see. For example, deep inside your ear, there are tiny hairs that help you keep your balance.

But, there is no doubt that the hairs, sticking from your nose and ears, are an unpleasant sight. They need to be taken care of and removed, if not for your neat appearance, then because instead of keeping the dust, filth, and pollutants away, those hair collects all kinds of muck.

Most body hair trimmers are based on the principle of shaving in a line (like, for example, the beard trimmers). Still, with the nose and ear hair, this is an impractical process. So the nose and ear hair trimmers of the past had been based instead on pulling the hairs out. Same as tweezers.

Not anymore. The grooming industry is developing new technologies,  and most of the contemporary models of nose hair trimmer for men have two or more spinning blades to cut off excess hair. This is one of the reasons they got wildly popular in the last decade.

Is it OK to trim your nose hairs?

The nose trimming process and the use of grooming products are welcomed parts of the personal hygiene and grooming routine. They should be adopted by everyone, striving for a nice and clean appearance.

Pulling off the hairs, you may damage both the soft tissues in the nasal cavity and ear canal and subsequently, that leads to infections. But shaving the hairs near the skin will allow them to continue performing their usual job and stand guard against filth and bacteria.

Does a nose hair trimmer hurt?

The contemporary nose ear hair trimmer is – or at least is expected to be – completely painless. All unpleasant sensations should be due to the contact of the metal spinning blade system or the plastic corpus with the sensitive mucous membranes of your nose.

Why is my nose hair so thick?

Our lives start with fine body hairs called “Lanugo,” and they appear to play an essential role in the healthy development of a fetus. The Lanugo hairs help insulate the skin.

At a later stage, they are replaced by the so-called Vellus hairs, which are also naturally fine and transparent, but thicker. They also protect the skin and keep the body temperature stable.

During puberty, we grow our terminal hair. It is longer, thicker, and darker hair that grows on the head. It also forms the thick patches of body hair in the pubic region, under the arms, and beard. Your body may grow terminal hairs on other parts too. It is normal to find a few longer, thicker strands of hair in an area primarily covered with vellus hair.

The thickness and the density of all the hairs on the human body depend mainly on the levels of dihydrotestosterone (known as “DHT”), a hormone produced as a byproduct of testosterone.

Both men and women need testosterone. In men, the amount of testosterone is bigger and the estrogenic hormones are found in fairly small amounts, so the body hair is thicker and denser than women’s.

The darker hairs also look thicker than the lighter ones.

What to look for in a nose trimmer?

There is a wide price range of nose hair trimmers on the market. What features have in common the top ones for nose hair trimming in the bathroom mirror or elsewhere?

As you often use your nose hair trimmer in your bathroom, before or during taking a shower, so a wet/dry operation ability is a must – if your nose/ear hair trimmer is not water resistant, then at least its head should be removable and easy to clean under the faucet.

Push the power button! Rotary blades, two or more, preferably double-edged, should be present in the cutter head; the rotary system guarantees there will be no painful hair pulling, and the blade action will be clean and quick. An additional LED light to help get those pesky nose hairs is a nice compliment for your new look.

The build quality of the nose/ear hair trimmer is also of importance, so a made of steel nose trimmer is better as a travel accessory. The heavy duty steel nose trimmer head is a must – make sure there is no compromise made with the cutting system.

The good nose hair trimmers also have either a protective cap for the hair trimming head, or a travel pouch to keep the grooming kit safe and clean.

Some nose hair trimmers come with an eyebrow comb or other eyebrow attachment is included; often, the grooming tool kit includes a beard trimmer or replacement blades.

Best nose hair trimmer

The preference for hygiene instruments depends as much on the person’s taste as on the features and quality they offer, but some common favorites are present on everyone’s shelf (or, in this case, in many a bathroom).

This article is in no way a buying guide. Yet we did try to present here some of the most wanted and well-accepted models of nose trimmers with the most reviews, so to make it easier for you to find the best nose hair trimmer between the trimmers on the market.

Schon Rechargeable Nose Hair Trimmer

This model nose hair trimmers are rechargeable, so you won’t need to worry about batteries, failing you in the most crucial moment. Moreover, the whole nose hair trimmer body is made from stainless steel and will last for a lifetime.

The heavy-duty steel nose trimmer SCHON s equipped with a super-quiet 6500RPM motor for added discretion. The operating level noise of the machine is less than 50 dB.

Unlike other trimmers that pull on unwanted hair, the Schon groomer tool cuts it painlessly with its stainless steel rotary blade system.

The nose/ear hairs trimmer kit includes also an easy-to-use hair attachment so you can trim with ti your sideburns and facial hair.

This nose and ear hair trimmer aren’t just compact; it also comes with a bonus storage pouch to keep all those accessories nice and neat.

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Hair Trimmer

The Panasonic ER-GN30-K nose trimmer is battery-operated (only one AA battery; not included) and is suitable for both wet and dry hair remover.

This versatile tool features dual-edge blades to remove comfortably nose/ears hairs and unwanted facial hair. It is also able to detail beards and eyebrows. The curved, heavy duty steel blades are hypoallergenic. They match the contour of your nostrils, which guarantees no skin irritation and painful hair pulling.

The nose hair trimmer is entirely waterproof and can be used in any condition, even directly under the shower.

And the greatest feature to top the deal: this nose hair trimmer is very simple to clean under the faucet because of the Vortex Cleaning System. It draws in the running water from all sides and spins it through the nose hair clipper.

A protective cap and cleaning brush are included in the kit.

Toilet Tree Professional Nose Hair Trimmer

There is a lifetime warranty waiting for you with this battery-operated nose hair trimmer. It is lightweight but with a body made of quality stainless steel so you needn’t worry if it slips out of your fingers during hair removal.

Moreover, the nose hair trimmer uses a rotary cutting system to get the hair tip from the top and at the same time – from the sides. This way all you can trim all the stray hairs. It will help not only during a nose trim but also while detailing eyebrows and beards. There is also a LED light to help you get the most hard-to-see hairs.

The nose hair trimmer is waterproof and can be used even directly under the shower. It is very easy to clean under running water.

This cordless nose hair trimmer has painless, smooth, and gentle operation mode and will give you the most comfortable experience. It needs only one battery (not in the kit).

Philips Norelco NT3000 Eyebrow And Nose Hair Trimmer

Is this the best nasal hair trimmer? Maybe not, but the Philips Norelco nose trimmer for sure is the most versatile of them all. The trimmer comes not only with two interchangeable trimming elements and a protection cap for them, but the kit also includes eyebrow guards (3 and 5 mm.) for quick and even trim.

The trimming elements of the Philips Norelco nose trimmer have stainless steel blades The advanced trimming system shields your skin from them securely, so there will be no cuts and no pulling of nose hairs. The trimming elements for ear and nose hair are angled that way as to reach even the hardest hairs.

The precise and sharp cutting slots of the cutter head and the ProtecTube technology (an ultra-thin foil guard) used helps to achieve the greatest possible look.

The nose and ear trimmer is fully washable and easy to clean. It has a soft-touch rubber grip for maximum control.

One lithium AA battery for maximum power is included.

Nose Hair Trimmer Panasonic

This ear and nose trimmer Panasonic is equipped with bilateral blades that are curved to match your nostrils’ contour. This way you get a safer and more precise trim, without irritating the skin. The dual-edge blades are made of stainless steel and are hypoallergenic.

The nose hair trimmers of this model are fully waterproof and very easy to clean. They feature an advanced and smart micro vacuum cleaning system. With it, you quickly collect and deposit all the trimmed nose hairs into a special chamber. This way you’ll have your ears and nose clean while trimming.

This series of nose hair trimmers are fitted with a travel pouch and cleaning brush.

Conairman Ear/Nose Trimmer

Selected in our top nose and ear trimmer list is an ear/nose trimmer with a patent-pending 360-degree beveled blade system and not two but 3 bevel blades. They cut evenly even thicker hairs and will give you a great performance during the close trimming of the ear/nose.

The trimmer comes also with a detailing eyebrow trimmer and shaver attachment for elegant lines and edges of the trim. The design of the trimmer’s body is durable and compact, with added grooves for better grip.

The cordless trimmer is battery-operated (a battery not included), and there is a travel pouch for additional protection.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Trimmer

This model of nose hair trimmer is eco-friendly and are made in the USA since 1991.

The whole Groom Mate Platinum XL nose/ear trimmer is made from high-quality stainless steel. It won’t rust or corrode. Engineered to last a lifetime, it requires no batteries as it’s manually driven. Simply twist the bottom portion of the trimmer in a gentle back and forth motion.

This model Groom Mate nose hair trimmers feature patented rotary cutting blades. They will keep clean from the sensitive areas of your nostrils. The cleaning is easy – simply put the trimmer under running water. Or, if thorough cleaning is needed, it’s easy to remove and wash the inner shaft.

The manufacturers offer a free limited lifetime replacement guarantee to go with this nose/ear hair trimmer.

Amagarm Electric Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer

This is a powerful and silent nose trimmer with a 6500 PRM motor and bilateral steel blades. It features a smart micro vacuum system that comfortably removes all the trimmed hairs while you’re using the trimmer.

You get more for your money: the electric system’s new design is supposed to save 15% more energy. One battery can operate for more than 8 months if used in short bursts for 5 min.

The AMAGARM nose hair trimmers are IPX7 waterproof and it’s simple to clean off any residue under running the faucet or even while you are taking a shower.

The businessman’s tool design is ergonomic, with an all-black body and it’s lightweight—less than 4 ounces. This ear and nose hair trimmer fits neatly into all kinds of bags and luggage.

And, to sweeten the deal, the manufacturers offer a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Flepow Waterproof Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer

This nose hair trimmer is a versatile multifunctional instrument to effectively and comfortably remove unwanted hair from your nose/ears, face or eyebrows, and beard. It features a dual-edge spinning blades system with a protective cover and 360° rotation to precisely remove the hairs without unpleasant painful pulling.

The trimmer’s head is removable for easy maintenance. The nose hair trimmer is water-resistant (IPX7), so it can be used wet/dry – anytime, anywhere. It uses one AA battery, which battery life is supposed to last up to six months if used in short bursts.

The nose hair trimmer has a comfortable body design. It will fit in your travel bag easily, and there is a protective cap for the trimmer’s head.

Liberex Electronic Painless Nose Hair Trimmer

The Liberex is a versatile nose hair trimmer made from stainless steel and has a one-button convenient design. It features dual-edge spinning blades with a protective cover and inner 360° rotating design. The nose trimmer also comes equipped with a LED light which helps you get even the small hairs.

The nose hair trimmer’s best results are visible in its versatility – it is suitable not only for nose and ears hair removal, but can be used to trim your beard and eyebrows.

The trimmer head is removable and washable. There is an additional dust-proof cover to protect it while not in use – a very convenient option if you plan to carry this nose trimmer on adventures and trips.

Even more convenient are its operational noise levels – the powerful but silent motor gives less than 50db when working.

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