Oral B 5000 vs 7000: Best Model Comparison 2022

If you want to upgrade to a smart electric toothbrush from a manual one or a normal electric one, then one of the first brands which probably comes to mind is the Oral-B Smart series by Braun.

These smart electric toothbrushes have taken the world by storm and are considered the best of all in the industry.

If you don’t want to splurge out for the latest flagship – the Oral-B Genius 8000 or 9600, then you may want to opt for more affordable older and yet still smart models like the Oral-B Pro 5000 Smart series, or the Oral-B Pro 7000 Smart series.

The question is – how to choose which one is more suitable for your needs.

Read on to find out what each of the models’ features, pros, and cons are, as well as the similarities and differences between them in this complete head-to-head comparison of Oral B 5000 vs. 7000.

The Oral B Pro 7000 Smartseries

The Oral-B Pro 7000 is the former flagship smart toothbrush by Braun. It is an excellent quality electric toothbrush with numerous smart features, cleaning modes, and other useful functions.

This premium-quality electric toothbrush has Bluetooth connectivity and can easily connect wirelessly to your smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device. It also comes with a nifty Smart Guide gadget with a display that can be used as a real-time feedback screen and source, instead of having to take your smartphone into the bathroom with you.

The goal of this electric toothbrush is to help guide and coach you to achieve professional-level cleaning of the teeth and gums every time.

The Oral-B Pro 7000 is sleeker than the previous versions, is made of premium quality materials, and has a completely waterproof housing.

It is sold with two of the most popular brush heads in the Oral-B series – the CrossAction, which are rounded and have bristles that are angled under 16 degrees for maximum reach of every part of every tooth.

The toothbrush also comes with some added replacement brush heads, including a FlossAction, a ProWhite, and a Sensitive Clean one. If you have special preferences for a particular brush head, then don’t worry because the Oral-B 7000 is compatible with all of the replacement brush heads made by Oral-B.

It, too, features the efficient 3D Cleaning action technology and will successfully remove the plaque from your teeth and gum lines thanks to the pulsating, oscillating, and rotating movements of the brush. It can produce up to 60,000 pulsations per minute, and a stunning 800 brush movements per second, which is absolutely impossible to achieve with a manual toothbrush.

The Oral-B 7000 has 6 different modes you can choose from, including Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Tongue Clean, and Whitening.

Its pressure sensor will light up the indicator on top of the handle when you are over-brushing your teeth or applying too much pressure.

The toothbrush will also gently nudge you to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth every 30 seconds, and when the recommended 2 minutes of brushing time are over, it will stop automatically.

You can get feedback about the quality of your brushing as well as useful tips on improving it in real-time or later on via the Smart Guide and the free Oral B mobile apps available.

This electric toothbrush comes with a li-ion battery and a charger, as well as a premium travel case. Its battery life is up to 10 days, and a full charge takes up to 12 hours.

It, too, can be set to place orders for replacement brush heads automatically when the time comes for new ones via the useful Amazon Dash Replenishment program. This will save you the time and energy of having to remember to order or buy them yourself in time.


  • It is more expensive than the Oral-B 5000 and is on the high end as compared to other electric toothbrushes.
  • It can be a tad too noisy, especially for people with sensitive hearing.
  • The smart features are great, but if you are not so into smart devices, apps, and technologies, the ones offered by the Oral-B 7000 may be too much for you and will just add to the price.
  • It takes 12 hours to charge its battery fully.

The Oral-B Pro Smartseries 5000

The Oral-B 5000 is the second generation of the Braun Oral-B Pro Smartseries. As an older model, it is one of the most affordable of them too.

This smart electric toothbrush will cost you less than $90 and has all the features you will need to improve your dental hygiene habits, improve your tooth and gum health.

This electric toothbrush can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can then download and install the Oral-B app and receive feedback on your tooth brushing habits, tips on how to improve them, and other useful information.

This reasonably priced smart electric toothbrush comes with a Floss Action round replaceable brush head, which is made of micro impulse bristles that can reach in hard to reach places, clean your teeth from all sides, and also remove the plaque from the gum line, thus reducing the risk of gum problems like gingivitis.

This toothbrush by Braun features the patented 3D cleaning action of all the items in this series. It consists of a combination of pulses, rotations, and oscillations of the brush head for better results.

The toothbrush also has a visual pressure sensor, which will light up immediately if the brush senses that you are putting too much pressure on your gums or teeth, which can cause severe damage to them.

It has 5 cleaning modes to choose from, including Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Deep Clean, and Whitening.

Even though it is a model from several years ago, the Oral-B can be set to use the Amazon Dash Replenishment service, which means that the toothbrush can place an order for a replacement brush head as soon as it senses the need for replacement automatically.

Like all of the other toothbrushes in this series, the Oral-B 5000 has a built-in 2-minute timer.

It also offers a gentle pulsation reminder for the user to move on to the next quadrant of the mouth every 30 seconds.

This affordable Oral-B Pro toothbrush is compatible with other Oral-B replacement brush heads, including the CrossAction, the FlossAction, and the 3D Action ones.

It comes with a standard storage and travel case and a charger base where you can also store your extra brush heads. The lithium-ion battery has a life of up to 11 days per charge.

This Bluetooth-enabled electric toothbrush comes in black or white color options and has a wide and ergonomic handle with easy access buttons and controls.


  • The Oral-B Pro 5000 is bulkier than other electric toothbrushes, which people with small or weaker hands may find problematic.
  • Although it is the least expensive of the Oral-B Pro Smartseries, the Oral-B 5000 is still quite expensive, and for this price, you can get newer models of other leading brands.
  • Although the Bluetooth connectivity and smart features of this toothbrush can be quite useful and fun, the chances are that most users will quickly get bored with using them.

Oral-B 5000 vs 7000 – key differences

The first difference between the two smart electric toothbrushes from the Oral-B Pro Smartseries is the price. The Oral-B 5000 is less expensive than the newer 7000 model.

The next difference is in the number of cleaning modes which they offer. While the Oral-B 5000 has 5 cleaning modes, the Oral-B 7000 has 6 options with a useful Tongue Cleaning mode added.

Another difference is the Smart Guide, which comes with the Oral-B 7000, which is not available for the older Oral-B 5000 toothbrush. The Smart Guide is a useful device with a display that pairs with the toothbrush via Bluetooth and which will show your progress and your results from brushing in real-time.

The Oral-B 7000 also comes with a more advanced, premium quality travel case, while the Oral-B 5000 has a more basic one.

The battery of the Oral-B 5000 charges for 5-6 hours, while that of the Oral-B 7000 takes 5-6 hours to charge.

The Oral-B 7000 comes with 3 brush heads included in the package, while the Oral-B 5000 comes with only one.

The 5000 series is compatible with some of the most popular brush heads offered by Oral-B, and the 7000 series can work with any of the brushes available for the Pro Smartseries.

Oral-B 5000 vs. 7000 – the similarities

Both of these toothbrushes are much more efficient than any manual toothbrush as they utilize the unique 3D clean action motion comprising of rotation, oscillation, and pulsation. They can deliver up to 40,000 pulsations per minute.

Thanks to this technology, the plaque from your teeth and gum lines will be broken up and removed efficiently. Thus the risk of cavities, bacterial infections, bad breath, or stained teeth will decrease.

Both of them are smart electric toothbrushes that offer Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired to your smartphone and a useful smart app. Their goal is to teach you to brush your teeth properly by using the right amount of pressure and the right amount of time for each area.

The two toothbrushes from the Oral-B Pro Smart series are considered premium toothbrushes, but the Oral-B 7000 being the newest and most expensive one, comes with more features and accessories.

Both toothbrushes have visual pressure sensors, which will light up as soon as the brush detects that you are using too much pressure.

Both have timers and will switch off after 2 minutes of use, which is the optimal recommended brushing time by dental experts.

They also will both remind you gently when it is time to move on to the next quadrant in your mouth every 30 seconds.

Both will need to have their brush heads replaced once every 3 months, and both can be used for the Amazon Dash Replenishment program and order the replacements automatically.

The two toothbrushes have modern designs, but the Oral-B 7000 is sleeker and offers a better and more secure grip than the Oral-B 5000.

They are definitely among the most rated electric toothbrushes offered on the market in 2022 and are also among the most expensive ones.

Still, given their premium quality, their waterproof and sturdy designs, their multiple useful features, including several smart features, the Oral-B Pro 5000 and the Oral-B Pro 7000 are some of the best options you can invest in.

Being older models in this world-famous series and brand, they have proven themselves to be reliable, useful, durable, and highly efficient.

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Final Words

If the latest Oral-B Pro Smartseries electric toothbrushes are too expensive or too complicated for you, but you still want to buy the best toothbrushes which can help you clean your teeth and gums properly, keep them white and beautiful, and also protect them from infections and cavities, then the Oral-B 5000 and the Oral-B 7000 are superb options for you.

They have many similar features and a few differences, including the added tongue cleaning mode in the 7000 series, the new travel storage case of the newer model, the added Smart Guide, and the more ergonomic design of the Oral-B 7000.

But if you want the basic features of these superb electric toothbrushes, such as the highly efficient 3D cleaning action, the 60,000 pulses per minute, the smart connectivity, feedback and tips, and the high-quality materials used for making them, then either one of these two models is an excellent choice.

In case you want the latest and most innovative features, you may want to consider buying the newest Oral-B Pro 8000 or 9100 flagship toothbrushes, but you must be prepared to pay a much heftier price for either of them.

It is up to you to decide whether you want the more expensive or least expensive one, by weighing on the pros and cons and both, and deciding which features are essential for you, and which you can live without.

Hopefully, this detailed comparison of the Oral B 5000 vs. 7000 has helped you make an informed decision, and soon you will be able to enjoy the benefits of owning and using a high-end smart electric toothbrush!


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