5 Best Pubic Hair Trimmers for Effortless Manscaping – 2022 Reviews

Men may think they are ahead of women in several ways, but when it comes to grooming, women are miles ahead. You don’t need studies to learn that when it comes to trimming ‘down there,’ women are more likely to understand the importance compared to men.

However, men have now caught on to the importance of grooming. As a result, there are hundreds of thousands of men who practice the art of trimming their nether regions frequently.

There are several benefits of trimming your pubic hair as well, which we’ll dive into later, as the goal of this article is to highlight the five top-rated pubic trimmers currently on the market. In recent years, the art of ‘manscaping’ has quickly caught on among men, which does include trimming pubic hair. If you have still not started practicing pubic trimming, there is no better time than right now.

So, let’s stop beating around the bush and get to the fun part, where we help you identify the five best pubic trimmers on the market.

Now let’s get straight into the action and review the 5 pubic trimmers for personal grooming for men in 2022 right here.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 trimmer comes with many great features, and its dual-sided design is one that makes it easier to switch from one trimmer to another when you’re shaving various parts of the body. That comes in handy when you’re trimming around the groin area, which does require you to be precise and careful to avoid painful tugging, cuts, or nicks.

You want a smooth and comfortable shave when you’re trimming around your privates, and the two trimmers serve various functions. One allows you to cut right down to the skin, while the other one is intended for use with trimming longer hair around the pubic region.

The Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 comes with rounded blade tips that ensure comfort when shaving the most sensitive areas of a man’s body. However, the Bodygroom Series 7000 is a multi-tasking tool that’s extremely effective for manscaping all over your body, including the chest, back, armpits, legs, etc. It comes with a four-directional pivoting shave head that lets you shave in different directions to attain the most efficient shave that is possible.

It comes with five adjustable trimmer lengths and self-sharpening blades that are going to continue to offer you a clean cut for a long time. Both dry and wet trimming is possible as the trimmer is waterproof, and you can use it in the shower or outside and can clean it by running it under the faucet. The ergonomic rubber grip ensures better handling and control, which is extremely important when you’re shaving or trimming around your pubic region.

You can also use this trimmer with or without a power cord, and its advanced lithium-ion battery offers 80 minutes of cordless use on a one-hour charge.

The Bottom Line

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 trimmer is a do-it-all tool that’s perfect for use on and around your pubic region. It adjusts easily and will offer you a perfect and precise trim on every use.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro

Want to cut through coarse body hair effortlessly and at any angle? If that’s your goal, the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro is the perfect tool for you. It’s the best pubic hair trimmer money can buy as it not only affords you value for money but is very dependable when it comes to manscaping. With a name like Mangroomer, you know for sure that this pubic trimmer is going to perform, where it matters most and even on the manliest and wildest hair.

It is a complete body groomer tool that is going to shave and trim your genitals, pubes, back hair, chest, legs, and other hard-to-reach areas. If you want to go from a little overgrown to clean-cut without facing any trouble, this shaver is going to be the one for the job. The unique and quality design of the trimmer allows it to cut even the coarsest hair. With two robust shaving heads that open up to 135 degrees, you will have easy access to any part of your body, including those hard-to-reach areas down the middle of your back.

One of the interchangeable 1.8-inch broad shaving heads is meant for reaching out to larger areas that are covered by thick hair, and the other foil bi-directional shaving head allows you to finish with a smoother and cleaner shave. You can also use the same shaver and trimmer heads on your pubic hair. The different heads are made to be flexible and will adjust to the contours of your body, allowing for more comfortable and effortless manscaping and grooming.

If you’re worried that your body hair is too coarse for this shaver to handle, all you need to do is press on the ‘Power Burst’ button, and it will have enough power to shave through the thickest patches. When you combine the extreme reach of the flex handle and the locks that stay put in any position, all your trims and shaves are going to be hassle-free.

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro is more than just a ball groomer, and the product is your ultimate manscaping tool as it gives you the chance to have a soft and hairless body.

The Bottom Line

A lot of reviewers have testified about the overall quality of the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro and how it leaves their skin irritant-free and offers a consistent trim that makes for great grooming of the pubic region. If you’re selective about buying a pubic trimmer, the Mangroomer is one that you can depend on every time.

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG1026/60

The Philips Norelco Bodygroomer may not be as good as other Philips body groomer models, but it is still one of the best pubic trimmers on the market today. The major difference between this model and the other one we have shared on our list is that this one runs on batteries. It may not be a big deal to most people, but a lot of men prefer electric shavers and trimmers. Nonetheless, a battery-powered trimmer has its own advantages, as it is portable, and you don’t need to worry about tangled cords.

The BG1026/60 runs on an AA battery and offers up to 2 months of normal use, which is nice, but there are a lot of things that make this a great trimmer. The integrated skin protector guard helps protect against cuts and nicks when you’re trimming, and it’s great for when you’re trimming around the groin. You can even use it comfortably to trim the hair around or on your testicles without worrying about any cuts, scrapes, or nicks.

It also comes with a bi-directional trimmer that helps cut hair in both directions without any pulling or tugging. The 1/8-inch comb helps create longer looks and also allows adjustable hair length preferences, while its blades are extremely durable. The lightweight design of the trimmer is another reason why we like it, as it’s easy to hold and maneuver around delicate areas on your body. It is also waterproof and good for dry and wet use, as you can also use it in the shower without any problems.

The Bottom Line

The Norelco Bodygroomer BG1026/60 is another high-quality product from Philips Norelco, and even though it’s great for grooming overall body hair, it can easily handle sensitive areas quite well. That makes it one of the high-quality pubic hair trimmers currently on the market today.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Styler

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Styler is a great multi-tasking tool that’s great for the delicate job of trimming your nether regions. It comes in a slim and ergonomic design and is also lightweight, which is important when you’re grooming around your pubic region. It also incorporates Braun technology and is extremely precise, which is great for when you’re trimming around sensitive areas.

Braun is a subsidiary of Gillette and offers the motor that powers the ProGlide Men’s Razor Styler, which is great because Braun has a century worth of experience in designing motors for men’s and women’s electric shavers. Their products are generally rechargeable and cordless, and they do provide corded versions for men who want to trim and shave their nether regions their way.

There are several reasons why we have added the ProGlide to our list, with the main one being its maneuverability, which will rival any other shaver on the market. It has a slender design, which makes it easier to work with when shaving pubic hair or if you want to trim your beard. The blades are Gillette’s most advanced and offer the closeness and comfort that most men desire, which is another reason why it is such a great pick for men. It comes with a precision edging blade that allows users to get crisp, defined lines and is great for trimming and grooming the pubic region.

The ProGlide Razor Styler has three combs that provide different options for cutting length. The main component is the precision edge trimmer that allows you to shave sensitive areas of your body, and you can use it to get precise and neat shaves right down to the skin. The trimmer is also waterproof and great for use in the shower, which is always a good option when it comes to shavers for trimming pubic hair.

The razor comes with a green lubricating strip, and when the strip turns white, it is time to change the precision edge blade. How long a blade will last is going to depend on how often you trim and the thickness of your pubic hair. The ProGlide runs on 2 AA batteries, which will provide you with a couple of months of regular use and are not rechargeable. The trimmer comes at a reasonable price and also comes with a holder made of black and clear blue plastic that looks good on the counter and can hold additional shaver heads as well.

The Bottom Line

The Gillette ProGlide Razor Styler works extremely well for various kinds of trimming, including your face and beard. It comes with the additional versatility of being an exceptional pubic trimmer, and its lightweight design ensures that it is easy to work with.

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Remington PG525 Head to Toe Groomer Kit

The Remington PG525 Head to Toe Groomer Kit comes with eight attachments that cover all your grooming needs, with a full-sized trimmer, a trimmer for nose, ears, a foil shaver, a hair clipper comb, a vertical hair body trimmer, and more. So, if you need a tool that trims hair on every part of your body, the Remington PG525 should be your ultimate choice. It’s a high-quality trimmer for trimming the pubic region, but we can’t ignore all the rest that it offers.

The body trimmer comes with a 3-length adjustable comb for shaving and trimming body hair. It is made from excellent surgical steel with self-sharpening blades that will back you up. The blades work extremely well for ‘cleaning up’ smaller areas, and even if some reviewers say you shouldn’t use it for full-fledged shaving jobs, it works as an excellent trimmer.

The foil shaver comes with a single foil and may need a couple of extra passes to catch most of the hair, but it gets close to the skin and offers a smooth and clean cut. The adjustable comb has eight different lengths that give you plenty of options to determine how long or short you want to cut the hair. All the heads of the unit are waterproof and easy to clean, but the Remington PG525 is not waterproof itself.

It has a rechargeable lithium battery that offers up to 70 minutes of cordless runtime after a full charge, and the charging indicator gives you a status update of the battery level. It also comes with a charging stand and has a 2-year warranty that it comes with.

The Bottom Line

The Remington PG525 is a highly affordable trimmer that offers you great value for money and has multiple uses that make it versatile, and is one of the greatest body trimmers around today.

Our Top Pick

Don’t have the time to read through our article? Don’t worry because we have highlighted our top pick for pubic trimmers on the market, which is none other than the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro trimmer.

Buying Guide – Things to Consider When Buying a Pubic Hair Trimmer

Trimming your pubic hair isn’t a job that you would leave to the faint of heart as it requires not only technique but patience and finesse as well. You also need the right tools for the job, and that would involve buying the best pubic hair trimmer on the market. You don’t want to compromise on quality when it comes to shaving or trimming around your man parts, which is why it’s important that you read this buyer’s guide.

We don’t want you to pick the first trimmer that you like online, and that’s why we have shared some tips and tricks. Here are some of the things you must consider when you’re buying a pubic hair trimmer online or in a store:

Power Is Everything

The hair around your man parts is coarser than around other parts of your body, and the last thing you want is a slow and sluggish trimmer that struggles to cut through the jungle of hair that grows around your testicles and penis. Therefore, you would want a powerful and fast trimmer, preferably one that boasts a 4,000 rpm motor. The more powerful the motor, the less dull trimming and snagging you are likely to experience when trimming your nether regions.

Get Sharp Blades

It’s also important that your pubic hair trimmer has sharp blades so that it can cut through hair quickly and with minimum snagging. Dull blades will struggle to cut hair, especially when you’re dealing with those coarse, wiry, pubic hair. Search for a trimmer brand that offers sharp, rounded, and hypoallergenic stainless steel blades for cutting pubic hair.

Decide Between Cordless or Cord

You will find that there are some pubic trimmers for men that come with power cords, while most of them don’t come with any cords. The choice between going cordless or with cords comes down to your preference, but most shaving experts suggest going cordless. That’s mainly because a cord will limit your range of motion, and you do need a wide range of motion when you’re going to town on your pubic region and shaving around sensitive body parts.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Even though cordless trimmers are preferred by most men and are the best option for trimming your pubic area, you must ensure that you buy a brand that offers a substantial amount of battery time. You don’t want the battery to die out when you’re in the middle of a pube trimming session.

No one likes a job half-finished, and that’s why you must ensure that the pubic trimmer that you end up buying is one that comes with long battery life.

Look for More Attachments

Most of the pubic trimmers around in the market come with different attachments, and that’s great for you because the more attachments they are, the easier your job is going to be. Most attachments are designed to help you cut different lengths of hair, and you must look for a trimmer that comes with various guards that can cut a variety of hair lengths easily.

It’s also important that you don’t nick or cut your penis or testicles in the middle of a trimming session, so your trimmer must have a safety guard as well. There are few things that hurt more in life than when you nick your testicles or your manhood while trimming or grooming.

You Don’t Need a Lawnmower

While it’s true that men like big things, whether it is big cars, big houses, or big engines, and well big penises as well. However, that rule shouldn’t apply to your pubic hair trimmer because you don’t want to be working with a bulky and large trimmer.

It would make it harder to maneuver around your pubic region efficiently, and instead, you should get a trimmer that is not only compact but is also easy to hold and can deal efficiently with the various slopes around your nether regions.

Durability Is Also Important

Just like, it is important that you get a trimmer that lasts for a long. Durability is extremely important when you’re buying a pubic hair trimmer, and for that reason, you should read all the reviews to learn how long a trimmer can withstand after sustained usage. That’s also one reason why you should buy a trimmer that is designed for the pubic region instead of going after one that can also shave or trim your beard or mustache. The pubic trimmer is meant to be only for one use, trimming your pubes.

Get One That Is Waterproof

Most pubic trimmers tend to work well for wet and dry use, and it makes sense that you would want to get your hands on a pubic trimmer that you can use in the shower. Some pubic trimmers work well in cutting wet hair, while others are designed for cutting dry hair.

One of the coolest things about using a trimmer in the shower is that your pubes are going to be softer, and that makes it easier for you to trim them down without cutting or nicking your private parts. So, the type of pubic trimmer you get must be waterproof so that you find it easier to trim your pubes.

How Should You Trim Your Pubic Hair?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be trimming down your pubic hair, as you don’t want to greet the lady or man in your life with a forest growing down there. Good hygiene dictates that you trim your pubic hair, but shaving your pubes is a delicate job, and most men are afraid of cutting or nicking their private parts. That’s the reason why so many men leave their jungle growth instead of risking injuring themselves during the course of the trimming session.

Shaving your face is also a dangerous undertaking for that reason, but a cut or nick on your cheek doesn’t compare with the pain you feel when you nick or cut near your testicles. Finesse and technique are both important when it comes to trimming your pubic hair, and if you want to learn how to go about the job the right way, we have some of the best tips around for that purpose.

However, before we get down to the nitty-gritty, we will explain why it’s so important for you to trim your pubic hair on a regular basis.

Reasons Why You Should Trim Your Pubic Hair

Women have had years of experience in trimming their pubic hair compared to men, and they often scoff at men who are scared of the thought of a pubic trim. Men have only recently jumped on the bandwagon as far as grooming their nether regions are concerned, even though some men have been doing it for decades before it was even considered fashionable.

However, there is a ‘less is more’ mentality that has crept amongst men who are looking to raise the bar on manscaping, but there are other benefits to trimming your pubic hair frequently. These include:

It’s Good Hygiene

Things can get quite nasty and sweaty in the area around your groin, but regularly trimming the forest around your manhood makes for better cleanliness. It ensures that there is less sweat accumulating around the groin, and things will be less smelly down there if you have cut your pubes before they start getting out of control.

You’ll Look Bigger

This isn’t a myth or an old wives’ tale. The truth of the matter is that a well-trimmed or shaved pubic area is going to make your penis look bigger than it actually is. That’s especially true if the pubic hair around your manhood has grown so large that it actually hides your member.

For most men, creating a well-endowed look is the main reason why they consider shaving their pubic hair and trimming the shrubbery down there. So, don’t let the bushes cover up the length of your manhood, and start trimming your pubes today.

Your Spouse or Significant Other Will Thank You

Most men can relate to the experience of going down on an ‘oral’ mission in the middle of lovemaking and end up with stray pubes in their mouth or between their teeth. No one likes eating pubes in the middle of lovemaking, and your significant other feels the same way as you do. They don’t appreciate having to deal with a thick blanket of hair around your manhood when they go down on you, the same way that you don’t appreciate pubic hair around their lady parts.

By keeping your pubic hair trimmed, you will not only make their job easier but more effective as well. It may even increase their willingness to go down on you when things start heating up.

You’re Going to Relieve Chafing

A lot of men have experienced chafing around their groin area, especially for men who sweat a lot while they are working or engaging in any kind of strenuous activity that involves a lot of friction. If you’re tired of experiencing chafing, one way you can get rid of that is by trimming your groin to ensure that the chafing is kept at a minimum.

Trimming Leads to More Sensual Sensations

Most women have claimed that the sight of a neatly-trimmed nether region leads to more sensual lovemaking, and others have claimed that the thought of increased ‘exposure’ that comes with a heavy trim adds to the eroticism of the lovemaking session.

How to Trim Pubes – Comb Length Is Important

You will need to select the trimmer’s comb length before you start it up and go to town for trimming your pubes. When choosing the comb length, you must take a couple of things into consideration, like:

  • How short do you want to trim your hair?
  • How long is the hair currently?

If you haven’t trimmed your pubes in a while, and it looks furry and thick, you should choose the comb length accordingly to get the best trim possible.

Work With the Right Tools

You shouldn’t be multi-tasking when it comes to trimming your pubic hair, so don’t try to trim your pubes with random tools. A pubic trimmer specifically designed for the job is the only tool you’ll need to trim down your bushes, other than a pair of handy scissors to cut off the extra-long hair before you start trimming with the trimmer.

Whatever you do, never use an electric razor with rotating heads to trim your ball sack and the underside of your penis. The scrotum skin can be easily caught in the razor head, and that’s a fun event that you never want to experience in your life.

Choose the Public Trim Location

If you want to trim your pubic hair in the shower, you don’t need to worry much about making a mess. Trimming the outside of the shower when you’re standing on your bathroom floor is another matter. Most people advise that you should sit over the toilet seat, but that doesn’t make it easy for most men as their range of motion may be constricted while seated.

You can always trim while seated in the bathtub without water and rinse away the pubic remnants when you’re finished. You could even do it in your backyard if no one is around and you’re concealed from your neighbors.

Wash Your Parts Thoroughly

You should use body wash or soap to clean your penis and your testicles before you start trimming the pubic hair around them. It’s important that you get rid of any bacteria that may cause an infection if your cut or nick the skin during the trimming event.

Use a Hand Mirror

It’s not always going to be easy to see all the landscape during manscaping, and that’s where a handy mirror is going to come in handy. Any small or compact mirror that will help track the progress of your trimming event. That’s going to be important for when you’re trimming the underside of your testicles.

Rinse Thoroughly

After you’ve finished trimming your pubic hair, it is important that you thoroughly rinse all the regions in and around the trimming area. You don’t want the remaining pubes to nest comfortably in your boxers or briefs afterward, and it’s important that no stray pubes get stuck there.

Use Some Kind of Moisturizer

You can always apply a moisturizer or some kind of aftershave once you’ve shaved your pubic hair because it can easily relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing. Select a moisturizer that is perfume-free so that there are no harsh chemicals that may end up scorching your privates.

Re-Trim When Required

An important thing you must remember about pubic hair is that it won’t continue growing like the hair on your head. Instead, it is going to reach a certain length and will remain there until you trim it again. For most men, trimming the main shrubbery once a week or every two weeks is going to be sufficient, but how often you trim will also depend on whether you trim your pubes into a distinct style.

Most women maintain a certain pubic ‘look,’ and there’s no reason that men can’t do the same thing. One thing that you may consider is trimming your pubes in the same manner that women tend to trim around their bikini lines.

Take Care when Trimming Around Your Balls

Testicles are highly sensitive, and the pain of getting hit in the balls is the most excruciating thing that most men will ever experience in their life. So, it makes sense that you are extra careful when it comes to manscaping around your testicles. It’s not all about the pain of cutting or nicking your testicles, but the skin of your scrotum has all kinds of nooks and crannies that may trap bacteria.

Even a minor cut or a laceration can attract bacteria and will result in horrific conditions that you don’t want to deal with. The bottom line is that you must be very careful when you’re trimming your testicles. Use your non-dominant hand to pull the skin taut before you begin trimming. If you do slip and cause a nick or cut, immediately wash that area with soap and warm water.

Also, apply alcohol, and even though it is going to sting, it will prevent infection and a trip to the emergency room as well.

Why Use a Pubic Trimmer Instead of Regular Trimming Tools?

Most men who have decided to become part of the pubic-trimming trend think they have all the tools they need to go about manscaping their man parts. However, the standard scissor, a razor, and the shaver/trimmer you use for your beard or mustache don’t count.

That’s a mistake because even though you may snip through your jungle with a pair of scissors, they are not the only tool you need for trimming your pubic hair. For that purpose, here are a few reasons why you need a trimmer that is designed for the job and isn’t one that you will use on your face:

You Need an Easy-To-Handle trimmer

There are various areas that require trimming in and around your pubic region, the hair above your penis is the main part of your man forest, but there is an area under the penis, and one above your testicles, along with other hard-to-reach areas.

So, you need a trimmer that’s easy to maneuver and not bulky like most shavers and trimmers designed for the face and the beard. You want a lightweight trimmer that you can grip firmly and use around your groin without cutting or nicking the skin.

Don’t Pass Bacteria to Other Body Parts

Your pubic area isn’t a breeding ground of bacteria, but there is plenty of it down there. When you think about it for a second, why would you want to use the same tool that you used to trim your groin area and apply that to your face? You run the risk of passing on that bacteria to your face, and it’s not hygienic or sound practice at all.


When buying a pubic trimmer, our advice is to make your choice wisely. There’s a lot at stake, and to be honest, there is an extensive range of options available in the market. Most of them are quite good at trimming pubic hair, which is good news, and we reviewed 5 of the top ones that are in the market currently.

It’s important that you go through the buying guide that we shared in this article as it will help make a choice easier for you to find the right trimmer for yourself. As always, have fun and come back later to this article if you still haven’t found your ideal pubic trimmer for manscaping in 2022. Good luck.


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