The Best Ring Lights in 2022

If you just hate how your selfies turn out or want to look absolutely perfect on your video blog, you definitely are in need of a ring light.

These lights are portable, easy to use, adjustable, and mimic daylight perfectly.

With a proper ring light, your photos will always be perfect, your makeup will look impeccable, and you will look great on all of your selfies.

Ring Light

We tried over 20 of these ring lights and came up with our top list for 2022 for you.

The Neewer ring light kit came up first on our list, but we have several top picks that are all worthy of your attention.

Best overall

Neewer 18-inch SMD LED Ring Light Lighting Kit

The Neewer 18 inch dimmable SMD LED ring light kit is our overall favorite of all ring lights we have tested so far this year.

This light kit is perfect for vloggers, wedding photographers, or for those of you who want to take those perfect selfies every time.

Thanks to the adjustable height and brightness of this light, you can adjust it to find the perfect illumination and highlight the beauty of the subject you are photographing or filming, be it someone else or yourself.

The ring light kit includes an 18 inch LED ring light, a white and orange filter set, an adjustable stand, a rotating phone holder, a hot shoe adapter, a power adapter, a power plug, and a carrying bag for the light.

The light kit is suitable both for outdoor and indoor photography and video recording.

The 18 inch SMD LED ring light has 240 LED bulbs which all can be dimmed from 1 to 100 percent, so you can always find the perfect lighting you need for that perfect shot.

It is excellent for live Vlogging, fashion, advertisement, portrait, wedding, and other photography and video shooting.

The light is very portable as it is light and comes with a carry bag.

The hot shoe adapter will keep the phone holder or camera firmly installed onto the light.

Thanks to the two included filters for white and orange light, you can enhance the skin tone of your subject, soften it with the white ones, and change the color temperature via the orange filter.

The stand is made of very sturdy aluminum alloy and can be adjusted in height from 36.2 to 78.7 inches. Thanks to the three-leg design, the stand will remain stable and won’t wobble during the photo or video shooting session. Once you are done, you can fold it up easily and transport it or store it hassle-free.

The phone holder can be rotated from landscape to portrait mode easily without having to remove the phone. It fits most smartphone models and can be used with the stand or with a separate tripod.

Thanks to the special SMD LED design, a constant power current is ensured to keep the lighting consistent throughout the shooting session.

The 240 LED bulbs work at 55W, and the light has a color temperature of 5500K. The total illumination provided is 4800LM, with an 83+ Color rendering index.

You will love the way your photos and videos turn out once you start using this highly adjustable ring light kit, no matter what kind of light conditions you are filming in, and where you choose to use it.

Best runner-up

Trumagine Selfie Ring Light For Video Shooting

The 8 inches LED light is 24W and has 120 LED beads which are dimmable from 1 to 100 percent and have a long life of about 100,000 hours. The 5500K color temperature will remove any unflattering shadows from your face and is perfect for applying makeup, as well as for selfies, vlogs, or portrait photography.

The light ring doesn’t flicker, and the bulbs won’t burn or hum during use. Also, you can carry it around without burning yourself.

The Trumagine light can work with both smartphones and DSLR cameras. It comes with a mount for either of the two options you prefer.

The set also includes a desktop bracket, a mirror for makeup application, a mini tripod, a phone clip, and a power adapter.

The lampshade acts like a soft diffuser that will protect your eyes from the strong glare.

Thanks to the adjustable and rotating swing arm, you can find that perfect lighting during a photo or video shoot.

You can turn the light off via the control knob on the base.

This 8-inch ring light can be used on a desk or on a tripod and is the perfect inexpensive ring light to have for makeup, Vlogging, selfies, or portraits.

Best budget option

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light

You will look flawless whenever you feel the urge to take a selfie, no matter what time it is and what the lighting conditions are.

It is small and easy to clip on your phone to provide you with the best lighting possible no matter where you are.

It has a soft sponge on the clip, so don’t worry about scratching your smartphone or about it falling off.

You can also use it as a bright emergency light or as a torch when it is dark outside. The portable ring light is rechargeable, and its 36 LED lights are long-lasting and can be adjusted to three different levels of brightness. The light can work for up to 8 hours per charge.

Its weight is just 1.5oz, so you can carry it in your pocket or purse without any problems.

The color temperature of this affordable and portable ring light is 5600k, and it is definitely a much better option than any flash on any smartphone there is.

It is an excellent option not only for taking selfies but also for making live videos, applying makeup, or taking pictures of other people or objects, no matter what the ambient lighting is. You can clip it on your laptop for a video chat or conference video calls too.

And here are the rest of our top picks for 2022

Ubeesize 8″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

This 8-inch selfie ring from Ubeesize is a highly adjustable light that can be used in any light conditions and for all circumstances without the need for filters or other gear.


  • The ring light has a diameter of 8 inches
  • Has 3 color modes – white, yellow, and warm white
  • The brightness level can be adjusted in 11 positions for each color mode.
  • The steady tripod stand can be adjusted from a height of 17.5 inches up to 51 inches and can be placed on the desk or on the floor.
  • The stand can be used as a selfie stick as well.
  • The stand holds the ring light and the smartphone together, which is perfect for hands-free Vlogging, selfies, and video recording.
  • The holder can fit all smartphones and can rotate at 360 degrees for a landscape or portrait or other orientation.
  • Powered by USB, you don’t need batteries or to charge it
  • The light comes with a Bluetooth remote control you can take pictures from up to 30 ft. away

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UBeesize Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder Stand

This selfie ring light by Ubeesize is another affordable and multi-functional light for live streaming videos, applying makeup, or for all kinds of close-up photography and filming.


  • Excellent light for videos and chat via a smartphone or laptop
  • The stand is a 24 inch long, strong and flexible gooseneck that you can bend into any shape or angle
  • Comes with a bracket clip that can rotate at 360 degrees and can be clipped onto anything so you can use it hands-free
  • The light has 3 light color adjustments (white, yellow, and blend)
  • The brightness can be adjusted at one of the 10 available levels
  • The light is USB powered and comes with a 55 inch USB cable
  • The phone holder is compatible with most smartphones which are up to 3.6 inches wide and has a non-slip rubber back clip which will prevent your phone from being scratched
  • The 12W LED lights are 24 – 12 warm and 12 cold
  • The light is available in white, black, pink, and in a black version with remote control.

Emart 18-inch Ring Light with Stand, LED Lights Ring with Ultra-wide Lighting Area


  • The color temperature of the light can be adjusted from 3200k up to 5500k, so there is no need for color filters.
  • The brightness can be dimmed from 10% to 100%
  • The outer diameter of the ring light is 14 inches, but it is also available in a larger 18-inch version.
  • Sold with a hot shoe adapter which is compatible with smartphones with a width of 55 to 78mm as well as with DSLR cameras
  • Perfect for YouTube videos, portrait photography, selfies, macro photo shooting, applying makeup, and others
  • Fitted with 360 SMD LED beads.
  • The outer shell is made of ABS and transmits the light with a soft and continuous light.
  • Safe for the eyes
  • The light mimics natural light.
  • The Luminux flux is 4000LM, and the Color rendering index is 90+
  • The stand is made of strong aluminum alloy and can be adjusted in height up to 6 ft.
  • The stand is stable and can rotate to any position and angle
  • The set includes the ring light, the stand, a soft tube, a phone holder, a charger plug, and a carry bag

Final Words

A ring light is a simple but ingenious invention in the era when everybody wants to take the perfect selfie, or look good on live video, on photos, or during a video call.

Ring lights emit natural-like light evenly on the face, so there are no shadows, no grains, and a more 3-dimensional look, no matter what the lighting around you is.

These lights are also excellent for ensuring that your makeup is applied evenly and with taste. It is the perfect lighting to have you shoot makeup video tutorials.

The ring ride is pretty simple to set up and use, unlike other complicated and expensive video and photography lighting equipment.

You just need to set it up around the camera or smartphone, adjust it, and start shooting. A good quality ring light will emit the same brightness and color of light continuously during a photo session or while you are shooting a video.

We have picked a number of different ring lights for every need. Some are portable and can be carried around in the pocket, and others are larger and come with adjustable stands, with phone holders.

So, go ahead and pick the one which will suit your needs best and prepare to be amazed at the quality of your videos or photos of yourself, of the portraits that you shoot, as well as of any photo that you take in any lighting condition.

We hope that you will enjoy the benefits of owning one of these inexpensive, durable, and versatile lights which you can use as a regular or emergency light, a torch, or whenever you need a source of bright light at home or outdoors.

Good luck with your purchase, and prepare to see your face without those unsightly shades which always seem to appear when you are posing for the perfect selfie! With a good ring light, this will never be the case again!

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