Top 5 Samsung Security Cameras 2022

Looking for an affordable and reliable security camera for your home, office, or for any other need?  We recommend Samsung’s security cameras to everyone who wants to make sure that their money is well spent and that no suspicious action will remain unnoticed on your premises.

Even though you probably know Samsung for its smartphones and TVs, the truth is that the South Korean tech giant produces just about anything, including surveillance systems, baby monitors, and security cameras.

Not only that but our top pick – the Samsung SDC-9443BC bullet camera happens to be one of the greatest ones in this range, which we have tested in 2022.

Here is our top list of 5 Samsung security cameras, sets of cameras, and surveillance systems that you can buy in 2022.

Samsung SDC-9443BC HD Bullet Camera – Set of 4

The Samsung SDC-9443BC HD weatherproof camera is one of the most popular models from Samsung for a wide variety of reasons.

The SDC-9443BC has been designed and built to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, which makes it perfect for your outdoor security camera no matter where you live.

It is IP66 enclosure protection rated, so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged or stopping functioning during heavy rain or snowfall.

This excellent camera will deliver a crisp-clear video with a Full HD 1080p resolution, and will even keep the area covered when it is dark, thanks to its clear nighttime recording ability. Its night vision extends to up to 130ft.

You can install each of the four cameras anywhere outside your home or other premises, and be certain that any intrusion or trespassing will be duly detected, no matter how bad the weather is and how dark it is outside.

The SDC-9443 BC camera from Samsung is compatible with all of Samsung’s 1080 Full HD Video Security Systems (including SDH-C74040, SDH-B74041, SDH-B74081, SDH-C75080, and SDH-C75100), so you can use it to further widen the network of cameras you have installed as part of your home or business security system. In fact, the camera kit works with any DVR that is BNC analog, so they are pretty universal too.

This is an IR bullet-type camera that is weather-resistant and offers Full HD quality and perfect color reproduction during the day and night.

The SDC-9443BC has a wide field of view angle of 105 degrees.

The pack includes all of the 4 x 18m CCTV cables necessary for connecting the cameras, so you won’t need to shop for these separately. All you will need to do is connect them to your existing wiring and power adapters and you are set to go.

The cameras are made with solid metal housing and have padded brackets to avoid damage to your walls or other surfaces.

This affordable and very reliable Samsung security camera kit is suitable for larger homes or for those of you who need to set up multiple cameras without breaking the bank.

They are excellent for those of you who are used to using analog video systems but want to have access to the video via your smartphone or other devices too.

Overall, they offer an advantage of local DVR storage combined with the convenience of remote monitoring too!

At this price, and for the quality provided, this set is definitely the right way to go if you need a great set of outdoor surveillance cameras at a budget-friendly price!

Best single Samsung security camera

Samsung SDC-9441BC 1080p Full HD Weatherproof IR Camera

It is compact and allows for easy and discreet installation in any environment with its through-the-mount cable, which will prevent tampering with the wiring, and also makes the mounting easy and neat looking.

The camera is rated for IP66 weather resistance, so you can set it up outside, no matter what the weather conditions are like in your area. It will withstand rain, snow, and sleet, as well as high temperatures. It will operate in temperatures from 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels of up to 90%.

It will record in Full HD 1280 x 1080p resolution in real-time, so you will be able to see even the smallest details in case of an intrusion or another incident around or in your property.

It has a ½.9 inch 2M CMOS imaging device and can record video at a progressive frame rate of 30fps for NTSC and 25fps for PAL. It has a 4mm focal lens with a 4x zoom and an auto shutter mode. It will record videos in MPEG-4 AVC auto compression format.

This Samsung security camera has a wide viewing angle of 100 degrees, which is much wider than the traditional angle of 70-75 or other security cameras. This means that your camera will capture a much wider perimeter than other cameras.

Thanks to its built-in motion detection sensor, no movement will remain unnoticed by this smart camera.

This high-quality camera by Samsung also has a high-quality night vision with a range of up to 82 feet in complete darkness. It features a True Day and Night mode with an ICR mechanism allowing for vibrant, bright, and colorful images and videos during the day, and the clearest night vision images among most cameras in this range.

Thanks to its built-in 3D NR technology, the camera will automatically reduce any digital noise, which often causes ghosting or blurring in night vision and low light conditions.

This top-quality Samsung security camera is 5.61 x 2.44 x 2.43 inches in size and weighs 0.42 lbs. It comes with a power adaptor, a 60 foot BNC cable, and plastic anchors and screws for mounting it. The Samsung SDC-9441BC is compatible with most of Samsung’s DVRs.

Best Samsung Smart Wi-Fi camera

Samsung SNH-V6414BN Wi-Fi IP SmartCam

It can provide 1080p Full HD video streaming or playback directly on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Its 130 degrees extra-wide viewing angle will capture everything in the room, so you will always have a full and clear picture of what is going on, no matter where you are.

Thanks to the two-way talk function of the SmartCam, you will be able to listen to what is going on, and talk back to your children, family members, and even to your pets even if you are at work, traveling or not home or in the room.

The camera has night vision capabilities of up to 32 feet, and flaunts advanced motion and audio detection features, to alert you when somebody or something has entered the area, or when a sound or voice is heard there.

This IP camera is very easy to set up and use. You only need to plug in the USB cable adapter in the wall power outlet, and the camera will turn on. As soon as you download the Samsung SmartCam app on your phone or tablet you will be prompted to set up a user account. Once you have registered you just need to follow the easy-to-understand directions on-screen for the wireless setup of your SmartCam. You will be asked to enter the serial number of your camera for secure pairing and then to enter your home Wi-Fi password to actually connect it to your home network. As soon as everything is ready, a green indicator light will let you know that the Wi-Fi camera is connected. After that, you can set up and customize the alerts for motion and audio events for which you will receive notifications for.

The useful app will allow you to live view what is going on at home or to playback recordings of alarms or other recordings.

You can also choose whether or not you want to use the night vision of the camera, and whether you want continuous recording or not via the app.

The camera comes with a 16GB micro SD card, but you can expand the storage space up to 128GB. You can also choose a loop recording function, which will overwrite older recordings in case the storage becomes full.

Overall, this Wi-Fi security camera from Samsung is an excellent choice if you want a baby monitor, a nanny cam, a camera to watch over sick or elderly relatives, or simply a way to make sure that everything is ok at home. You can watch and listen in real-time, and speak with your loved ones whenever you choose to thanks to the two-way audio of the camera.

We strongly recommend this reliable smart camera to anyone who wants to keep a constant eye on what is going on at home from just about anywhere.

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Best budget

Samsung SDC-9443BC HD Weatherproof Camera

This affordable camera can shoot in a Full HD 1080p resolution and with perfect color reproduction both during the day and the night. The IRC night vision is able to detect and film objects and people in a range of up to 130ft.

The camera is IP66 weatherproof and waterproof and has a viewing angle of 105 degrees, so you can place it in front of your door or another vulnerable area on your property and make sure that it captures everything that is going on outside your home for peace of mind.

You can use this camera with a wide range of Samsung DVR recording systems, including SDH-B73043, SDH-B74041, SDH- B74081, SDH-C74083, SDH-C75101, SDH-C75083, and SDH-C85100.

You can set-up up to 4 privacy zones so that the camera doesn’t trigger a motion alert or start recording if non-significant movements, in particular, are detected every time your dog decides to go out to the backyard, for example.

You can get 24/7 access to your SDC-9443BC camera from anywhere thanks to the nifty WiseView app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, as well as for MAC and PC computers.

The camera has a solid metal casing that will protect the lens and will keep it shooting and watching for intruders for years to come.

The picture provided by the camera is pretty impressive for a device of this range and price. You can adjust it to the position you want easily, and thanks to the wide view of the camera, you can ensure that no zone in the area remains hidden and potentially vulnerable to attacks.

You can set up this Samsung bullet camera anywhere you want easily. It works perfectly well indoors and outside and will complement your home video surveillance system brilliantly and at a very affordable price.

Best dome camera from Samsung

Samsung SCV-2080R Security Dome Camera

The Samsung SCV-2080R is an excellent dome-type surveillance camera which you can mount anywhere you want – inside or out.

It has a very high resolution of 600TV lines, and 700TV lines when used in black and white mode. The camera can capture any motion in the range of 99ft. in pitch black conditions thanks to its reliable IR technology.

It has a 3.6x varifocal lens with an auto iris for a large viewing angle and a large coverage area. It is IP66 waterproof and weather-resistant, so there is no need to fret if it is wet, snowy, humid, or scorching hot out there.

It can be powered both by 12V DC power and 24V AC power source or outlet. It can be flush or surface mounted.

Both the day and night operation of this dome camera is enhanced by the ICR and SSDR dynamic range enhancement which will provide you with a clear picture of what is going on in the area you are monitoring.

It has very precise motion detection and privacy masking and allows for a handy remote setup via RS-485 or coaxial cable communications.

Overall, this is a rugged Samsung security camera that will withstand the test of time and will capture any object in the area without any blind spots. You can also set-up up to 12 privacy zones so that the camera does not trigger motion alerts for them.

Features to look for when buying a Samsung security camera

Samsung is best known for making smartphones and TVs, but the truth is, the company produces a wide range of small and large technologies starting from microchips and ending with airplanes. The security cameras and surveillance systems made by Samsung have also been recognized as one of the leaders on the market by both the end customers and by security system experts.

But how do you choose which camera or surveillance system is perfect for your needs? Here are some of the features to look for when you are shopping for a Samsung surveillance camera or system.

Corded vs. wireless

Most of our top picks are corded, but we have included the nifty Wi-Fi SmartCam as well, for those of you who need an IP security camera rather than one which is corded.

The wireless option still requires that it is plugged into a power source, but after that, it connects to your Wi-Fi network and you get access to it via your computer or mobile device. The downside is that the camera has a limited storage space and that it relies on the wireless network connection to send you alerts or allow you to watch a video or listen to audio at home in real-time. This means that if for any reason the Wi-Fi network stops working, your access to the camera will be lost.

Corded cameras and security systems do require that the cameras are plugged in the power outlets and need to be connected to the recording device (DVR or NVR) too. But cable connections are still more reliable, and the recording devices such as the one included in our choice for the best surveillance system – the Samsung Wisenet system, has a capacity of storing up to 1TB of video recordings.

You can always add more compatible cameras such as our top choice – the Samsung SDC-9443BC to your existing system, in order to further improve the security of your home.

One camera or a set of cameras

We have picked one security system, including an 8-channel Super HD DVR with a set of four cameras, and a set of the same bullet cameras as two of our top choices for Samsung security cameras for 2022.

Of course, the more cameras you have set up, the better and larger the coverage of your video surveillance system will be.

Still, not everybody requires complete coverage of large home or outdoor areas, which is why we have picked several individual cameras for you which can be used alone, or along with other cameras too.

Our choice for the top dome camera has an ultra-wide viewing angle which means that it could be sufficient to monitor an entire room or outdoor area. The SmartCam is suitable for monitoring a smaller room or area. The bullet cameras we picked for you also have wide viewing angles, offer excellent night vision and have a high motion detection precision as well.

So, whether you choose to use a single security camera or a whole army of cameras is entirely up to you and depends on your needs, the size, and setting of your home, as well as on your budget of course.

Storage options

The Wi-Fi SmartCam has a micro SD slot that can work with a card of up to 128GB, which is quite a bit of storage space. It also has an option of loop recording, which means that the camera will overwrite old recordings if it runs out of storage space. The DVR in the Samsung Wisenet security system has storage of 1TB, which of course means that you can record continuously for longer and that you can store much more alert-triggered recordings before having to clean up the storage space.

So, depending on your preferences, you can choose a camera that has its own storage capabilities, or a camera that sends the signal to a recording device with much more storage space.

Of course, in both cases the recordings can be backed up to other storage solutions, so just pick the type which works for you.

Night vision

All of the cameras which we have selected for you have night vision, but the scope is different, which can make a huge difference, depending on where you set the cameras and how big the area being monitored is.

Our favorite SDC-9443BC bullet camera has excellent night vision capabilities which can capture any movements in a range of up to 130ft. The SCV-2080R dome camera has an IRC night vision range of up to 100ft., and the SmartCam will see and record objects and people in the dark located up to 30ft from it. although the picture of all of these cameras is excellent both day and night, if you are looking for a camera to oversee a larger area, you may want to go with our top choice, budget choice, and runner-up – the 4 piece set, the surveillance system with 4 cameras and the single-camera offer for Samsung bullet security camera – the SDC-9443BC.

If you need a camera for a smaller room, the SmartCam Wi-Fi camera is another excellent and very convenient wireless option too.

Field of view

The viewing angle of a security camera is very significant, because the wider it is – the larger the area it will capture. For a more panoramic view, choose the Samsung SCV-2080R dome camera which has the widest viewing angle.

The SmartCam also has an ultra-wide view of about 130 degrees, while as being bullet cameras, our top picks have a slightly smaller viewing angle, but if properly mounted and combined they can cover entire perimeters without any blind spots or areas.


All cameras in our list have motion detection and will trigger alerts to your device or to the recording system to start recording if any movement is sensed. The different cameras have different ranges for their motion sensors. The SmartCam even has an audio sensor, and you can set up alerts if a sound or voice is heard as well. The other security cameras which we have picked can be set up to have up to 12 privacy zones, which will help you eliminate certain zones which should not trigger alerts, in case you have a pet, or for other reasons to eliminate the number of notifications you get as well as to save storage space for recording all of these false alerts and events.

Outdoor or indoor

Our top selections from the range of Samsung cameras offered in 2022 are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with the exception of the Wi-Fi SmartCam, which is for indoor use only. Apart from it, the other cameras on our list are weatherproof, so they will withstand rain, shine, snow, or dust.

Ease of installation and use

All of the cameras we have selected are easy to install, although setting up the Wi-Fi camera is the easiest because it can just be placed on a desk, table and plugged into a power socket.

The wireless camera is a better option if you want a mobile security camera which you can move from room to room or from one area to another, but the bullet cameras on our list are also adjustable so you don’t have to worry about not getting the exact angle you wanted once you have mounted them to the wall or ceiling either.

The bullet and dome security cameras we picked do require mounting, but they come will all of the mounting equipment you will need, as well as the cables and detailed instructions for installation and use.

You just need to make sure that if you choose to buy one or more of these cameras separately, they are compatible with your DVR or NVR system if you want to be able to record the video surveillance.

All cameras and security systems from Samsung are easy to set up and use. Thanks to the useful Samsung security system and camera apps (WiseView and SmartCam), you can easily adjust the settings via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Final Words

Hopefully, we have helped you make up your mind about the best Samsung security camera, set of cameras, or entire surveillance systems you need.

All of Samsung’s video surveillance cameras are of top quality, durable, and very reliable. Of course, you should pick the one or more cameras you need in accordance with your personal needs, but we are pretty sure that whichever one you choose.

You will be incredibly satisfied with your purchase after you see just how easy they are to install, set up, and use, and after you see how precise they are in capturing motion and watching over your property!

Stay safe and enjoy a whole new level of safety and peace of mind with your new home Samsung security camera!

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