Best Small Air Conditioners of 2021

Do you live in a tight space or have a small budget but still want to feel cool and comfortable during the scorching hot summer days?

A premium quality small air conditioner like the top-rated Ivation 14,000 BTU portable AC is an excellent alternative to a static and large-sized air conditioner that needs to be mounted permanently on a window, wall, ceiling, or floor.

Small Air Conditioner

We have chosen the top small air conditioners for 2021 for you. They are compact, portable, and cheaper than traditional ACs and most of them have multiple functions including dehumidifying, air circulation, air cleaning, and even heating.

With a good quality small air conditioner, you will save money for buying several separate appliances or a large air conditioner, and you will also save space, and be able to set your cooler up by yourself, wherever you need it.

Read on to find out more about these clever small-sized cooling devices.

Best overall

Ivation 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The overall favorite small air conditioner is actually a multipurpose appliance, as it is both an AC unit and a dehumidifier in one.

The versatile small air conditioner is perfect for cooling and dehumidifying rooms or other areas up to 500 square feet.

The size of this portable air conditioner is 17.5 (W) x 28.75 (H) x 14.5 (D) inches, and it weighs 66.4 lbs.

It may be small-sized but this small air conditioner has a 14,000 BTU cooling capacity and can remove up to 120 pints of moisture from the air per day.

The cooling power of the Ivation IVAPAC14BTU is 1535W, and it has an airflow of 206 CFM.

The compact cooling and dehumidifying appliance have easy roll caster wheels, so you can move it from one room to another when needed.

The air conditioner comes with a window kit and hoses for extracting the hot air from the room, which works for windows up to 58 inches, with either horizontal or vertical opening.

The dehumidifier can collect the moisture from the air in its integrated 1.5L water reservoir, or can be connected with a hose to a drain for continuous use without the need of manual emptying of the water tank.

If you decide to rely on the tank you don’t need to worry about spills or overflowing, as this clever device has an indicator that will inform you when it is time to empty it.

The sleek design of the Ivation combined air conditioner and a dehumidifier will fit in perfectly with any décor.

Its fan is located on the top of the unit, so the cool and dehumidifier air can circulate quickly throughout the room. You can also adjust the direction of the fan, as needed as well.

The device comes with a convenient remote control, and also has an advanced LCD control panel allowing you to easily set the desired mode, fan speed, temperature, switch on the Turbo cool function, choose the Sleep mode, set the timer, turn on the child safety lock, switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or move the My Temp sensor thermostat to the remote control.

It also has a useful Auto mode which will maintain the temperatures automatically below 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can use the unit either as an air conditioner or as a dehumidifier whenever you prefer.

The Ivation small air conditioner operates very quietly at only 55 dB at the highest speed.

The finest small air conditioner for 2021 is a multifunctional, easy to set up, and easy-to-use portable appliance which will save you the money and space of having to invest in a traditional AC and in a dehumidifier.

It comes with everything you need to set it up and is highly efficient in cooling and dehumidifying all kinds of indoor spaces up to 500 square feet.

The runner-up

hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The second-best small air conditioner for 2021 is also a combined appliance that can both cool and dehumidify. It has a 14,000 BTU cooling capacity and is suitable for rooms sized from 550 to 700 square feet.

The dehumidifier can remove 100 pints of moisture from the air every 24 hours.

This portable small air conditioner by hOmeLabs is very easy to install and move around.

Its size is 17.9 x 15 x 30.7 inches, and it has casters that you can use to roll it around from one room to another.

All you need to do is to attach the exhaust hose and the window slide adapter to a window and plug the unit in, and you are set to go. It works perfectly with double-hung windows which are up to 48 inches in width. The package also includes foam seals to keep the connection airtight.

Since it doesn’t have a water tank, you will need to attach the included hose to a drain, in order to use the appliance as a dehumidifier as well.

The hOmeLabs air conditioner and dehumidifier is an ideal option for people with dust, pet or pollen allergies, asthma, and other health problems, as it makes the air easier to breathe, and also cleans it from pollutants.

The filter is washable, and an indicator light will let you know when it is time to wash it.

The control panel is intuitive and easy to use, and you will also receive a remote control, so you can toggle the settings without getting up.

You can easily set the desired temperature, switch among the different modes, adjust the speed of the fan, choose the eco-friendly sleep feature, or choose any of the other useful functions.

This versatile small air conditioner will save you money for purchasing and installing a traditional AC unit and a dehumidifier separately.

It also can easily be moved from one room to another, and will not only cool and dehumidify the air in your home, but will clean it, and will help prevent the growth of mildew, mold, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms in your home

Best budget-friendly option

AmazonBasics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

If you are on a tight budget but can really use some cooling down in the hot summer days, we recommend the great budget-friendly small air conditioner for 2021 – the AmazonBasics Window-Mounted AC.

The inexpensive air conditioner costs less than $150 and with its 5,000 BTU can successfully keep cool any room which is up to 150 square feet, with standard 9-foot ceilings.

Thanks to its compact size, and space-saving window installation, this affordable small air conditioner is the perfect choice for small rooms, dorm rooms, RVs, and any other limited spaces.

The AmazonBasics small air conditioner has an air filter which will also keep the air inside clean. The filter is removable and washable so you don’t have to worry about needing to buy expensive replacements.

The unit is sold with a window mounting kit, and with side panels that can adjust to fit all standard-sized windows. It also comes with sealing foam and detailed instructions.

It can easily and safely be installed on windows that are from 14 (H) x 23 (W) inches up to 36 x 26 inches.

The unit has simple to set mechanical controls located on its front. You can choose among the 7 different temperature settings, the two fan speeds, the fan direction settings, and the dual cooling option, as well as set the 24-hour timer, adjust the direction of the airflow, and others.

The small air conditioner has a useful auto-restart function which will allow the unit to automatically start operating after a power failure.

The size of this window-mounted small air conditioner is only 16 x 13.2 x 12.1 inches, it weighs 35.3 lbs. and it has a 6.5-foot power cord.

This inexpensive compact AC unit is an excellent option for small rooms and tight spaces. It costs a fraction of what larger air conditioners cost and can serve as a cooler, a dehumidifier, and an air purifier all in one.

It is easy to set up and use and is energy efficient. Plus, its air filter can be washed and reused so you will not need to pay more for replacement filters later on.

The rest of the best

MIDEA MPF10CR81-E Portable Air Conditioner 10000 BTU Easycool

The Midea Easycool 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner is compact, easy to move around, and can efficiently be used as a cooler, a dehumidifier, or a fan for rooms up to 150 square feet.

Key features:

  • 10,000 BTU suitable for cooling rooms and areas up to 150 square feet
  • The size of the portable air conditioner is 17.13 x 13 x 29.13 inches and weighs 65.3 lbs.
  • Can be used as a dehumidifier as well as a fan too
  • An easy to read LED control panel on top of the unit
  • You can set the mode, the fan speed, the timer, the temperature setting, the sleep function with a press of a button
  • It also has a convenient remote control
  • The small air conditioner can keep temperatures from 62 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The air conditioner has an integrated Follow Me sensor which will adjust the temperature according to your proximity to the unit
  • It has an indicator light that will let you know when it is time to wash the air filter which is washable and reusable
  • It cleans the air from airborne particles and allergens
  • It has a sleep mode and an energy-saving eco-mode
  • The added adjustable window bracket can easily fit window openings from 26.5 to 48 inches
  • It has a 59-inch clip-on drain hose for the dehumidifier function
  • Very easy to install, so you can move it around to wherever you need it
  • Works with sliding and hung windows
  • It has built-in caster wheels for easy portability and maneuvering
  • It operates quietly with a minimum noise level of 52 and a maximum of 53.4 decibels
  • The unit comes with a 1-year worldwide warranty by Midea

Friedrich ZonAire Compact Portable Single Hose Air Conditioner

This super portable small air conditioner can also be used as a heater and a dehumidifier, so it really a 3-in-1 device that will save you the space and the money for buying three separate appliances.

Key features:

  • 3-in-1 functionality – it can be used as a cooling AC, a heater, and as a dehumidifier
  • An innovative design that allows for cooling from one side and heating from the other via the ingenious heat clip
  • It is designed to be easy to move around and set up and has a nifty snap and store hose storage underneath the unit
  • It also has two antimicrobial air filters which are easy to take out, wash and return
  • It has a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU but is also offered in a smaller 8,000 BTU variant
  • You can set the timer for 24 hours ahead for both the cooling and the dehumidifying option
  • There are 4 fan speeds to choose from via the rotary dial
  • An easy to view LCD and control panel
  • There is a remote control for more convenient control of the settings from a distance
  • The sleep function will allow you to sleep peacefully and will also save energy
  • The size of the appliance is 25 x 16 x 33.2 inches, and it weighs 55.1 lbs.
  • It has wheels for easy mobility
  • All hoses and accessories needed for its set up are included in the package

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Hunter Fan Company HPAC-12C150 Hunter 12,000 BTU

The Hunter Fan Company portable and the small air conditioner have the capacity to keep the air in rooms and areas as big as 400 square feet cool, well circulated, and dehumidified.

Key features:

  • A powerful 12,000 BTU cooling capacity and can be used in areas of up to 400 square feet
  • It works as an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, and a fan
  • The appliance has a self-evaporative function which vents the excess moisture from the air and removes it via the window exhaust
  • The dehumidifier can remove about 2.96 pints of moisture per hour
  • It comes with an easy to set up window installation kit
  • It can be installed on vertical or horizontal sliding windows from 18 to 50 inches
  • The appliance has 3 modes: cool, fan, and dry
  • You can easily adjust its built-in thermostat to the temperature you prefer via the control panel on top or via the remote control
  • The temperature can be adjusted between 61 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A temperature sensing remote will adjust the temperature in the room until you feel comfortable
  • The easy to read LED display makes it easy to see and adjust the settings
  • There is an 8-hour sleep timer option
  • The air filter is washable and reusable
  • The air discharge louvers can be adjusted to the direction you prefer
  • It has sturdy caster wheels and a comfortable transport handle for easy maneuverability and mobility
  • It provides very quiet operation with 55dB at the highest fan speed setting
  • The device is sold with all of the exhaust hoses, windows adapters and slider section panels, and screws you will need for a quick and easy setup
  • The size of the small air conditioner is 12.8 x 17 x 27.5 inches, and it weighs 78 lbs.

EdgeStar AP14001HS Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

This elegant black and silver small air conditioner will fit into your interior perfectly, and will keep you nice and cool throughout the summer, and can help keep you nice and warm in the winter too.

Key features:

  • A 14,000 BTU cooling capacity suitable for rooms and homes up to 525 square feet
  • It comes with an extendable up to 49 inches exhaust hose, and a window kit for windows up to 34 inches
  • It uses separate hoses for intake and exhaust for stable air pressure and a 40% faster cooling rate – both are included in the package
  • You can choose from the 3 available fan speeds
  • The size of the portable combined air conditioner, heater, and dehumidifier is 35 x 18.75 x 15.75 inches, and it weighs 75 lbs.
  • The thermostat can be set to temperatures from 61 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The unit is energy efficient, and it has an eco-friendly 24-hour timer
  • The dehumidifier can remove up to 85 pints of moisture from the air per 24 hours
  • It doesn’t use ozone-damaging refrigerant and is RoHS compliant
  • The auto-restart function will switch the unit back on after a power failure automatically
  • It has casters for easy mobility
  • It has a sleek and contemporary design that will compliment your décor
  • The appliance has a carbon filter

Keystone Eco-Friendly 14,000 BTU Portable Indoor Air Conditioner

This powerful portable small air conditioner will keep the air cool and dehumidified in rooms and homes of up to 700 square feet, without the hassle of installing an air conditioner on the window or on the wall, ceiling or floor permanently.

Key features:

  • A BTU of 14,000 can cool areas of up to 700 square feet
  • A no-bucket dehumidifier function to keep the air easy to breathe, and the home safe from harmful microorganisms
  • The dehumidifier has a capacity of 3 pints of water per hour
  • The unit has 3 cooling speeds, and 3 fan speeds to choose from
  • It also has adjustable airflow for added comfort, as well as an auto-swing function
  • The sleep mode will allow you to sleep comfortably as the device gradually increases the temperature while you sleep
  • The Follow Me temperature sensor will adjust the temperature depending on your proximity to the portable AC
  • An easy program a 24-hour timer
  • The appliance has side handles and castor wheels for easy mobility
  • The air filter is washable and can be reused over and over again without a need for replacement
  • The flexible exhaust hose makes it easy to set up and move
  • The electronic controls and LED display are easy to read and adjust
  • The auto-restart function will switch the device on at the last settings after a power failure
  • The size of the portable powerful small air conditioner is 30 x 17 x 16 inches, and it weighs 75 lbs.


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