Best Under Desk Bikes of 2021

If you want to add more movement to your daily routine, but find it difficult because of the long hours you spend working on a desk, a good quality under desk bike like our top choice – the DeskCycle 2 can help you resolve this problem.

We have picked the greatest desk bikes for you, so you can choose the one which will suit your needs and fit into your budget.

You will find that you are much less stressed, much more efficient and that those extra pounds start melting when you train with one for a few days.

Our overall favorite

DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Exercise Bike

The DeskCycle 2  is our top favorite workout device for exercising while working for 2021.  We picked it because unlike some other under the desk cycles, this one is suitable for all types of desks – high and low. The lowest desk you can use the DeskCycle 2 with is 27 inches.

Thanks to the smooth and quiet magnetic resistance pedal function you can work out at work without disturbing your colleagues or drawing attention to yourself. Plus, this technology will entice you to keep on cycling subconsciously and without the motion disturbing your work performance or concentration either.

The magnetic resistance is combined with a precision flywheel, which has an effective weight of 40 lbs.

You can also use this compact cycling workout device at home while you are watching TV, playing games, or doing other things while sitting down. it is especially suitable for people who have injuries or joint problems and cannot engage in high impact exercising and cardio.

The DeskCycle 2 has a very wide resistance range, including 8 different levels which are pre-calibrated and can be easily adjusted so that you get moving while working easily if you prefer, or at a much higher resistance level if you are looking for a more challenging work out.

The lower settings won’t make you all sweaty and panting, and yet you will be moving and will be burning more calories than if you switch to use a standing desk. In order to ensure that you stay undistracted by it, and yet still boost your energy levels as well as the blood and oxygen supply to your brain, it is recommended that you use it at the lower 3 resistance levels. When you feel like you need to give yourself a push, you can switch to the higher resistance levels in order to enter a higher cardio zone.

Also, you can pedal in both directions depending on your preferences and in order to focus on different leg muscle groups. The pedals are large and comfortable, and they have adjustable Velcro straps to keep your feet in place at all times.

The cycle has an adjustable leg and a large LCD display with 6 functions, including speed, calories burnt, distance, a calorie calculator, scan and time. You can extend the display and place it on your desktop so you can keep an eye on your progress without having to peek under the desk.

Overall, this amazing and very reasonably priced office workout tool will help you get fitter, it will decrease your stress levels and will make you feel happier and be more productive at your workplace.

The runner-up

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical White

The FitDesk elliptical is our second favorite under desk cycle for 2021.

It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance as well as a balanced flywheel so you can choose the level at which you are comfortable to pedal while concentrating on your work. Also, it is whisper quiet and smooth, so you needn’t worry about your colleagues hating you for making so much noise all the time.

The tension adjustment can easily be switched via the foot shifter in the back of the unit so you don’t have to bend down and get under the desk every time you want to adjust the resistance levels.

The FitDesk has a large display which you can place on your desk via the included desk stand, in order to view and track your performance, and keep an eye on just how much calories you have burnt, your speed, the distance you have passed, as well as the time you have been working out for.

You can go forward and backward with this workout device and will manage to stay as active as possible even you have a job that requires that you spend most of the day behind a desk.

This compact-sized workout tool is pretty affordable, easy to install, portable and will cost much less than getting a full-sized workout machine for your home or office. It will also help you use the time at work to stay fit, alert, stress-free and happy while giving your best performance at your job.

Best budget option

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

If you don’t want to spend more than $100 our recommended budget-friendly option – the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B0418 bike could be the perfect solution for you.

The mini-cycle has 8 tension levels so you can choose the workout intensity at any given moment.

Thanks to its durable design and the sturdy steel frame, it can withstand the weight of up to 220 lbs. so even if you are on the heavier side, this compact under desk bike will work for you. You can use it either while sitting or standing, as well as for training your legs and your arms.

You can keep an eye at how you are doing with your pedaling thanks to the LCD display which will show you the distance, calories burnt, speed, time and ODM.

It is 22 (L) x 18 (W) x 14 (H) inches in size. Given that the mini bike is 14 inches tall, so you may have trouble fitting it under a very low desk, but if you have a higher or adjustable one, this affordable desk cycle is an excellent option to stay fit while spending time sitting and working, playing, watching TV or other.

And here are our other favorite desk bikes for 2021

Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser for Legs and Arms Workout

If you simply hate dealing with assembling things and are looking for a solution that you can start using straight out of the box, this Medical Folding Pedal bike by Vaunn is probably the right option for you.

It is an excellent medical-grade physical therapy tool that can help you gently exercise your legs and arms. It will help enhance the blood circulation in your body and also tone your muscles and relieve the stress from work.

Thanks to its clever quick-release folding mechanism you can fold it and unfold it instantly, so you can store it easily and carry it with you when necessary.

The bike comes fully assembled and is very light and compact so you can take it with you to work or when you are traveling.

The digital LCD monitor will keep you informed about your exercise time, the calories burnt, the revolutions per minute and the number of revolutions you have completed.

You can adjust the tension via a knob, and thus adjust the intensity of your workout.

Thanks to the non-skid rubber feet, you don’t need to worry about the tool accidentally slipping or sliding while you are using it. This is essential to keep you safe during physical therapy or while you are pedaling during work.

The size of this mini bike is 20 x 15.75 x 13 inches. It is affordable and is one of the most commonly used devices in this range by medical experts and physical therapists.

So, if you want a stable, easy to use and easy to store product, this folding pedal exerciser could be the greatest option to invest in 2021.

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F2C Portable Bike Pedal Exerciser Under Desk Mini Cycle Bike

This compact but efficient under desk bike is another excellent option if you want to find a way to keep moving and exercising even when you are working, or spending time watching TV, gaming or other.

The F2C is a portable cycling machine that you can use for pedaling with your legs and arms, in order to get your blood circulating and to burn calories while you are sitting.

The exercise machine is designed to work almost silently, so you can take it to work with you and use it discretely without bothering your colleagues.

The pedals are coated with a non-slip rubber surface and have safety straps to keep you safe and your feet in place while using it.

The compact exercise machine has adjustable resistance, so you can choose the intensity you want with a simple turn of the knob on its front.

It has a sturdy metal flywheel that will withstand a lot of use and will provide you with the resistance you need to burn those calories and to get the blood flowing in your legs and feet.

The F2C under desk bike has a large LCD display on top of the unit so you can keep an eye on your progress easily, without having to crawl under the desk. The display will inform you of the time, the calories burnt, the distance, the speed, and RPM.

This small-sized under desk bike is only 11.4 (H) x 13.8 (W) x 14.8 (L) inches in size and weighs 9 lbs.

It requires minimal and easy assembly.

This is an excellent under desk bike for people who work or those who lead more sedentary lives. It is also suitable for elderly users and rehabilitation from injury or surgery and can be used for both the legs and the arms.

MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser

If you need a mini bike for physical therapy, then we suggest that you opt for the Magnetrainer ER exercise bike for arms and legs. Since it is higher than most other mini-cycles, you should ensure that your desk is at least 34 inches high if you want to use the MagneTrainer-ER.

It is a sturdy workout and physical therapy machine, which has magnetic resistance ensuring quiet and smooth pedaling, so you don’t distract the people around you. Unlike other bikes in this category, this one is not limited to only 8 resistance levels.

In fact, you can set it to any value as it has a much wider resistance range than the other under desk bikes. This compact cycle is definitely made to last. It has 7 heavy-duty sealed bearings, a 3 piece crank, a machined flywheel all mounted on a solid steel construction with long-lasting belts.

The workout tool is perfect both for training or rehabilitating the legs and the arms. If you want to use your hands to pedal, just place it on a tabletop and get started.

The pedaling can be done in both directions and the resistance offered by this mini bike is about 3 times as much as that of the competition.

The pedals have wide Velcro straps which you can adjust to hold your feet or hands comfortably. They also have a finger groove for added comfort when you pedal with your hands.

The base of the unit is 15 inches wide, which provides added stability which is so important for elderly people and those of you recovering from injuries or other health problems.

The electronic display will update you of your speed, the distance, calories burnt and the time you have been pedaling.

The MagneTrainer is reasonably priced and is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

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Why use a portable under desk bike?

If you are feeling the negative effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle, be it because you spend your whole day working on a desk, or your tendency to spend hours watching TV, surfing the internet or playing games, under desk bike could be the easiest and most affordable solution for you.

There are multiple benefits of using a minibike. Here are some of the main ones:

You will lose weight

If you are struggling with extra weight, a mini bike can help you shed those unwanted pounds easily and swiftly. Even though the exercise is low impact, you will still be burning calories as you sit with one of these ingenious devices. Even at the lowest resistance level, you can expect to burn 200 or more calories if you are persistent.

Yes, it will not help you lose the extra weight as fast as you would if you take up running or go to the gym on a regular basis, but a mini bike is a perfect instrument to stay mobile, burn calories and get in better shape while working or sitting.

Your work productivity will improve

By pedaling away while you are working or doing something else, you will boost the circulation of blood in your legs, body and to your brain. This means more oxygen for the brain cells and thus less stress, better concentration, and a more efficient work process.

Desk bikes can help you concentrate

It comes to no surprise that teachers are using these bikes to help children concentrate and abstain from fidgeting during class. Some manufacturers of minibikes claim that using a minibike can boost energy levels up to 30%. If you find that you keep fidgeting while you are working, you can use a desk bike as an outlet for this excess energy.

Pedaling will keep your feet and you warm in an air-conditioned environment

If you work in an office or another work environment where you often feel like your feet are freezing, you can ensure that they and you stay nice and warm by keeping moving while doing your job. This will ensure further comfort for you and will resolve your problem by wearing an extra pair of socks or sitting with your coat on during work.

Final words

An under desk bike is the perfect workout tool to buy if your New Year’s resolution is to be less sedentary, more active and get fitter. These compact and portable cycling devices will ensure that you do all that while sitting on your desk at work or watching TV or playing games at home.

Each of the picks in our list is of excellent quality. They are reasonably priced and can be used both for adding more movement to your everyday life, as well as physical therapy tools.

You will notice the difference in your stress levels, your muscle tone, and your overall disposition once you start pedaling one of these excellent workout devices.

Good luck, and enjoy the benefits of owning this smart exercise machine!

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